Your Crap Would Be So Much More Organized If You Tried Any Of These 40 Simple Things

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Every single time I take a scroll through Amazon, I’m amazed at the variety and sheer genius of each home hack I come across. I’m talking about the products that make daily living about a gazillion times less cluttered, like entryway shelves, spice holders, and tiered dish shelves. The options are endless, as you can see based off this list.

From the collective dilemma of clanging pots and pans to never knowing where to put the just-used sponge, this list solves just about every organizational issue. You can keep your baking sheets in line with the sturdiest tray organizer you've ever seen and then ditch the soapy suds on your dish-cleaning tools with a holder that has its own draining base. Oh, and if you're completely done with stressing over where your food container lids have gone, add the specially designed lid storage system to your cart and consider your mornings transformed.

On top of taking control of your space, these 40 home additions are wallet-friendly and versatile — so you’ll know you're getting the most out of what you order. Whether it's collapsible canvas cubes or a bamboo drawer organizer, Amazon can honestly take my money — I know it's being put to good use with these highly rated finds.


These Transparent Bins That’ll Help Organize Your Fridge

Consider totally organizing your fridge with these clear storage bins. Complete with five rectangular drawers and a perfectly fitted egg holder, these clear organizers are seamlessly stackable and incredibly easy to adjust to your liking (thanks to the ultra-smooth handles). One customer even kept things short and sweet with a concise review of: “Just buy them.” TBH? I think they're onto something there.


This Solid Utensil Holder That’ll Finally Give Your Spatulas A Home

For quick access and an out-in-the-open display of your trusty spatulas and spoons, this brushed stainless steel utensil holder is a solid find. Fixing the universal household issue of jamming the larger cooking tools into drawers, this easy-breezy container will make cheffing it up a premium experience, minus the clutter. BTW, it’s dishwasher-friendly.


A Sleek Over-The-Door Organizer For All Things Pantry

If your shelves are running out of room for new additions to the mix, this hanging pantry organizer is about to change the game. Made to hang securely to the back of your pantry door, this organizer has 24 clear pockets that can be filled with sauces, spices, and frostings galore. Factor in its attached (and adjustable) stainless steel hooks for maximum hold, and you're in business.


The Stainless Steel Sink Caddy With A Built-In Drip Tray

Long gone are the dishwashing days of tossing your soaked sponge onto the kitchen counter and calling it a night, because this sink caddy with a built-in drip tray is everything and more. Designed to fit up to two sponges and a few scrubbing brushes (depending on size), this caddy divides your tools while also ventilating them so they dry properly and stay in mint condition — or as mint as possible. Plus, the drip tray at the base is ideal for draining suds and even has a spout for highly convenient pouring.


This Rolling Storage Cart For Filling Narrow Spaces

Anyone on the lookout for a rolling shelf storage cart? This three-tier organizer is designed with convenience and space maximization in mind. Featuring built-in hooks on the sides for even more storage, ultra-durable material to help keep your belongings secure, and smooth-rolling wheels, this cart is a household essential. Fill it with extra towels or necessities you want within reach and slide it over to any narrow space for the best use. You’re welcome.


A Shelf With A Built-In Drawer To Hold The Spices

Infuse height and dimension into your cabinets so your cinnamon never falls over again with this super-compact mini shelf organizer. With three separate tiers for major visibility of the spices in question, this shelf makes it ridiculously simple to find what you're looking for. Plus, it has a built-in drawer at the base for storing the smaller stuff.


These Collapsible Cubes With Glowing Customer Reviews

Who wouldn't benefit from some foldable storage cubes in their humble abode? Whether you need to fill cubbies, closet shelves, or the mysterious under-the-bed gap, these lightweight bins are specifically made to save the day. Available in sets of six (and eight brilliant shades), they’re both durable and make for a no-hassle carry with their easy-grip handles. I would also trust the thousands of glowing reviews from Amazon customers on this one — they know what they’re talking about.


This Wired Steel Basket That Slides Under The Shelf

For an edge on your storage game, these hanging under-the-shelf baskets are the cream of the crop. Simply slide the wire-built racks onto your shelf and you're all set to display those lighter items that deserve a space of their own at this point. From aluminum foil and sandwich bags to napkins and paper plates, these next-level baskets are pretty much guaranteed to instantly give you more pantry space.


An In-Cabinet Organizer Rack For Holding Your Pans In Place

The clanging and of trays smashing against each other while you try to find the muffin tin is a sound the world can do without. Keep your cutting boards and baking sheets perfectly divided with this tray organizer rack that can hold up to five items and be stored in your cabinet for ease of use. There are also nonslip feet — and this gem can even be set up horizontally if that's what you're feeling.


These 5-Tier Hangers For Maximizing Your Wardrobe

Make your closet ten times more spacious with this five-tier hanger organizer that helps keep your favorites unwrinkled. Designed specifically for jeans, shorts, and skirts, simply hang your pieces from the rubber-covered clips for mark-free waistbands and display as you see fit. The hanging clips can also be adjusted smoothly on the bar so all your pieces will have a place.


These Sliding Baskets For Grab & Go Necessities

Ideal for the garage, office, and laundry room, these sliding basket drawers are hassle-free ways to keep your grab-and-go essentials on display and in one place. Made of super-strong metal and easy-grip handles, these compact drawers have an effortless glide and come in five stunning color options for personalizing your pad. It's definitely worth mentioning that if you live in a dorm, these additions will quite literally transform your side of the room.


This 3-Tier Corner Shelf For Additional Dish Storage

When other dishes are taking center stage in your cupboard space, this triple-tier corner shelf organizer will make room for extra plates and bowls alike. It’s designed with a durable base and a stable wire rack for grip, and it comes in bronze, silver, and chrome so you can blend into your kitchen however you fancy to.


A Water Bottle Organizer For Keeping Your Tumblers From Toppling

Fishing for tumblers before you head off to work can surprisingly be a stress-free experience with this double-tier water bottle organizer. It's designed with both room and secure grip in mind, so the base of each tier is made of premium nonslip material. Plus, you can adjust the height to fit your specific water bottles. FYI, if you have a whole collection and need space for the whole lot, there are also wide and three-tier shelf options.


This Over-The-Cabinet Basket For Organizing Your Hair-Styling Tools

The routine of styling your hair should be a smooth one, which is precisely what this over-the-cabinet organizer does for the hairdryers and curlers of the world. It’s designed with three compartments for your respective hot tools; simply hang it onto the back of the cabinet door and pop your hair favorites in for breezy in-and-out access. I feel more zen just looking at it.


A Multi-Compartment Organizer To Streamline Your Daily Routine

This five-compartment organizer solves the dilemma of not knowing where to store your newfound makeup brushes, and it makes things super easy to find with its clear design and individual cubes that keep your products in check. There's also an ocean mist tint option if you're looking for a wash of color.


These Clear Food Storage Containers For Keeping Your Snacks Fresh

Rather than digging through your drawers for the remnants of the bowties and stressing over where you last left the rice, take a look at these brilliant food storage containers that just add so much sleekness to any pantry. Less paper boxes means less clutter — and with the included label stickers, your food holders will look fun and fresh while also maintaining the quality of your eats. I mean, have you seen those top-notch rubber lids?


This Super Unique Countertop Organizer For Displaying The Essentials

If you ask me, everyone could use a mini countertop organizer — especially when it's made of decorative bamboo. Created to be equal parts practical and aesthetically pleasing, this two-tier shelf can be used in the bathroom, office, or kitchen for a touch of extra holding space. Pop your larger items on the bottom base and use the top for instant-access items. Oh, and it comes in several sizes for optimal reach.


A Shower Caddy With All The Built-In Hooks

This shower caddy is built with solid adhesive backing for stable wall mounting, and it’s complete with several hooks. Capable of holding up to 10 products (possibly more depending on size), this basket is also compatible with ceramic, marble, glass, and metal. On top of these perks, it's also totally rustproof so you won't have to give replacement a second thought.


This Organizer Tray For An Uncluttered Work Sitch

Would you rather have your favorite pens loosely thrown into a desk or kept securely in a drawer organizer with nine built-in compartments? It's the latter for me. Available in black and white, this separator tray features six adjustable dividers so you can have as many — or as few — compartments as you wish. Just place your sticky notes and highlighters wherever you see fit and breathe easy next time you're in work mode.


These Woven Baskets For Storing Your Novels With Flair

Luckily, this cotton woven basket with built-in handles is the textbook definition of practical, yet stylish home decor. Whether you opt to use it for face towels or books, the soft material and durable make will add so much to any room. Plus, it’s available in four calming shades so you can mix things up according to your decor.


The Pantry Container Labels So You Always Know Where The Sugar Is

Fitting for both household pantries and restaurants, these pantry labels are the cutest way to infuse some fun into your home basics. Available in sets of 36, these adhesive labels with clear backings come in two different rustic-meets-chic fonts. There’s also a wide range of sticker sizes, and all the major pantry essentials are covered — from granola and rolled oats to brown rice and baking soda. Pair these with the previously mentioned clear food storage containers and you’re set, my friend.


These Apothecary Jars For A Uniform Powder Room

Toss out the old cotton swab cardboard container and trade them for these clear plastic apothecary jars that can level up any bathroom. They come in sets of four, including one handy dispenser for cotton rounds. Plus, the sphere lid handle is a charming touch and makes for easy-access cotton balls and flossers.


These Glass Food Containers With Top-Tier Lids

If you're looking to upgrade your meal prep routine, these glass food storage containers are the ultimate find. With airtight locking lids made to keep the goods fresh, these containers are premium quality and safe to pop into the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. On top of it all, they're BPA-free. It’s a win-win situation.


This Lid Tray For Stress-Free Lunch Packing

Why settle for overcrowded cupboards when you can have this revolutionary invention in your own kitchen? This food container lid organizer is the go-to method to keep your plastic lids organized. It's available in medium and large sizes, and it’s also incredibly simple to install so that you'll have a clear cabinet in no time.


A Hanging Closet Shelf To Get The Most Out Of Your Space

You can tidy up your closet space in no time with this super accessible hanging shelf organizer. Lightweight yet durable, this organizer features five cubbies and six mesh side pockets for all the little things that need a place. Plus, the shelves are made with stable cardboard bases — and you can also choose from four neutral shades to keep your color theme going.


These Stackable Crates So Your Cans Won’t Roll Away

These stackable wire baskets are available in a variety of sets and sizes, and they’re crafted with a rustproof finish so their contents stay in pristine condition. Ideal for large fruits, they can also be used to store canned foods and your favorite grab-and-go beverages. Plus, they have a 4.5-star rating.


These Storage Bins That Are Specially Made For Shelves

Pull-out cloth storage bins like these polyester ones make maintaining your linens and other essentials a piece of cake. Available in small and extra-large sizes (plus five neutral tones), these cardboard-base bins are designed in the shape of a trapezoid so you can easily see what's in each basket and effortlessly store them on shelves. BTW, there are soft-grip handles to really take things to the next level. A necessity.


A Countertop Organizer For Easy-Breezy Toothbrush Access

Marble accessories in a bathroom somehow make any and all countertops look luxurious (times 10). This marble toothbrush holder features six built-in cube compartments to keep your routine tools separated, and it can store a surprising amount of items (including toothpaste bottles). The absolute cherry on top is the draining base for toothbrush water drips.


This Expandable Shelf That’s Designed For Under-The-Sink Storage

Keep your cleaning sprays and sponges organized with this under-the-sink organizer shelf. Fitting perfectly around your sink pipes, this expandable shelf has all the room and stability you could ask for in a storage unit. On top of being able to adjust it to four different heights, you can also find this miracle tool in four finishes including bronze and matte black.


A Wooden Storage Box For Bathroom Necessities

Bathroom decor boxes exist and I'm not complaining about it. For toilet-top, countertop, or even desktop storage, this wooden box is incredibly fitting for any medium-sized space and can hold anything from toilet paper to towels. It’s durable, sleek, and available in four finishes — so you simply can't go wrong with this one.


This Tiered Jewelry Organizer For Your Necklaces, Bracelets & More

This hanging jewelry organizer with three levels for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets galore is just the thing to keep your jewels tangle-free and always accessible. There's even an accessory dish at the base so your rings have a home, too. You can also find this holder in 10 finishes with slight design variations — so if you're more inclined to one accessory than the other, you’ll have tons of options to choose from.


A 3-Level Rack For Your Food Wrap Necessities

Give your kitchen wrap a spot of its own with this convenient rack that's made to hold all the cling wrap and aluminum foil. Ready to add to your cart in both bronze and white color options, this rack is compact while still being able to store up to three boxes of wrap on each of its three tiers.


This Letter Tray For Keeping Your Files In Check

You can make your office clutter-free with this three-tier file tray shelf that looks like it should be in every workspace possible. But really: It’s designed with mesh bases as well as smooth pull-out trays, and it’s made to resist scratches. Plus, the organizer has a sleek look — so even if your files get a tad bit scattered, they're at least somewhat put together.


A Car Seat Organizer For A Clutter-Free Ride

It's time to take control of the backseat — and this car seat organizer is not messing around, folks. It features nine possible storage compartments and several mesh pockets so your kids (or you) can store your belongings with ease. This gem also has four built-in drink holders, and it’s foldable so that you can take it on the go in seconds. It even comes in five shades for an extra boost of personalization.


This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Keeps Your Utensils Tidy

This bamboo utensil organizer is about to improve the drawers of kitchen-owners everywhere, and I stand by that. Entirely adjustable and capable of having up to nine compartments, this tray is a must for utensil storage. Not only is it stunning to look at, but it's both water-resistant and effortless to clean. Name a better drawer organizer.


These Collapsible Storage Baskets For Maximizing Space

Perfect for nurseries or closet cubbies, these collapsible canvas storage cubes are compact, yet spacious — and they can hold the necessities with ease. Available in small and large sizes, these baskets are also made with durable handles and come in sets of four so you can store your clothing, plushes, and more in no time.


A Towel Rack That Also Doubles As A Toiletry Holder

This multipurpose storage shelf can solve so many clutter-related issues. Mount it in your kitchen and use it as a spice rack and towel holder, or adhere it to your bathroom wall to store your lotions and hand towels with ease. Not only is it waterproof and extra sturdy, but there are built-in hooks that help keep your space as organized as can be.


These Storage Bags That Blend Easily Under Your Bed

These under-the-bed storage bag organizers are available in black and grey color options, and they have clear tops so you never forget what goes where. Plus, they even have secure linings and zippers so that your treasured sweaters are kept safe and looking good as new for the next time around.


The Floating Shelves To Add Dimension To Your Walls

For utilizing wall space and creating the look of extra dimension, this pack of floating wall shelves is the perfect add-on to any room. The glossy shelves come in sets of three and are available in both white and dark brown options. That way, you can either match or add contrast to your place as you see fit.


This Entryway Shelf So You Never Misplace Keys Again

Never lose your keys again and always have a set-in-stone place to store your mail with this entryway mounted shelf organizer. Complete with two letter compartments, a stable shelf, and three key hooks, this all-in-one wooden shelf is the best way to stay free of doorway mess and stress.

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