Your Backyard Could Be So Much Nicer With Any Of These 45 Cheap, Clever Things

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You don’t need to have a green thumb in order to have a gorgeous outdoor space. Small upgrades, like pathway lights and canopy shades, are affordable ways to upgrade your backyard without needing to spend hours planting flowers or digging around in the ground. But if your backyard doesn’t need any extra shade or light, that’s not a problem — there are still tons of clever products that can help make your backyard look so much nicer.

From weatherproof outlet timers to faux ivy walls, this list is filled with items that are sure to leave your backyard looking better than when you started. And if you’re trying to entertain guests, you’ll definitely want to check out the Bluetooth speaker I’ve made sure to include, as its waterproof design will help keep the party going — even if it starts to rain.

With so many clever products that can make your backyard look good, don’t be surprised if you wind up adding more than a few to your cart. Keep scrolling for more.


The Solar-Powered Lights That Look Like Glowing Flowers

Whether you’re trying to brighten a garden pathway or add some color to your backyard, these lights can help. The four-pack includes faux lily flowers that are attached to solar panels which help the petals light up when the sun goes down. They’re even waterproof and change colors between seven calming shades.


This Solar-Powered Bird Feeder That Lights Up At Night

Not only does this bird feeder have a weight limit of up to 2 pounds, but it also lights up at night to give your backyard a warm, inviting glow. The best part? There’s a solar panel on the top that provides all the power it needs, so there’s no complicated wiring required.


A Seat That’ll Keep You Elevated While Gardening

You don’t have to kneel on the hard ground when you’re gardening — just grab this folding seat. You can sit on it like a regular bench or flip it upside-down so that you can kneel down closer to the ground. Plus, it even has a small pouch on the side for all your trowels, clippers, and more.


These Packets That Add Fun Colors To Campfires

Whether you’re huddled around a campfire or fire pit, you can still use these packets to add fun colors to the flames. Blue, green, and purple are only a few of the colors you’ll see — and the colors even last for over an hour.


This Moisture Meter That’ll Help Ensure Your Plants Are Hydrated

Thanks to this moisture meter, you’ll know exactly how hydrated your plants are (and if they need to be watered more or less). Once the probe is inserted into the soil of your garden, the arrow will move to show you how dry or damp the dirt is. It can be used with indoor plants, too.


A Heavy-Duty Hose Sprayer With 8 Different Settings

Jet, flat, shower, mist — those are only a few of the eight different water settings you can choose from when using this sprayer. It’s designed to work with nearly any garden hose, as well as ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in either hand. Plus, one reviewer wrote, “This nozzle feels sturdy and well made. Easy to attach to hose.”


A Cozy Portable Hammock That Can Fit 2 People

With a weight limit of up to 500 pounds, you can fit up to two people onto this hammock. It’s made from sturdy nylon, with triple interlocking stitching to help prevent tears — and you can even fold it up into a convenient drawstring pouch to take with you when you’re camping.


The Pathway Lights That Won’t Run Up Your Energy Bills

Since these pathway lights are powered using the solar panel built into the tops, there’s no need to worry about the impact they’ll have on your energy bills. Installation is also a total breeze: Simply press the stakes into the ground, and they’re ready to provide hours’ worth of light once the sun goes down.


This Triangle Canopy That Gives Your Space Some Shade

Is your backyard too hot for comfort? Add some shade by putting up this canopy. The breathable material allows the breeze to roll through, yet it’s still UV resistant to help keep you protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Choose from six sizes, as well as more than 10 colors.


The Umbrella Light That Lets You Dine In The Dark

You don’t have to sit in the dark when you’re eating dinner outside; just grab this umbrella light. The built-in clamp allows you to secure it to your umbrella, and you can even adjust it to fit smaller or larger poles. Plus, each order includes a wireless remote.


An Electric Bug Trap That Doesn’t Rely On Harsh Chemicals

Unlike some traps that use harsh chemicals to attract, this lantern relies on a powerful UV light to draw them in, followed by a powerful 3,000-volt grid to zap them. The collection tray on the bottom allows for easy cleaning, and you also have the choice of using it indoors or outdoors.


A Rug That Can Handle The Outdoors

Not all rugs are the same, and this one is so durable that it can handle being displayed outdoors. It’s also stain-resistant as well as pet-friendly, with synthetic fibers that won’t easily fade in direct sunlight. Choose from seven sizes, as well as five colors.


A Drink Dispenser That’s Perfect For Your Patio

Consider this mason jar drink dispenser a must-have for your next backyard barbecue. The tight spigot is resistant to leaks, while the glass walls make it stand out from cheap plastic jugs you’ve likely got kicking around your home. Plus, it’s large enough to hold up to a full gallon of liquid.


This Foldable Lantern That’ll Add Some Light To Your Yard

Whether you’re camping or hanging out in your yard after dark, this lantern will be easy to pack. It collapses down to help you save space, and even has a hook on the top so that you can hang it in your tent. Plus, it only requires six AA batteries (which aren’t included) to provide hours’ worth of light.


The Stainless Steel Bucket That Helps Keep Your Wine Chilled

Don’t let that bottle of white turn warm while you’re outside — keep it inside of this wine cooler bucket so that it stays deliciously chilled. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust over time. And since the walls are insulated, it’s highly unlikely that any sweat or frost will develop on the outside.


A Seed Kit So You Can Grow Herbs At Home

You don’t need a green thumb to appreciate this gardening kit, as it comes with a detailed guide to help make sure you are able to grow your own herbs in containers or in a garden. Each kit comes with 4,000-plus seeds in 12 types including basil, cilantro, dill, and oregano as well as peat pellets to make seed starting easy.


This Bluetooth Speaker That Can Handle Getting Splashed

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker waterproof, but the rechargeable battery also lasts for up to 24 hours before you need to plug it in again. It also has a wireless range of up to 66 feet, which means you don’t have to be standing near it in order to stream music. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or red.


These Ground Stakes That Hold Your Drinks For You

Leaving your drinks on the ground while you’re outside is an easy way to accidentally kick them over — so grab these stakes. They insert right into the ground, giving you somewhere convenient to rest your drinks between sips. And since they’re made from solid steel, there’s very little chance of them warping over time.


A Foldable Pool Made Specially For Your Pets

Not only does this small pool give your pets somewhere fun to cool off, but it also folds up so that you can easily stash it away once you’re done using it. The slip-resistant bottom helps prevent pets from falling — and unlike some pools, this one doesn’t require any inflating.


A Giant Swan That Lets You Float In Style

If you’ve ever seen those giant pool floats on Instagram, now’s your chance to grab this inflatable swan for yourself. Five air chambers give it support, while handles on both sides give you somewhere firm to grip if a wave ever comes your way. And if you aren’t into swans, it’s also available in nine other shapes, including a giant donut.


These Stakes That Let You Label Your Garden

Not sure where you planted that basil? Use these stakes to label your garden so that you know exactly what is growing where. They have a soft matte finish that makes it easy to write on them — and unlike wooden stakes, these ones are made from plastic that’s less likely to deteriorate outside.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers That Won’t Shatter By The Pool

With handy lids that help prevent spills, these tumblers are a must-have for when you’re sipping on wine outside. The insulated walls help keep your whites and reds at their ideal temperature. And since they’re made from stainless steel, there’s zero risk of breakage should they ever get dropped.


A Weatherproof Outlet Timer That You Can Use Outside

With its weatherproof design that keeps the outlets protected from water and dust, this timer makes it easy to put your outdoor lights on different schedules. It also works great with Christmas trees or sprinklers, and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to use.”


This Charcoal Grill That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Don’t have enough outdoor space for a giant grill? Not a problem — this charcoal grill is small enough for cramped patios, yet still delivers the same deliciously grilled flavor. Its dual venting system helps you adjust how hot it gets, and the lid even locks into place so that it’s easy to take with you.


A Ring Toss Game The Whole Family Can Enjoy

The rules to this ring toss game are simple: Take a few steps backward, aim as well as you can, then try to get the ring to swing onto the hook. It’s suitable for people of all ages — and since it’s more challenging than it looks, you and your guests can get hours’ worth of entertainment out of it.


The Splash Pad Sprinkler That Helps Kids Cool Down

Installing a full-sized pool in your backyard can be expensive, whereas this splash pad is available for less than $30. Setup is as easy as attaching a garden hose to the nozzle on the side, and you can even adjust how high it sprays by simply turning your water pressure up or down.


An Inflatable Cooler For Lazy Days By The Pool

Fill this inflatable cooler up with your favorite drinks, and there’ll be no need to get out of the pool the next time you get thirsty. Five cupholders give you tons of space to rest your drinks while you’re swimming, and inflating it is so easy that you can even use a hairdryer to get the job done.


This Weather-Resistant Storage Bin That’ll Help Keep Outdoor Items Dry

No matter how hard it snows or sleets, the double-walled construction on this storage box will work to keep everything inside safe from the elements. It’s also leak- and dent-resistant — and unlike wooden storage bins, this one shouldn’t decay over time. Choose from two shades: sandstone or black.


The LED Rope Light That You Can Use Nearly Anywhere

You can hang this rope light around your patio for some sleek illumination. There are 15 color options that make it easy to set a festive mood, and the brightness is even adjustable up to 10 levels. Plus, you can even roll it up into the included drawstring pouch to use as a lantern if needed.


The Covers That Help Protect Patio Chairs From The Elements

Whether it’s raining, snowing, or even sleeting, these covers are made from tough polyester that can help keep your patio furniture safe from damage. The drawstring around the bottom lets you tighten the fit for added coverage — and since there are padded handles on either side, they’re easy to pull off when you’re ready to lounge.


A Stylish Planter Box That Won’t Hold Onto Excess Water

Unlike some planter boxes, this one features an open T-shaped bottom that lets water drain away so that your plants don’t drown. It’s made from thick, durable polypropylene that snaps together without any extra tools required — and the lattice design around the outside gives it an upscale look for less than $35.


These Throw Pillow Covers That Can Handle The Outdoors

Regular throw pillow covers will gradually stain and deteriorate if placed outside, whereas these ones are waterproof, dust-resistant, as well as made from durable polyester. The hidden zipper won’t snag on your clothes or hair while you’re napping on them — and you even have the choice of four colors, as well as more than 10 colors.


The Giant Scoops That Help You Clean Up Leaves

Whether your backyard is littered with leaves or grass clippings, these giant scoops can help you clean it all up. One size is made to fit all hands, so there’s no need to figure out your correct size. Each order also comes with a large waste bag that you can reuse as many times as you need.


The Automatic Sprinkler That Does The Work For You

Don’t have time to water your garden by hand? Not a problem when you have this automatic sprinkler helping out. Three rotating arms and 12 different sprayer angles help it get your entire garden drenched, and it even has a range of up to 30 feet. Plus, the heavy-duty base works to keep it in place with minimal shifting.


A Stackable Planter That Helps You Save Space

If your patio doesn’t have a ton of space to work with, this stackable planter is a total game-changer. Five tiers give you space for more than 15 different plants, while the bottom saucer collects any water runoff to help your floors stay clean. Choose from three finishes.


This Durable Garden Hose That’s Expandable

With a flexible design that prevents it from kinking, this garden hose is a definite upgrade to the subpar rubber one sitting out in your yard. Four layers of latex work to protect the inner tube from punctures — and unlike some hoses, this one can withstand outdoor temperatures ranging from 41 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Small Heater That’s Designed For Chilly Nights On The Patio

Is your patio feeling a little chilly tonight? Let this outdoor heater help warm things up. The small size makes it easy to move around your home as needed, and the temperature is even adjustable up to three levels. Plus, the motor is ultra-silent — so it’s unlikely that you’ll even notice it’s running.


The Faux Ivy That Adds Privacy To Your Backyard

With densely packed leaves that are difficult to see through, this faux ivy wall is a stylish way to add some privacy to your space. It’s also fade-resistant should you choose to use them outdoors — and with three affordable sizes to choose from, you can easily cover your entire patio without breaking the bank.


A Camping Chair With A Built-In Cooler

Not only does this camping chair give you somewhere comfortable to lounge outside, but it also features a miniature cooler that can hold up to four standard-sized cans. The steel frame is durable, and the arms can even be raised or lowered depending on what’s most comfortable for you.


The Outdoor Curtains That Help Keep Your Backyard Cool

If your patio is a little too hot for comfort, this curtain might be able to help cool things down. It blocks heat and light, working to insulate your space so that you can comfortably sit outside on hot days. Plus, it’s even stainproof — just in case someone happens to spill on it.


This Spray That Helps Deodorize Lawns From Pet Odors

Backyard starting to develop unwanted odors? Attach this deodorizer to your garden hose, then give your lawn a good spray. Its super-concentrated formula helps eliminate odors caused by pets — and it’s even suitable for use on plants, swing sets, patio furniture, and more.


A Slim Rolling Cart To Store Your Plants & Gardening Supplies

With three shelves for storing everything from potted plants to garden supplies, this rolling cart is a versatile addition to any backyard. Two lockable wheels help you secure it into place, and the frame is so sturdy that it can support up to 200 pounds. “The wheels surprised me as well as they are a soft rubber and not a hard plastic,” wrote one reviewer. “Very easy to roll on carpet and locking mechanism is smooth.”


The Marshmallow-Roasting Sticks That Extend Out *Really* Far

Some roasting sticks require you to sit uncomfortably close to your fire, whereas these ones extend all the way out to 32 inches, keeping you far away from the flames. They’re each made from tough stainless steel with a wooden handle that won’t conduct heat — and every order even includes a canvas pouch for storage.


A Mosquito Net That’ll Help Keep The Bugs Out Of Your Space

This intricate net system can help keep the mosquitos out of your space, whether you’re serving food outside or relaxing on the deck. It’s lightweight and arrives with the tools you’ll need to hang it up. Plus, the net is machine washable and can be used inside the house as well.


The Motion-Activated Puck Lights That’ll Brighten Up Your Space

Add these puck lights — which, according to the brand, can be used inside or outside — wherever your space could use a little extra illumination. Each order comes with screws as well as double-sided tape, making it easy to install them nearly anywhere — and they only need three AA batteries to provide up to 100 hours of light.

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