You Probably Didn't Realize These Expensive Mistakes Around The House Are Actually Easy To Avoid

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Unexpected home costs can be the biggest payday nightmare. Be prepared by investing in a few preventative measures and DIY solutions that will help save you money down the road. You probably didn’t realize these expensive mistakes around the house are actually easy to avoid.

Among these mistakes are many little things that may cause your electrical bill to skyrocket. You’ll find blackout curtains, a weighted blanket, and smart bulbs that can help you cut back on your energy use and save you some money.

You’ll also find plenty of do-it-yourself remedies to avoid calling an expert for minor fixes. From a shower door seal that prevents big leaks to a shield that protects your floors from shifting furniture. Keep scrolling and start saving today.


Mistake: Tossing Furniture Because Of Pet Odors

Solution: This Pet Odor Remover That Reviewers Love

This pet odor remover has earned more than 93,000 reviews for saving so many people’s furniture and carpets from the landfill. It’s made with enzymes and natural ingredients that target odors and stains and destroy any messes. Use it on carpet, hardwood floors, tile, litter boxes, pillows, kennels, and more.


Mistake: Hiring A Pricey Exterminator For Basic Insect Issues

Solution: An Effective And Budget-Friendly Indoor Insect Trap

This indoor insect trap is efficient, effective, and best of all — cheaper than an exterminator. It eliminates mosquitos, gnats, moths, and fruit flies without zapping them. The UV light attracts bugs to the trap where a powerful fan sucks them in and a sticky glue board captures them. Now you can get rid of bugs in your kitchen, near food, without any chemicals or harsh smells.


Mistake: Cooking New Recipes Without Checking The Temperature

Solution: An Easy-To-Read LED Meat Thermometer

Don’t risk messing up your new recipe and wasting time and money on new ingredients. Ensure you get it right the first time with a meat thermometer. It gives you an instant temperature reading to help you grill and cook meat to perfection. The waterproof device has an easy-to-read LED screen and can easily be cleaned by running it underwater. It works just as well on beverages, frying oil, bread, and candy.


Mistake: Relying On Cheap, Plastic Hangers

Solution: These Sturdy Nonslip Hangers Covered In Velvet

The next time your plastic hangers snap in half, replace them with these thin nonslip hangers that will last much longer. Unlike cheap plastic versions, each one of the hangers is covered in velvet to help keep your clothes in place and in good shape for longer. The notches on both sides prevent spaghetti straps from sliding off and they come in money-saving packs of 30 (shown here) 50, or 100.


Mistake: Spending Money On Take-Out Coffee

Solution: These Keurig Filters That Make At-Home Coffee More Delicious

Get your at-home coffee up to coffee shop standards by improving the quality of the water you use. Odds are, the water at your house may be too hard, which could ruin your coffee’s flavor. These charcoal water filter pods fit perfectly into most Keurig 2.0 coffee makers to filter out impurities in hard water such as calcium, chlorine, and odors. These replacement filters are made with a micromesh material that features a three-layer filtration system and uses charcoal to naturally clean the water.


Mistake: Cranking Up The AC To Sleep Better

Solution: A Weighted Blanket That’s Temperature Controlled

Blasting the air conditioner may help you sleep better but it may cost you. Instead opt for the budget-friendly, temperature-controlled weighted blanket. It comes in 13 sizes/weights and more than five colors. The seven-layer blanket features a machine washable, removable duvet cover.


​​Mistake: Buying Paper Towels Every Week

Solution: These Reusable Dish Towels That Save Money

Not all reusable replacements are as effective, but here’s one you can count on to save you a few bucks: Swedish dishcloths. These are odor-resistant alternatives to expensive paper towels and are versatile for cleaning spills, washing dishes, or even scrubbing the bathroom. They’re made of compostable wood pulp cloth and cotton, so they’re natural, biodegradable, and chemical-free. Just toss them in the washing machine when they need a clean. In fact, you can wash them up to 200 times.


​​Mistake: Letting Your Leftovers Go Bad

Solution: The BPA-Free Glass Containers With Secure Lids

These glass food containers make your fridge look (and smell) better while preserving leftovers for a lot longer. They have hinged, locking lids that are grooved so they stack easily — meaning you can store more in less space. They’re made with BPA-free borosilicate glass that is resistant to cold and heat — including the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. This 24-piece set features nine different-sized containers.


Mistake: Throwing Out Jars Of Food You Can’t Open

Solution: An Easy Jar Opener For The Kitchen

Canning and food prepping is a great way to save money but reopening those jars can be such a pain. This jar opener has earned nearly 20,000 reviews for how easily it opens bottles and jars of any size. The genius device attaches to the underside of a shelf or cabinet with an adhesive and screws so that it’s out of sight but convenient when you need it.


​​Mistake: Buying New Clothes Every Season

Solution: The Under Bed Containers For Seasonal Storage

Don't toss them just yet if you run out of space in your closet for last season’s clothes. These under-bed storage containers turn the otherwise unusable space under your bed into the perfect additional closet space. Snag this two-pack with reinforced handles, clear windows to see what’s inside, and a secure dual zipper lid. The waterproof bag will keep your belongings safe from dust and moisture.


Mistake: Buying New Holiday Wrapping Paper Every Year

Solution: This Storage Container Designed For Wrapping Paper

The storage container fits under your bed to discreetly hide wrapping paper between the holidays. The tear-proof fabric container fits up to 20 standard rolls of paper, as well as bows, ribbons, and address labels. It has handles on the outside, as well as two transparent pockets for those smaller items. It’s earned more than 18,000 reviews.


Mistake: Staining An Expensive Mattress

Solution: This Plush Mattress Protector

Protect your mattress investment with this bestselling RV bed pad. It’s vinyl-free so it’s breathable and noiseless. It’s fitted with deep pockets that can accommodate mattresses up to 18-inches deep. It’s waterproof to protect from spills and accidents without compromising comfort.


​​Mistake: Allowing Your Coffee To Go Bad

Solution: An Airtight Coffee Canister For A Fresh Brew Every Time

The freshness of your coffee beans is directly correlated to the flavor. Don’t let your beans lose their aroma in an ordinary container. This airtight coffee canister is made of stainless steel and features a BPA-free rubber seal with a one-way valve to de-gas and keep oxygen out. The convenient date tracker on the lid is a helpful reminder to toss beans when they’ve passed their expiration date.


​​Mistake: Tossing Out Your Bacon Grease

Solution: A Grease Container To Neatly Store Fats Between Uses

Using bacon grease in your cooking can add another depth of flavor to your meals, but pouring it into plasticware while it’s still hot isn’t the best idea — so grab this container. It’s made from tough stainless steel that won’t melt and even features a built-in strainer to remove any burnt bits, leaving you with just the good stuff: oil.


​​Mistake: Letting Small Leaks Turn Into Expensive Repairs

Solution: This Shower Door Seal That Keeps Water Contained

Small leaks may seem like no big deal but they can turn expensive quickly. By simply installing this shower door seal you can avoid leaks. This budget seal is a solid preventative measure for your bathroom and your wallet. It can be cut to fit your exact shower specifications.


​​Mistake: Allowing Your Furniture To Scratch Your Floors

Solution: This Budget Pack Of Protective Furniture Pads

Tools like these nonslip furniture pads can preserve your hardwood floors and keep them in tip-top shape. These felt core pads come in multiple pre-scored sizes, but they can be cut to your exact dimensions. Stick them to the bottoms of your couch legs, chair legs, and beds so they slide easily when they inevitably get bumped or moved. They’re made with anti-slip rubber that grips the floor and furniture without any glue or nails.


​​Mistake: Letting Snacks Get Stale Before You Eat Them

Solution: A Mini Bag Sealer To Keep Food Fresh

Don’t let your favorite snacks go bad. Save money by sealing opened bags with this mini heat sealer. When plugged in, it can heat up in 45 seconds, allowing you to clamp down on the bag and reseal it shut. The manufacturer notes that each bag is different but on average, most bags will seal in 3 to 5 seconds. This highly rated pick even comes in five colors.


​​Mistake: Leaving Ordinary Light Bulbs On And Running Up Bills

Solution: The LED Smart Bulbs You Can Schedule

I’m guilty of forgetting to turn off the lights, which can run up the electric bill. This four-pack of LED bulbs connects to your wifi and smart home devices, saving you money on your electric bill. You can set them to schedules and choose among several color options. They’ve earned more than 18,000 reviews and one reviewer raved, “[...] This is a must-have and light bill saver bulb!”


​​Mistake: Wasting Product By Tossing The Bottle Too Soon

Solution: A Flexible Spatula To Get Every Drop

Every time you throw out a peanut butter jar, cleaning solution, or eye cream when there’s still some product left in the bottom, you’re just throwing away money. Save yourself some money and trips to the grocery store by never leaving any product behind. This flexible spatula fits into any bottle or container, so you can get every last drop. The Shark Tank-featured product comes with two in a set for just $10.


​​Mistake: Buying Snacks While You’re Out And About

Solution: These Food Storage Bags For Portable Snacks

Stop wasting money on disposable storage bags and opt for these reusable ones. The BPA-free and food-safe bags work just like their plastic counterparts, only these are leak-proof, waterproof, and can even be stored in the freezer. The manufacturer recommends handwashing them to preserve them over time. Spend $15 now and never have to buy new bags.


​​Mistake: Splurging On Expensive K-Cups For Your Keurig

Solution: Switching To Reusable Coffee Pods To Save Money

If you love your Keurig but are trying to save money on coffee, buy this cheap and highly rated reusable coffee pod. The coffee filters are the same shape as K-Cups and fit into the Keurig dispenser, however, you can fill them with any coffee of your choice. This means you can buy coffee in bulk without giving up your Keurig. These BPA-free filters are designed with durable stainless steel mesh for a smooth blend in every cup.


​​Mistake: Spending Money On Dryer Sheets

Solution: These Wool Dryer Balls That Dry Clothes Faster

Swapping your dryer sheets for these wool dryer balls will save you tons of money in the long run. This six-pack costs less than $20 and will last through more than 1,000 loads of laundry. The organic wool limits static and lint while reducing wrinkles and speeding up dry time. Plus they cause less wear and tear on your machine, which can save you money.


​​Mistake: Leaving Appliances On When You’re Not Home

Solution: The Mini Smart Plugs You Can Control With An App

These smart home Wi-Fi outlet plugs work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to connect your home. Plug anything into these outlets and control lights, appliances, or fans using just your voice or the free accompanying Kasa app. The best-selling mini plug boasts more than 14,000 reviews.


​​Mistake: Watching Good Wine Go Bad

Solution: These Vacuum-Seal Wine Stoppers

Never waste wine again thanks to these vacuum bottle stoppers. Just insert the silicone wine stopper into the bottle and use the vacuum to suck out extra air. This budget solution keeps wine fresh so you can open up that second bottle and save the rest without worrying about wasting it. This pack comes with four stoppers.


Mistake: Paying For Bottled Water

Solution: This Refillable, Filtered Water Bottle

This reusable water bottle has earned more than 35,000 reviews because it helps you save money. Not only does it provide you the option to take your favorite beverage with you, but if you need to refill it on the go, its unique filter reduces the taste and odor of chlorine for up to 36 ounces of water. It has a built-in carrying loop, a tight lid, and is safe in the dishwasher.


​​Mistake: Buying Disposable Makeup Removers

Solution: The Machine-Washable Cotton Rounds You Can Machine Wash

These cotton pads but can be washed and reused for years — keeping your budget intact. They are made from a highly absorbent and super-soft bamboo and cotton blend that gently removes makeup or can be used to apply toner. The eco-friendly pads have earned more than 29,000 reviews.


​​Mistake: Using Disposable Food Wraps

Solution: A Pack Of Stretchy Silicone Lids For Leftovers

Food waste is a huge cost but these silicone food covers will help keep food fresher for longer. This 6-pack includes a variety of square and round lids that stretch to seal over bowls, plates, cups, and Tupperware. These covers create a leakproof seal that keeps leftovers from spoiling, plus the lids are safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer.


Mistake: Paying To Dry Clean Delicate Fabrics

Solution: This Gentle Shampoo For Wool And Cashmere

Now you can clean your favorite knits at home without paying a pro to do it. This shampoo is safe to use on wool, cashmere, mohair, and blends. It’s made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients that preserve woolens. It boasts a fresh cedar scent with notes of sandalwood, orange, and rose.


​​Mistake: Buying Individual Soap In Disposable Dispensers

Solution: The Amber Dispenser You Can Refill With Bulk Soap

Save money and buy soap in bulk then refill these amber glass dispensers to save a little money. This set of two features a matte black pump and dispenser that won’t rust over time — even if you add essential oils or use it to dispense lotion. Each pump is made of durable stainless steel and two come in each pack.


Mistake: Spending A Fortune On A Custom Closet

Solution: This Hanging Five-Shelf Organizer

Custom closet storage is expensive, but this hanging five-shelf organizer gives you the additional closet space you need without the cost. It comes with two hooks that hang easily on the closet rod to seamlessly fit into your closet. It has five shelves for towels, clothes, or shoes, as well as mesh side pockets for smaller items. It collapses down flat when you’re not using it so you can easily store it away.


​​Mistake: Spending $7 On A Latte Every Day

Solution: The Milk Frother That Makes Foam At Home

Put a little extra money back in your pocket by learning to make barista-style coffee at home. This battery-powered frother is the secret. It has an ergonomic handle and a stainless steel whisk that whips milk and transforms it into a light and fluffy foam. Add a scoop of fun foam to the top of your latte or coffee for a little something extra.


Mistake: Not Caring For Your Expensive Makeup Brushes

Solution: These Brush Holders That Keep Them Safe

Makeup brushes can be expensive, but if you take care of them, the investment is worth it over time. These bubble brush holders are ideal for traveling and keeping your brushes in tip-top shape. Place your brushes into the holders and slide them up to cover the brush bristles, keeping them straight and unwrinkled while you travel.


​​Mistake: Forgetting To Water Plants

Solution: This Self-Watering Pot

This self-water planter makes it easy to care for your plants, even if you don’t have the greenest thumb. The 6-inch pot features a large basin that holds excess water, which plants absorb directly from the soil via hollow legs and this bottom-up watering technique helps eliminate the risk of root rot. It also holds enough water to keep your plants hydrated for about two weeks, depending on the plant and time of year.


Mistake: Losing Socks In The Washer Or Dryer

Solution: A Sock Laundry Tool That Keeps Socks Matched

Is anyone else’s dryer a black hole for socks? Not any more. This sock tool allows you to click socks to a sturdy hanger to ensure they get clean without getting lost. It can hang in a closet, on a hamper, or on a door knob, thanks to its hanger hook end. No need to replace socks every few months now.


Mistake: Letting Your Laptop Keyboard Get Worn

Solution: A Keyboard Cover That Helps Protect It From Grime

This flexible cover can help protect your computer from spills and dust, and it’s available in tons of colors. It’s also made of eco-friendly silicone that molds to each key, and it can be hand washed and reused for years. Protect your expensive computer with this budget-friendly preventative measure.


Mistake: Spending Money On Recurring Salon Appointments

Solution: The Color-Depositing Conditioner To Extend Hair Color

Keep your hair color looking fresh between salon appointments with this budget-friendly alternative. This color-depositing conditioner deposits color onto your hair while you condition it in the shower. The color formula is infused with keratin, coconut oil, shea butter, and other moisturizing ingredients to nourish strands.


​​Mistake: Losing AC Or Heat Through Your Windows

Solution: These Blackout Windows That Conserve Energy

This triple weave set of thermal curtains has more than 46,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating for combining function and form for a low price. They block light, reduce outside noise, and are made from a machine-washable fabric that looks like velvet. They are designed with 1.6-inch silver grommets and come in 13 sizes and 27 colors.


​​Mistake: Wasting Toothpaste By Tossing Full Tubes

Solution: These Toothpaste Tube Squeezers To Cut Down On Waste

The fewer trips to the convenience store to stock up on toiletries like toothpaste, the better for your wallet. And one way to cut down on expenses is by using this toothpaste tube dispenser that effortlessly squeezes out every last bit of toothpaste. You’ll get four dispensers in each pack, all in different colors, and you can repurpose them for items like face cream and medicine.


Mistake: Using Disposable Sponges To Clean Pans

Solution: A Stainless Steel Cleaner For Cast Iron Pans

Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria and aren’t as effective at cleaning cast iron pans. Switch them out for this stainless steel cast iron cleaner to keep your favorite pan in its best shape. It’s earned more than 18,000 reviews for its anti-rusting stainless steel construction. One reviewer said it “[...] Makes life with cast iron and stainless steel much easier.”


​​Mistake: Letting Your Cat Ruin Your Couch

Solution: These Couch Shields That Help Deter Cat Scratching

Couches are big expensive so you want to do everything you can do to protect them. These cat scratch deterrent shields can be cut to size to fit the sides of your furniture to keep wondering paws from ruining your investment. They stay in place with a peel-off adhesive that sticks to the furniture. The protectors are clear, so they won’t ruin your aesthetic, and they’ll gently persuade your cat to move their scratching needs over to the lovely scratching post you provided them.