Your Garage & Closets Could Be So Much Nicer If You Tried Any Of These Cheap, Clever Things

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It’s always tempting to toss clutter into your garage or closets when you’re hastily cleaning up, and it’s almost too easy for your garage to become a mess. That mess doesn’t just go away, either — and it’ll sit there waiting for you until you’re ready to tidy up. Luckily, there are tons of clever things you can find on Amazon that can help keep those spaces looking nice.

From customizable storage systems to racks that let you hang bikes on the wall, there’s truly a solution for nearly any type of clutter on this list. And if that isn’t enough, I’ve also made sure to include a few versatile picks that you can utilize in other areas of your home — like these tiered storage baskets or this car-friendly trash can. And there’s even — well, rather than list everything out, I think I’ll just let you take a look at all these products for yourself. Keep scrolling for more.


These Magnetic Racks That’ll Hold Onto Your Tools

Hang these racks up in your garage, and their magnetic surface will hold onto all sorts of tools to help open up space on your workbench. They’re made from solid steel with a sleek black gloss finish, and each one can hold up to 5 pounds worth of tools.


A Broom Holder That Helps Tidy Up Messy Closets

If your utility closet is a mess of brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies, this organizer is a total game-changer. Each tool slot can hold up to 3 pounds, making them suitable for everything from mops to sports equipment. Plus, the hooks between each slot give you space to hang all sorts of scrubbers.


This Universal Socket That Helps You Downsize Your Tool Collection

Got a toolbox that’s overflowing with drill bits? Not only can this universal socket help you open up space, but it also automatically adjusts to work with nearly any hex nut, screw, or bolt head, making it a versatile addition to any set of tools.


A Set Of Storage Bags That Help You Save Space

Stuff all those seasonal clothes and sheets into these storage bags and they’ll help reduce the amount of space they use in your closet by up to 80%. The double-zip valve on each one helps keep air from leaking back inside, and every order comes with a travel pump included.


The Racks That Let You Hang Bikes On Your Wall

Don’t have enough garage space for your bike? Not a problem — just use these racks to hang them up on a wall. They’re so sturdy that they can hold up to 50 pounds with ease, and the hooks are coated with rubber to help keep accidental scratches to a minimum.


A Wall-Mounted Organizer For All Your Screws, Bolts & More

With eight drawers that can hold up to 22 pounds, this organizer makes it easy to keep track of all your nuts and bolts. You can arrange the bins however you like, making them great for cramped workbenches — and you can even use them for office supplies as well as crafting materials.


These Clear Storage Bins That Are Oh-So Versatile

Whether your cabinets are overflowing with cleaning supplies or crafting materials, this set of storage bins is an easy way to sort them out. The clear walls make it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything — and with handles on either end, pulling them in and out of storage is a total breeze.


A Smart Light Switch That You Can Control Remotely

Add this smart light switch to your garage, and you’ll be able to turn it on and off simply by pressing a few buttons on your smartphone. It’s also compatible with voice commands when paired with Alexa or Google Home, and you can even use it to put your lights on schedules so that they’re on when you come home.


This Popular Label Maker With 14 Fonts To Choose From

Not only does this label maker have thousands of four- and five-star reviews, but it also comes pre-loaded with 14 different font styles to choose from. It’s an easy way to keep track of which drawers have what inside, and the backlit screen makes it easy to use regardless of where you are.


An Outlet Plate With A Small Shelf For Your Smart Home System

Need somewhere to place your Google Home or Alexa? This outlet shelf is the perfect size for either, as it can easily hold up to 3 pounds. Its built-in cord management system helps keep it looking tidy — and many reviewers also wrote about how it’s “easy to install.”


These LED Light Bars You Can Install Nearly Anywhere

Since each order comes with double-sided tape, you can easily install these LED light bars nearly anywhere in your home. They’ll work just as great underneath cabinets as they will above your workbench — and they only require three AA batteries in order to provide up to 100 hours of light. (The batteries aren’t included.)


A Versatile Wall-Mounted Organizer With A Shelf & Hanging Hooks

Stirrers, pots, pans, oven mitts, and even garage necessities like tools — this organizer has space for all of them and more. It’s made from tough metal that can support up to 35 pounds, and each order includes 10 S-shaped hooks so that you can hang items from the bottom rungs.


This Garage Door Opener That Works With Nearly Any System

Not only is this garage door opener compatible with more than 90% of all garage door systems, but you can also program it to work with two different brands at the same time. It has a wireless range of up to 800 feet, and it doesn’t require an additional receiver in order to work.


A Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum That’s Great For Closet Cleanups

At less than 3 pounds, this handheld vacuum is incredibly easy to maneuver around your home and closet spaces. Plus, the extra-large dirt bowl holds up to 50% more dirt than some comparable machines. One reviewer even wrote, “The unit doesn't slow down throughout use time, which for me is from 10 minutes to just minute long pick-ups of small household messes.”


The Organizer Specifically Made For All Your Plastic Baggies

Instead of cluttering up a pantry with all your plastic baggie boxes, just transfer them into this handy organizer. It’s compatible with practically every plastic bag brand, and the slots are big enough for smaller sandwich baggies as well as bags up to 1 gallon in size.


These Scrubber Heads That’ll Make It Easier To Clean Your Garage

Don’t waste all that elbow grease trying to scrub your garage clean — instead, pop one of these scrubber heads into your handheld drill. The stiff nylon bristles easily power through all sorts of dirt, yet they’re gentle enough to use on tile surfaces without leaving behind scratches.


This Organizer That Adds Storage To Small Pantries

Running out of space in your pantry? Hang this organizer over the door, and it'll give you ample room to store everything from condiments to dry ingredients. The transparent pockets make it easy to see where everything is, and the top hooks are even made from tough stainless steel.


These Bumpers That Help Prevent Damage To Cabinet Doors

These bumpers are an easy way to help prevent damage from your cabinets, whether they’re inside your kitchen pantry or garage. Each one is backed with adhesive so that you can stick them into place without any extra glue required. Plus, they’ll adhere to glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and more.


A Dehumidifier That’ll Help Dry Out Your Damp Garage

Able to cover up to 2,800 cubic feet, this dehumidifier is a solid option if you have a damp garage or room that you’d like to dry out. There’s no electricity required in order for it to work, and there’s enough absorptive material on the inside for it to operate for up to three months.


The Magnetic Hooks That Can Hold Up To 22 Pounds Each

With a strong magnet on the back of each that can support up to 22 pounds vertically, these hooks are a versatile way to add storage to your garage. (When they’re wall-mounted horizontally, they can hold up to 7 pounds each.) The black coating gives them a sleek appearance — and since each one is made from tough steel, there’s no need to worry about heavy loads warping their shape.


A Hanging Wire Basket That Adds Storage To Cramped Kitchen Closets

Running out of space in your kitchen closet? Hang this set of baskets up, and you’ll instantly have room to store everything from potatoes to scrubbers. The patch of chalkboard on the back of each basket lets you label what’s inside — and all three baskets can hold a combined weight of up to 50 pounds.


These Boxes That Are Perfect For Storing Documents

Got a few documents that you can’t lose track of? Keep them safely tucked away inside one of these boxes. The lids work to help protect everything inside from dust, while the blank labels on the sides make it easy to keep your space organized. Choose from three colors: black, white, or printed.


These Stylish Floating Shelves That Fit Into Corners

Not only do these floating shelves come with all the mounting hardware included, but they’re also designed so that they’ll fit snugly into the corners of your closet or garage. They’re made from tough MDF laminate and come in three finishes: grey, espresso, or natural.


The Bins That Can Help You Keep Your Garage Shelves Organized

Even though they’re advertised as being for your fridge, these bins are so versatile that you can use them all over your home to help get it looking organized. They’re great for nuts in bolts in the garage or even scrubbers in your utility closet, and each one is even completely shatterproof as well as BPA-free.


A Set Of Adjustable Bamboo Dividers To Help Sort Out Your Drawers

Utensils, art supplies, garage tools — these drawer dividers can be used to help keep all sorts of items organized. Each one is made from sleek bamboo with grippy tips on either end to help keep them from shifting out of place. Plus, they’re even water-resistant in the event they get wet.


A Pair Of Nesting Shelves That’ll Help Organize Your Kitchen Closet

Since these shelves nest underneath each other, you can easily use them to increase your storage space in cramped cabinets, on countertops, or even on your home office desk. They’re made from sleek bamboo — and since the legs are incredibly strong, each shelf can support up to 33 pounds each.


The 3-Tier Organizer For All Your Important Papers

Mail, lease contracts, bills — this organizer is perfect for all your most important documents. Three tiers let you separate everything however you please, while the black epoxy finish will look good just about anywhere you put it. Plus, the frame is made from reinforced metal for added durability.


This Power Tower That Features 4 USB Ports & 9 Outlets

Not only does this nine-outlet power tower take up less space than a long power strip, but it also features four USB ports so that it’s easy to charge your devices. The ports are also made with smart-charging technology, which should automatically adjust to power your devices as quickly as possible — and many reviewers wrote about how convenient the long power cable is.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Keep In Your Garage

Microfiber latches onto dust and dirt better than cotton, which means that these cloths do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning those dirty nooks and crannies around the house and garage. The best part? They shouldn’t leave behind scratches on delicate surfaces, nor will they leave streaks on glass or countertops.


An Indoor & Outdoor Clothesline That Retracts When You Don’t Need It

If your closet is running out of space, you can add this retractable clothesline to help store and air-dry clothing. It reaches out to 40 feet long and can hold up to 30 pounds with ease. Plus, the crack-resistant outer case helps keep the line safe from poor weather as well as harsh sunlight (if you keep it outside).


This Basket That’s Perfect For Plastic Grocery Bags

Every kitchen has that one drawer or cabinet that’s overflowing with plastic grocery bags — that’s why this basket is such a must-have. It’s large enough to hold up to 50 bags and hangs over any standard cabinet door. Plus, the tough steel frame shouldn’t warp easily.


A Bag Holder That Mounts Onto Your Cabinet Doors

Whether you’re cleaning your garage or need somewhere to dump scraps in the kitchen, this plastic bag holder is a solid choice. The top hook makes it easy to mount on top of your cabinet doors, and the frame itself is so sturdy that it can hold up to 11 pounds. Plus, you can also use it to hang dish rags to dry.


The Step Stool That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Step stools can take up a ton of space when you don’t have much to work with. Luckily, this one folds down so that it’s easy to put away when you aren’t using it. It’s made with durable plastic that can hold up to 300 pounds, and it’s available in five colors. Whether you’re reaching for something in the garage or closet, it can help.


A Rolling Cart That Fits In Tight Spaces

With four easy-glide wheels that make it easy to push all over your garage, this rolling cart makes it easy to add storage where a regular set of shelves won’t fit. The wheels can also be locked into place to keep them from moving, and there are even four hooks on the side where you can hang scrubbers, keys, and more.


A Shelf That Fits Around Your Sink Plumbing

Whereas some shelves are too bulky to fit underneath your sink, these shelves have a U-shaped design that allows them to fit around your pipes. They’re so sturdy that they can easily support up to 40 pounds, and you can even adjust their height, width, and depth to fit nearly any space.


This Knife Block That Can Fit In Your Kitchen Pantry Drawer

Running out of space on your counters? This knife block slips into a drawer to help save you space, yet still gives you room to store up to 14 knives. It’s made from sleek bamboo, and the space in the middle can even be used to store a knife sharpener.


The Door Stoppers That Gives You A Little Extra Privacy

These door stoppers are an easy way to keep intruders out of your garage (or whichever space you decide to use them with), as they’re made from grippy rubber that can even handle heavier doors. And unlike some stoppers, these ones will even work on carpet.


The Waterproof Cover For Your Patio Furniture In Storage

If you’re storing your seasonal patio furniture in the garage, this waterproof cover can help keep it clean. It’s suitable for patio furniture up to 60 inches long, though there’s also a drawstring hem along the bottom to help you tighten it around smaller pieces. Plus, small air vents help keep your cushions from absorbing moisture.


An Alarm That Lets You Know When A Window Is Opened

A professional alarm system can cost hundreds of dollars to install, whereas this window alarm is available for less than $15. Simply pop it onto any window or door, and it should let out a loud alert to let you know when it’s been opened. The best part? Batteries even come included.