Your Home Could Be So Much Nicer If You Tried Any Of These Cheap Upgrades Designers Secretly Rely On

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Today is the day that some of the most genius, credible interior designers finally dish their secrets on how to upgrade your home without hurting your wallet — and the excitement is palpable. I've gone my whole life thinking that if you didn't already have a brand-new foundation to start with, it would take a miracle to make your home look catalog-worthy. And I too, like many others, associated the term "upgrade" with "major investment." To the benefit of my bank account, even the experts have created master lists on must-haves to take your home to the next level while still staying on the affordable side. Is this real life?

From the minds of renowned trend experts like Peti Lau and lead interior designers like Karen Gutierrez and Courtney Wollersheim (just to name a few), the tips and tricks listed below are about to take priority as you delve into spring cleaning and home updating. Kitchen cabinets will finally get a refresh with matte black cabinet pulls, your living room pillows will become a focal point, and yes, your home will smell like freshly baked sugar cookies. I can't even exaggerate that last one.

Small changes like these can also be gradual, ordered on Amazon over time, and slowly implemented to create the home of your dreams. Oh, and pretty much every find has a massive selection of color and size options, so everyone's happy here. Take it from the experts themselves.


Give Your Walls A Color Refresh With Pigmented Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Joe Cangelosi, the interior designer at Joe Cangelosi Design, tells Bustle, “Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a dream. You can liven up any room with lots of color or a fabulous pattern for only about $25 per roll — and when you want a change in a couple of years, you can easily remove and replace with something else you love!”

I wholeheartedly agree, especially when the wallpaper in question is this five-star Dimoon adhesive contact paper that comes in the most stunning array of vinyl colors ranging from matcha green to rose pink. Waterproof and virtually effortless to clean, this stick-on solution is the one-and-done way to experiment with different shades in your place. And yes, it also earns an A-plus in the budget department.


Add A Bold Pop To Your Room With Eclectic Wallpaper

As per Cangalosi's advice to opt for a wallpaper with a bold pattern, I took to NuWallpaper for this groovy garden number that boasts a spot on the Amazon's Choice list and is more than fit to make a room pop. Made of smooth vinyl that's a breeze to remove with no sticky residue, this uber-artsy paper is ideal for under-cabinet spaces and accent walls. Just be sure to avoid textured walls, as it looks its best on even surfaces.


Prioritize Contrast With Styling Colored Pillows On Neutral Seating

Cangelosi also recommends tossing a few poppy pillows onto neutral-colored furniture for an unbeatable combo of muted and bright, telling us, “If you have a neutral-colored sofa like gray or cream, it's super fun to get a few bold colored throw-pillows (or pillow covers) that you can rotate seasonally! A pop of purple, pomegranate, or teal? Why not? This allows you to change the feel of a room in seconds, and not break the budget!”

To the benefit of interior designers everywhere, these luxe velvet throw pillow covers exist — and they come in every eye-catching color you can imagine. Plus, you can take your pick of up to 10 various sizes so every pillow in your place gets the royal treatment. Speaking of such, Cangelosi notes that “18- [to] 20-inch square is a good size.” Take notes, fluff up your cushions, and you're golden.


Keep Wine Accessories On Display For Some Practical & Personalized Decor

It's time to set the record straight: Wine and its counterparts make for a sophisticated aesthetic that is actually achievable. Cangelosi thinks so, too, adding, “Great wine tools make popping corks so much more fun! A set including a foil cutter, corkscrew, and aerator is all you need. They come in a ton of colors (or you can get them personalized) and you can keep them out on the bar or counter as display.”

Um, I love this tip. This Tirrinia electric wine opener set is the full package, complete with the five essential tools needed to pop open your cabernet and keep it fresh afterwards. Plus, its sleek look and wide selection of shades passes the countertop display test with flying colors.


Infuse A Signature Scent In Your Home To Make Your Space Feel Extra Cozy

Remember that old piece of advice to always pop a batch of cookies in the oven before having guests over so your house smells cozy and delicious and all the good things? Legend has it, this tip still applies today. Cangelosi says, “Don't forget about scent! If you want to make your home smell like a home, try a fragrance oil or room spray in a sugar cookie scent. You'll immediately think of being a kid and baking cookies for the holidays — but now you can get the scent without all the work!”

That kind of sounds perfect and I, too, want guests to associate my house with sugar cookies. This premium oil from Amazon is the textbook definition of a multipurpose product, as you can use a few drops in your essential oil diffuser or even make a homemade candle with a hint of sweet. Aside from emanating warm vanilla sugar notes, this oil is known for its high concentration for longer-lasting aromatherapy.


Liven Up Your Pad With Room-Brightening Potted Greenery

If you’re not already a certified plant parent, this one’s for you. Andra DelMonico, the lead interior designer at Trendey, lets us in on the secret to a fresher space: “Add live potted plants to your home. They add color without competing with your chosen color scheme. They also add a touch of nature that helps the space to feel more welcoming and comfortable.”

You can find the most vibrant live plants on Amazon via Costa Farms. They have a pretty hefty array of collection options, and the plants are even handpicked by expert growers. Just a few is all you need to give your home a natural serotonin boost.


Incorporate The Look Of Marble Or Granite With Adhesive Backsplash

Delmonico also has a few words to say on the topic of kitchens and bathrooms, which go hand in hand because of their similar features. She tells Bustle, “Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with peel-and-stick tile for the backsplash. Choose a tile that looks like an expensive material, such as granite or marble. Stick with a timeless shape, such as subway tile, square, or penny tile.”

Marble stick-on tile, especially in a universally flattering neutral tone like gray, is the quintessential way to add sleek to your space without compromising your budget. This adhesive backsplash even comes with 10 sheets of 3-D wall coverage that looks and feels unbelievably real. Created with a no-mess stick, updating your backsplash has never been an easier feat.


Upgrade The Details With Easily Installable Subway Tile Backsplash In The Kitchen

Taking Delmonico’s advice to go for subway tile, Art3d also has this glorious peel-and-stick backsplash on hand that matches perfectly with all of my subway-tile-clad Pinterest boards. Sleek and simple, this adhesive tile blends into the background while simultaneously making a statement. Plus, you can find this fan-favorite style in six kitchen-friendly shades ranging from soft teal to shiny gray. Options!


Implement Mixed Metal Finishes Via Your Appliances For A Custom Home Look

With all this talk about bathrooms, let’s address the faucets in the room. Delmonico notes, “When buying hardware and fixtures for your home, don’t be afraid to mix metal finishes. This gives your home a custom look. It can also help you direct the focus of the room.”

OK, but who knew the impact of a brushed metal faucet? This gold number is made to not only shine in your powder room, but to also ward off scratches and wear that tend to build up over time. Plus, it has one singular lever so flow and temperature are a piece of cake. But why gold, you ask?

Delmonico goes on to say, “A statement gold sink faucet can bring the eye down, helping to direct focus away from the less impressive cabinets.” Sold.


Elevate Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic With A Rectangular Framed Mirror

In my opinion, mirrors are by far one of the most game-changing additions to a room — possibly ever. With space-opening power and wall-defining shape, you really can’t go wrong with having one (or two, or three) mirrors on display.

Delmonico tops this by emphasizing the importance of frames, telling Bustle, “Elevate the look of your bathroom by replacing your frameless bathroom mirror with one that has a frame. You could add a frame to your mirror or replace the entire mirror.”

For additional structure and a custom feel, frames are a necessity. This natural wood wall mirror is a perfect option if you want to start out with something subtle. Plus, there are a few finishes available so you can match your frame to fit both your bathroom and personal style. Easy.


Line Your Mirror With A Fancy Stick-On Trim That’s Fully Paintable

Delmonico also suggests to refer to your current space when opting for new decorative additions: “Choose a frame that will match the aesthetic in the rest of the bathroom.”

For anyone with crown molding (or not), listen up. This paintable wall trim with an elegant crown molding-inspired design is *chef’s kiss* for lining your mirrors. With its durable adhesive backing and paintable surface, the Gaahing decorative strip is a must-have. Oh, and there are several finishes available in case you’re looking for something with a sheen.


Create An Illuminating Focal Point For Your Room With An Orb Floor Lamp

Karen Gutierrez, an interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors (MCI), loves a good lamp moment — and understandably so. She tells Bustle, “Not only do they add light and style, but they can also be used as a focal point in any room. These sleek, innovative designs will add instant style to any corner of your home — no matter how bland it may seem.”

The exact lamp Gutierrez is referring to? Say hello to the Hysile glass orb floor lamp that belongs in luxury home catalogs everywhere. With its chic mid-century design and two large orbs that give off a warm, art gallery-esque light, this piece is built to transform any room and does so with tons of five-star reviews.


Soften Your Room’s Light With These Sheer Curtains That Are Pure Elegance

In the market for a touch of soft glam to your space? Gutierrez has the inside scoop and top-rated recommendation: “If you're looking for a way to add a little bit of elegance and glamour to your home, then some sheer curtains are a great option. They can help soften the light in a room and make it feel more inviting.”

Some of her favorites are these semi-sheer embroidered curtains that are understated in the best way. Reminiscent of springtime and soft light, these panel curtains the prettiest shades to let the light in while still filtering out harsh brightness. Plus, the embroidery is just too good.


Set Up A Side Table To Show Off Your Decor & Hold Up Your Coffee

I’ve always observed side tables alongside couches, but have never questioned how it is they make such a major impact on the look of the room. Made to fill corners and provide a placeholder for tea and books, side tables are simply essential.

Gutierrez is a proponent as well, telling us, “Whether you're looking for a place to rest your coffee mug or a spot to display some décor, a coffee or side table is a must-have in any home. You'll be surprised by the good options and on-budget coffee tables and side tables you can get on Amazon.”

With its slim make and round edge design, this metal accent piece works well in any place you put it. Plus, it’s practical and sturdy while also serving as super cute decor. Just pick your fave color from the wide selection and you’re set.


Give Your Home Some Structure With A Coffee Table Placed In The Center

When browsing for an impeccable coffee table, Gutierrez recommends the straightforward route: “Sometimes the simplest designs are the most beautiful. From classic round tables to modern geometric shapes, there's sure to be something here that catches your eye!”

I have to agree here, especially if the rest of your living room is filled with adventurous decor and vivid colors. In any case, you can also customize a simple coffee table with plants, books, and any other trinket you fancy. This water-resistant Ameriwood coffee table in espresso is a 10/10 place to start, and has the glowing reviews to prove it.


Find A Lounge Chair For Your Reading Corner For Elevated Comfort

Seating is also a vital part of the interior design conversation, particularly when it comes to chairs that amp up the warmth and character of your space. Gutierrez notes, “If you're looking for a way to make your reading corner feel more cozy and inviting, adding a lounge chair is a perfect solution. Not only will it provide a comfortable place to curl up with a good book, but it will also give the space an elevated look.”


Extend Your Crown Molding With A Stick-On Trim For A Luxurious Feel

As discussed, interior crown molding can add to the extravagance of a room and makes it feel fuller. Interior designer Diane Taylor, who’s also the renovation and restoration consultant of Taylor Made Renovations, spills her trick to grander crown molding: “One of my best tricks is to extend the line of your basic crown molding with a strip of picture molding right beneath. It extends the line of the crown molding making it look much more substantial and expensive.”

This bestselling adhesive trim is Taylor’s recommended find for extending the line of your molding, especially with its waterproof make, super-strength adhesive backing, and flexible material. Available in black, silver, and white, your wall edges are about to receive the makeover of a lifetime.


Install Undermount Lights To Illuminate Your Countertops

Ever thought about lighting in your closet? As easy as it is to overlook such a detail, Taylor keeps these LED lights at the top of her recommendations list. She tells Bustle, “I’m obsessed with these undermount lights I discovered on TikTok. You can use them in closets, under cabinets - pretty much anywhere you need some extra lighting, but maybe don’t have wiring (or want to call an electrician to install).”

It’s true — this battery-operated light bar is the go-to method for illuminating small spaces that could use a little shine. It even has a wide variety of lighting modes, works for up to 33 hours, and has a super-strong magnet in case you want to attach it to iron surfaces.

“The magnetic bar mounts with double-sided tape, and then you pop the light off and on when it needs to charge with a USB,” Taylor adds. There are also iron brackets included for even sturdier placement, just in case.


Swap Out Your Traditional Handles With These Modern Matte Cabinet Pulls

If you’re on home design Pinterest, you have definitely seen the all-black trend that has taken over the platform. Courtney Wollersheim, an interior designer with FLOOR360, tells Bustle, “Matte black hardware is the most on-trend material used in kitchens and bathrooms right now. In both the kitchen and bathroom that means swapping out your cabinet pulls.”

Believe it or not, a simple swap of handles will ultimately transform either your kitchen or bathroom with their sleek design and matte finish that just looks really freaking clean. These 2-inch pulls by Ravinte are more than ideal and also come in several count options so you can change out all of your handles at once if that's what you're feeling. Plus, whether your home is more traditional or farmhouse-style, these are so versatile that they'll work for both.


Texture Up Your Space With Woven Rope Baskets That Stand Out

Keeping up with the aforementioned black color trend, Wollersheim gushes over the design magic of these woven rope baskets. “Combine the two trends of black accents and woven textured baskets and strategically place a variety of black baskets in your living room. Make it interesting with stacking different sizes and shapes near items you want attention drawn to,” she advises.

Nailing down color and texture in one fell swoop, these cotton-woven baskets are a classic throw blanket holder and can also be used to prop towels, plushies, and the like. In regards to why you should choose black over the lighter neutrals available, Wollersheim notes, “Black provides a sharp contrast while bumping up the colors of the objects or walls that surround it.” I’m trusting the designer.


Opt For A Natural Feel With Macrame Wall Hangings

In terms of wall decor and making sure your space is as personalized and inviting as can be, Wollersheim also suggests macramé wall hangings like this three-pack from Amazon. “Create a design focal point in your room with a trio of decorative matching objects to hang on your walls. If you have a biophilic style choose a trio of macramé wall hangings (DIY for extra savings),” she advises. ICYMI, they’re also ultra-durable and made of pure cotton cord for a super natural look.


Jazz Up Your Wall With These Mason Jar Wall Sconces

The combination of mason jars and wall lighting is a match that I can hardly find enough good words for because that’s how gorgeous these wall sconces are. Wollersheim recommends to “choose a trio of sconces with a metal shade” if you’re into the farmhouse style for your home. With artificial hydrangea and light-filled mason jars set against reclaimed wood and twine for an intentionally worn feel, these are simply the epitome of rustic charm.


Give Your Room The Hotel Treatment With These Royally Plush Bedsheets

Picture the hotel room of your dreams, complete with posh bedding that looks as fluffy as it feels. Now, tune in to this comfort-first tip from Sarah Gaffney, the design and development director at Next Stage Design. She says, “If you have a certain hotel that you like, it’s possible they sell their comforters, pillows and blankets online. Whether you make the purchase or not, you can use their designs as inspiration. See what colors are used most often, and pay attention to the feeling that the designer is trying to convey - use that same feeling to guide your own design.”

It turns out, replicating that extravagant hotel bedding in your own home is totally possible with these Mellanni luxury sheets that are super-soft and cooling for the best-ever nights’ sleep. You can choose from a wide array of colors and sizes, but marshmallow white is recommended if you really want that vacation feel.


Warm Up Your Living Room With An Artsy Area Rug

PSA: The most stunning rug just entered the building. Gaffney is a major fan of rugs, telling Bustle, “Liven up your hardwood floors with a new area rug, test out a new layout for your living room or bedroom, and don’t forget the power of fresh paint, french blinds or a new mirror to help maximize available sunlight — these can all rewrite the story of a room for not much additional cost.”

Rewriting the story of a room? Yes, please, and thank you. With this vintage-looking area rug by Artistic Weavers, adding more elements of comfy to your space is now an artistic endeavor with the plethora of styles available to fit to your space.


Utilize Height & Greenery To Bring Visual Appeal Into Your Space

Height isn’t always the most important factor but in this case, it’s everything. Beth R. Martin, the founder and designer of Beth R. Martin, delves into the importance of height in your home with Bustle: “Layering the heights of objects in your home will make your space more engaging, and this modern plant stand is the perfect way to add visual appeal. Similar styles are way more expensive, and you can choose a unique planter to make the overall look even more impactful.”

As greenery is already superb at revitalizing a space to look fresher and more alive, this mid-century plant stand takes things to whole new level. Literally. Give your plants a boost and your place some dimension with a natural walnut stand that props your plant child up while also doubling as decor on its own. Oh, and you can choose from three different height options.


Set Out Faux Plants Around Your Place So You Always Have Touches Of Green

Real plants and flowers are gems to have on hand, but the upkeep is a whole other story that can’t always be done with the unpredictability of schedules and the modern-day work week. Martin, however, has a solution: “Add an arrangement of these faux eucalyptus stems for the same effect, or tuck a few sprigs into a bunch of store-bought flowers, and trust me, no one will suspect they are fake,” she recommends.

It’s true, I can’t imagine someone walking up close to each faux plant in your home and investigating their authenticity. Even so, these mixed artificial eucalyptus leaves are colored a soft sage and work well to fill round vases with the ideal touch of natural green. Pair with your favorite flowers (even if they’re faux), and you’ll have floral arrangements that will last a lifetime. Actually.


Boost Chicness With A Luxe Decorative Tray That’s Photo-Ready 24/7

Martin also loves a good decorative tray, telling Bustle, “Creating cohesive vignettes around your home will make your space feel photoshoot ready and ultra-sophisticated. Use a chic tray like this brass platter to corral similar objects, which will keep you more organized and looking fantastic.”

I couldn’t agree more, especially because trays like this one are the dream mix of practical and luxe. Made by Freelove, this round stainless steel dish with a brushed gold finish is perfect for displaying perfume, candles, and jewelry. Oh, and you can even make it living room-friendly by swapping out the personals for neutral-colored books and plants. We love to see versatility.


Expand Your Room By Propping Up A Mirror To Create The Illusion Of More Space

Allison Kersun, the in-house interior designer at Modloft, dives deeper into the function of mirrors in design, telling us, “A simple way to make a small room look larger and add more depth to it is adding a mirror to the wall. Using a focal point and angling the mirror towards it will give the illusion of depth. Additionally, mirrors reflect both artificial and natural sunlight and can help enhance the light during both day and night.”

Having a full-length mirror also means you can take a good look at your OOTD before heading out the door, which is all anyone can really ask for. This extra-large mirror is perfect for leaning against your wall and even comes in various shapes, like arched and wide rectangular. With various finishes to choose from, the options for opening up your room are kind of endless (and really pretty).


Lighten Up The Living Room With Neutral Pillows For A Calming Effect

Kersun goes on to give us one of her sage pillow-related tips: “Adding or updating your throw pillows on your sofas or bedding is a quick way to update your home decor and add new accent colors into the room. For spring, try earthy neutral colors.”

Fortunately, Amazon has the earthy pillow cover to set the standard for pillow covers everywhere. This Atlinia cushion cover is made from a linen-viscose blend and comes in seven soft neutrals for your choosing. Plus, each cover is machine-washable and has hidden zipper closure for extra subtlety.


Get Your Paint Game On & Change Up The Look Of Your Walls

While bringing out the paint and rollers from the garage is a days-long project, the end results are usually worth it. Kersun notes, “Paint is a great inexpensive way to change up a space and add some bold colors. If you are handy, add some frog tape about 12 inches apart horizontally or vertically on one wall to create bold stripes.”

She continues, “Or you can paint a bunch of inexpensive picture frames in different styles and sizes using stencils and add your own photos as the artwork (I recommend printing photos in black and white).” TBH, this one is simply a free-for-all where you can really show some personality.


Amp Up Dimension By Placing Decorative Tile Stickers Wherever You See Fit

Kersun also notes the necessity of tile stickers, adding that they “add an extra layer of dimension to a space.” These waterproof vinyl decals are no exception with their ultra-bold design and surface-level shine that make these a dupe for the real thing. With no-fade color and a large selection of sizes and designs to choose from, these are an easy yes.


Deep-Clean Your Window Treatments & Curtains To Revive Your Room

Peti Lau, an international interior designer and the trend expert for Kaiyo, notes the importance of maintaining even the most minute of details. She tells Bustle, “Send your window treatments to the dry cleaner. For simple cotton drapes, throw them in the wash and then steam them back up. Cleaning your window draperies and treatments can bring a room back to life!”


Color Your Home In Bold Planters That Come In Tons Of Pastel Shades

Lau also highly recommends adding colorful planters to your space for some texture and pops of pastel. This set of five plastic pots are complete with drain holes and detachable saucers so you can filter out the water as often as necessary with no hassle. Plus, they come in an array of sizes and if you’re not into the candy colors, you can opt for solid neutrals instead. Whether they’re indoors or out back, these are the quintessential casing for your plant babies.


Add Both Fluff & Texture With Stalks Of Pampas Grass

Tony Adams, a certified interior designer and the interior consultant for DIY Geeks, is all about pampas grass and I couldn’t agree with him more. He tells Bustle, “Every interior designer has one secret under their sleeve, and mine is the pampas grass decor. The way the pampas grass makes a room look is unmatchable. The neutral color of the pampas grass can work in almost every environment. Put the pampas into a beautiful white vase and place them in the corner of your room and watch the difference it makes.”

If you’ve decorated with pampas grass, you understand the magic — and if you haven’t, these pampas grass pieces from Amazon are your ticket to neutral decor in no time. With seven included pieces of artificial pampas, this fluffy home addition comes in so many colors and looks best tucked into a ceramic vase of your choice.


Personalize Your Digs By Creating A Super Trendy Gallery Wall

Paige Anderson, an interior decorator for Nitido Design, is a tried-and-true home gallery wall aficionado. “Create a trendy gallery wall by painting simple wall art on canvases, such as stripes or polka dots, and hanging them,” she suggests.

Luckily, the modern gallery wall is easier to put together than expected. Just add this 11-pack of wooden picture frames to your Amazon cart and get to framing as soon as it arrives in the mail. The set includes a mixture of different-sized rectangular frames so your wall will look like the galleries you see in home catalogs. Promise.


Embrace Your Inner Art Enthusiast By Hanging Up Painted Canvases

Taking Anderson’s advice to decorate the walls gallery-style, canvases like these from Esrich are vital to have on hand for custom paintings. Available in various sizes and 20-count packs, these cotton canvases are primed and ready for acrylic or oil paint and will look phenomenal on your wall. Oh, and even if you’re not buying them just for decor, a little painting party is always fun.


Invest In An Acrylic Paint Set To Decorate Your Canvases To Pristine Level

You can’t have canvases without paint, and this acrylic paint set is perfection. As an Amazon bestseller, this kit comes with 24 bottles of paint that are all super high-quality, extra pigmented, and nontoxic. With a smooth formula and quick drying time, you can’t go wrong with a classic that works on everything from wood to ceramic.


Show Off Your Greenery At Eye Level With These Modern Floating Shelves

Potted plants look amaze on your coffee table but will look even better on the wall alongside your canvases. Anderson notes, “DIY plant shelves allow you to display your plants alongside your canvas prints. A plant wall can instantly change any room and bring the outside in!”

Plant wall? I’m in. These rustic floating shelves come in sets of three and mount flawlessly to create a natural flow in your space. You can choose from eight stunning finishes and have your pick of more earthy tones or industrial vibes. Just pop your succulents on top and fall in love all over again with your humble abode.


Make A Statement With Clear Acrylic Shelves For Displaying Vinyls

In the mood for extra personalization? Anderson suggests putting your records on display as decor: “Vinyl records can be hung to create a one-of-a-kind look in your room. This music-themed decor will improve the mood of anybody who walks into the space, whether your family plays instruments or enjoys karaoke.”

This six-pack of clear acrylic floating shelves was made to make your favorite albums the center of the room. Place your treasured vinyls on the shelves to create a gallery wall look, swapping paintings for something a little more you. Plus, these are an actual breeze to install and should hold up your vinyls with superb strength.


Cozy Up Your Space With Table Lighting For Some Glow

Keeping lighting top of mind is crucial to a well-balanced room. Kimberly White, the head of home quality standards and design for Vacasa, tells Bustle, “Not enough lighting and the space can feel dark and uninviting, or too much and it runs the risk of feeling sterile. Consider adding lighting in the form of table and floor lamps, which add visual interest and can offer a new texture or finish.”

The ideal table lamp to kick off improved lighting can actually be found on Amazon. Brought to you by Simple Designs, this fabric-shade table lamp is a modern twist on the traditional and comes in three different-colored finishes to blend seamlessly with your space. Its triangular base is all I need to see to add this gem to cart.


Go For Warm White Lighting To Create A Relaxing Ambient Effect

If you’re going all out on lighting, you will most certainly need premium light bulbs. White suggests “warm white for some subtle ambient lighting that does not feel harsh.” These LED light bulbs emanate the suggested warm white glow that makes a room feel more cozy than fluorescent. Plus, these bulbs come in packs of eight — so you’ll have more than enough to illuminate your home.

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