You're Making Your Home Bills More Expensive If You Aren't Doing Any Of These Things

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All can feel right in your world until the moment when those monthly bills arrive. But as you’re about to find out, there are ingenious ways to make bill time less painful — and you’ll soon realize how you might be making your home bills more expensive.

Some of these things are ridiculously easy fixes to bring those costs down. For example, just switching out your normal, sweat-inducing bed sheets for cooling bamboo sheets could help you use the air conditioner less. Or how about stretching every dollar spent at the grocery store by storing expensive fruits and vegetables in a specially designed produce saver?

You don’t have to feel trapped by those pesky home expenses. Read on to see all the ways to easily cut bills down to size.


Labeling Your Dishwasher So You’re Not Running It Over & Over Again

Save tons of money each month simply by knowing whether or not your dishes have already been through the wash cycle using this handy dishwasher magnet. It flips to say either “clean” or “dirty” in large and charming font and is made of durable material that is both waterproof and peel-proof. Choose from two color options and eliminate any guesswork in the kitchen.


Making Your Pantry Items Visible Before Food Shopping

Coming home from the market with yet another superfluous jar of mustard in tow can truly sap the wallet. Use this over-the-door pantry organizer to see exactly what you have on hand and eliminate wasting your money on double items. It comes in a pack of two with each organizer featuring 24 pockets made of clear plastic. Use it to hold anything from condiments to spices to baking supplies while saving precious room in cabinets and drawers.


DIY-ing Simple Paint Jobs Instead Of Hiring Expensive Painters

Though convenient, hiring painters is certainly expensive, and lots of money can be saved by completing simple jobs yourself. For example, using this clever chalk-style paint to revamp furniture and cabinetry will save you tons of money and is easy to boot. This paint that comes in a beige taupe shade requires minimal steps as it’s made with a built-in primer and top coat and dries within 30 minutes. It provides you with a matte finish that can either be distressed or left smooth depending on your desired aesthetic.


Steaming Your Clothes At Home Instead Of Going To The Dry Cleaners

Those dry cleaning bills can really add up and can be dramatically reduced by simply using this handheld steamer to get wrinkles out of delicate clothing at home. It can be used on any material from silk to cotton and heats up in under two minutes to remove wrinkles and keep clothing fresh. It’s small enough to be taken on the go, yet has a capacity that’s large enough for 15 full minutes of powerful steaming.


Relying On A Warm Throw Blanket Before You Turn The Heat Up

Before you adjust the thermostat (and see your energy bills soar), opt for this weighted blanket with over 44,000 reviews to offer effective warmth and comfort. It’s made with evenly distributed glass beads and features a removable cover made of soft, breathable 100% cotton. Choose from 13 different sizes and weights that vary from 5 to 30 pounds, in addition to six cover options in varying patterns and colors.


Choosing Cooling Bamboo Bed Sheets That Will Help You Keep The Air Conditioner Off

These bamboo bed sheets are the perfect solution to hot nights where you may be tempted to have the air conditioner blasting for hours at the expense of your budget. Made of OEKO-TEX-certified bamboo viscose, they have an extremely soft texture that is also moisture-wicking to help keep your body thermoregulated throughout slumber. Choose from over 10 shades, such as mellow yellow or light green, and sizes ranging from twin to California king.


Using Reusable Kitchen Towels Instead Of Single-Use Paper Towels

Once you start to add up how much those rolls of paper towels cost you, you might feel a cringe as you toss another disposable sheet into the trash. Instead, choose these 100% cotton reusable kitchen towels that are highly absorbent and machine-washable so you can use them again and again. They come in a stylish striped design, are available in multiple colors, and are soft enough to be used on even delicate surfaces.


Vacuum Sealing Items That Can Get Moldy & Mildewy When Stored Away

Replacing seasonal items due to poor storage and unyielding mildew can seriously add up. Keep clothing and bedding in tip-top shape using these vacuum storage bags that come in a pack of six and lock out moisture and air. They’re available in several sizes ranging from small to jumbo and, though they can be used with any standard vacuum, there’s also a handy travel pump included for maximum portability.


Storing Pantry Items In Containers With Airtight Seals

Skip the costly replenishing of pantry items that have gone stale and, instead, store them in these glass containers that feature an airtight lid. The Italian-made glass allows you to easily see the contents, however customizable chalkboard labels are also included for good measure. The jar’s wide mouth makes it easy to fill and the hinged lid makes it a perfect choice for safely storing fermented items such as sauerkraut and kefir. They are available in six sizes.


Using Hangers That Help Clothing Retain Its Shape

Protect your clothing investments by storing them on these rubber-coated hangers that feature a contoured shoulder line to help preserve the clothing’s shape. Their surface is entirely nonslip so they won’t let blouses or pants fall to the floor and can even handle heavy garments such as winter coats. Because of their rubber coating, they can also be used to store wet or damp clothing, leaving no residue as clothing dries.


Cleaning With Ultra-Absorbent Dishcloths That Can Replace Paper Towels

Do yourself a favor and set aside all that money spent on paper towels – use $10 of it on these reusable and absorbent Swedish dishcloths and the rest on a much-needed vacation. These cloths are made of biodegradable cotton and cellulose and work to absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid, making them a much better choice than a single sheet of paper towel. Each pack includes 10 dishcloths and they even come in cheerful colors. Toss them in the washing machine to be ready for the next clean.


Insulating Your Drafty Windows

Don’t despair when you realize how much precious heating or cooling (read: money) is escaping through those window gaps. Instead, get yourself a pair of these blackout curtains that feature a triple-weave fabric to help maintain your home’s temperature and save you tons on energy costs. They attach easily to any curtain rod and block up to 99% of UV rays. Choose from tons of different sumptuous colors to complement your decor.


Washing The Floors With Reusing Mop Pads

Save loads of money formerly wasted on new mop pads on this microfiber mop system that includes two types of reusable pads. Every kit includes an extendable handle, a rotating mop head, two scrubbing pads, and two microfiber pads. They are incredibly versatile as they can be used either wet or dry as well as on all kinds of surfaces from wood to laminate to tile. When you’re finished cleaning with them, pop them in the washing machine and they’ll be good as new.


Preventing Drafts From Underneath The Door

This simple, yet effective door draft stopper adheres effortlessly to the bottom of your door to keep temperatures steady and costs low. Cut it to your desired dimensions and apply it to your door using the included self-adhesive. The silicone material will not only help to maintain desired temperatures but can also keep out dust, allergens, light, and noise.


Switching To Energy-Saving Edison Light Bulbs

Add stylish decor on top of streamlining your energy use by replacing your traditional incandescent bulbs with these LED Edison light bulbs that use a standard E26 base. They evoke a decidedly vintage vibe and last up to 20,000 hours while consuming up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs. Each pack comes with six bulbs with the option between a warm white or brighter, daylight white.


Taking Your Own Lunch To Work Instead Of Ordering Takeout

Use this functional yet chic insulated lunch box as an incentive to save dollars wasted on lunch takeout every day. It’s made with an oxford fabric exterior and includes a large interior compartment as well as an inner pocket that maintains food’s hot or cold temperatures. A shoulder strap and handle make it easy to take on the go and there’s even an exterior pocket for your phone and keys.


Swapping Out Plastic Water Bottles For Reusable Ones

In a world where just about everything costs more, this equally applies to your once habitual purchase of plastic water bottles. Save those dollars for something more important and instead opt to use this stylishly designed reusable water bottle. It’s constructed of BPA-free food-grade plastic, features a flip-top lid perfect for sporting activities, and comes in a choice of 18, 32, or 50 ounces. Choose from five available shades, all in a chic frosted finish.


Vacuum Sealing Food To Help Prevent It From Spoiling

When the cost of ingredients and food can be crushing, there’s great motivation to preserve the freshness of groceries and leftovers. This ingenious vacuum sealer machine does just that by providing you with tons of versatility to lock in food’s freshness. It features a built-in cutter to trim bags to the desired size and gives you the option to remove air from either moist or dry food. The sealing process uses heat and can either be used with or without the vacuuming function.


Installing A Bidet That Could Cut Down On Toilet Paper Expenses

Besides adding a touch of delightful luxury to your bathroom experience, the hygiene benefits of this bidet attachment will also help you to significantly cut back on toilet paper costs. Installation is easy as it attaches in minutes to any standard toilet. The bidet allows you to adjust both the nozzle angle and water pressure so you can dial in your perfect customized preferences.


Sewing On Your Own Buttons Or Hemming Your Own Pants

Sometimes trimming the budget means literally getting the mini scissors out of this sewing kit and trimming that errant thread or hemming those pants. The kit provides you with everything you need to tackle any stitching issue from home including sewing threads in 38 colors, 40 sewing pins, 30 sewing needles, as well as thimbles and threaders. It conveniently comes with its own zippered case to take on the go, so there’ll be no need to pay out of pocket for something that can be done by you in mere minutes.


Installing A High-Pressure Showerhead To Save On Water

Not only will this high-pressure showerhead provide an invigorating start to your day but it can also greatly save you on water usage. Switch between either a handheld or rain showerhead with the flip of a switch and choose from six different spray settings such as power mist, rain massage, or pulsating massage. The high-pressure design means that less water is used overall so you can spend more time luxuriating in your at-home rainstorm.


Hanging Clothing To Dry Instead Of Running The Dryer

Channel your inner European where many households have washers but not dryers so as to save on energy costs. When you see how fast your clothes dry using this simple foldable laundry rack, the fact that you once had a dryer will be like a distant memory. It sets up and breaks down effortlessly, with its slim profile meaning it can be stored virtually anywhere without taking up too much room. It’s made of alloy steel with a choice of either a white or chrome finish.


Keeping Produce Fresh By Using A Produce Saver Container

Make every cent count when you purchase fruits and veggies with these produce savers. Their ingenious design revolves around a raised base for better air circulation as well as a built-in filter that regulates amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen to prevent premature rotting. The containers are made of BPA-free and dishwasher-safe plastic and, best of all, require no annoying filter refills.


Getting Every Last Drop Out Of Your Bottles & Containers

Get the most bang for your buck by using this bottle emptying kit that helps you extract every bit of paid-for liquid from your bottles and containers. Each kit comes with two stands and six adapters to accommodate any bottle size. Simply remove the cap or take out the pump, attach the appropriate adapter, screw on the stand, and flip your bottle. The stand will keep your bottle in the perfect position to dispense every bit of liquid without effort.


Investing In Reusable K-Cups & Constantly Buying Disposable Ones

If you care about the environment as much as you care about the state of your budget, you will fall in love with these reusable K-cups that tick both boxes. Each pack comes with six cups that are all made with food-grade stainless steel mesh that offers serious filtration for a delicious result. They are universally compatible with all Keurig machines, wash up easily in the dishwasher, and will free up tons of budget space previously spent on constantly replacing your pod supply.


Ensuring Your Delicate Clothing Stays Protected In The Wash

Those luxurious intimates can cost a pretty penny so to prolong their life as long as possible, use these mesh laundry bags designed to protect them during a wash cycle. Five bags come in each set (one extra large, two large, and two medium) and they are made of silky, polyester material. Rely on them to protect your bras, hosiery, or lingerie, and they can even be used in the dryer as well.


Baking With Reusable Silicone Baking Liners

Never spend another dollar on a single-use paper liner when you have these silicone baking liners that are reusable and colorfully cute, to boot. Each pack comes with 24 liners in four different shapes including a round cupcake shape, rectangular shape, square shape, and a flower shape, perfect for beautiful cakes, muffins, or other treats. They’re made of food-grade and heat-resistant silicone that is safe in the oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.


Washing Your “Dry Cleaning Only” Clothes At Home

These completely genius dry care cleaning cloths allow you to forgo expensive dry cleaning as they give you the same results straight from home. Use the included stain remover wipes to deal with any spots, then put your delicates in the dryer with one cleaning cloth, and dry on medium heat for a mere 20 minutes. Your clothes will emerge clean, fresh, and ready for wearing without shrinking, stretching, or fading the fabric.


Preventing Drain Problems & Then Having To Call A Plumber

Another bill from the plumber is just the kind of surprise expense to tip your finances into chaos. Avoid this unnecessary cost with the help of this drain protector with over 43,000 reviews on Amazon that prevents clogs and keeps water flowing. It sits atop either flat or pop-up drains to catch hair using its flush silicone edges and a weighted stainless steel center. It’s rust-resistant and easy to clean and can keep the plumber away and showers continuously blissful.


Keeping Your Soap Dry On This Soap Saver

If you’re a soap connoisseur and are disappointed at how fast those artisan bars seem to disappear, you will rejoice at the sight of this soap saver. It sits underneath the bar of soap and helps drain the water away so as to speed up drying time and make the soap last longer. It comes in several elegantly neutral colors and can be used anywhere from your tub to your kitchen sink.


Making Sure Your Plants Are Watered When You’re Not Home

Plants can cost a shocking amount of money, so there's a definite incentive to keep them alive no matter how many work trips or vacations are on the horizon. These plant watering stakes that come in a pack of four allow you to do just that. They’re made of terracotta clay and simply require a long-necked bottle to work. Soak the stakes for a few hours, then fill a bottle with water, put the stake on top, flip it, and insert it into your plant soil. The terracotta clay will slowly release all the moisture needed over the next seven to 10 days so that your plant can thrive.


Properly Sealing Opened Bags Of Food So That They Last

Instead of wasting money on constantly replenishing that now stale favorite bag of chips that you haphazardly rolled up and tossed in the cabinet, use this mini bag sealer to preserve freshness. One side of this small but mighty device includes a built-in cutter and on the other, you’ll find a heat-fueled sealer. Once you’ve cut your bag, simply run your sealer across the top to provide an airtight seal that keeps snacks fresh.


Creating A Smart Home That Lets You Control Appliances

Keep utility costs down by plugging appliances into this smart plug with over 77,000 reviews that gives you complete customized control. Connect it to the provided app to control it remotely (even from outside of your home). It can also connect with your smart device (such as Alexa or Google Home) and work via voice-activated commands. Use it to create schedules and timers for lights, air conditioners, and heating units, which can help you seriously cut down on energy bills.


Properly Sealing Wine To Keep It Fresh

Nothing feels more akin to flushing money down the toilet than spending top dollar on a prized bottle of wine that you can’t manage to finish before it goes bad. Enter this simple yet genius little wine-saver pump that allows you to pump out oxygen from an opened bottle to preserve its flavor for up to a week. Four specially designed corks are included and, when used with the pump, they make a “click” sound to signal that the vacuum has been achieved. This smart pick has a high 4.7-star rating.


Handling Simple Clogs With The Right Tools

The next time you’re about to drop dollars on Drano or start dialing the plumber – wait, because all you need is this snake drain tool that may look simple, but is incredibly effective. It promises to remove any blockages caused by hair or grime, not to mention: it won’t potentially destroy your plumbing with abrasive chemicals. It’s made of a durable but flexible plastic that can be rinsed off to be reused again and again.