You're Making Your Home Look Bad If You Aren't Doing Any Of These 35 Little Things

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Tidying around the house should be a weekly — if not daily — chore, but it’s too easy to let it fall by the wayside when life gets in the way. But a dirty or disorganized home can mess with your vibe, not to mention the impression it gives off to your guests. No one wants to lead a friend into a bathroom with filthy-looking grout between the tiles. Fortunately, Amazon has tons of products that make a big difference with little effort.

Some of these changes are as easy as getting a new houseplant to keep your home’s air quality healthy. Others are more practical, like this device that catches fruit flies and other bugs in your kitchen. Maybe you want to streamline your at-home office and store your computer and TV cords with this cable management box that keeps them hidden from view.

Everyone’s got those little areas of their home that could use some TLC, and in this list, you’ll find plenty of ways to spruce it up.


Taking Care Of Ceiling Fan Dust With This Extendable Duster

If you turn on your ceiling fan without dusting it first, it will likely spread dust around your room. This extendable duster helps get to those hard-to-reach places like a fan or bookshelf. It has a handle that can extend to 47 inches and a duster that traps and holds dust and other allergens.


Storing Last Season’s Clothes In Garment Bags

If your clothes are going to sit unworn in your close in-between seasons, then you’ll want to protect them from moths, moisture, and dust. This set of five garment bags is made from a sturdy rip-resistant material with a reinforced opening at the top for hangers. It also has a clear plastic window so you can easily see which item of clothing is stored in which bag.


Creating Storage For Accessories With This Closet Organizer

If you don’t have a designated space for storing accessories, then they usually end up strewn around your room. This hanging closet organizer has nine shelves of varying sizes, so you can store shoes, hats, belts, and other accessories. The organizer has drawers with cell dividers and a large and small bin. It also has three sturdy hangers at the top.


Having A Place To Store Bath Toys & Supplies

Create more storage around your bathtub with these hanging mesh organizers. With strong suction hooks that stick to your shower wall. Hang the mesh organizers on the hooks and use them to store bath toys or accessories like a loofah. It comes with two mesh bags; one has three smaller pockets and the other has one large compartment.


Replacing Your Bed Sheets Frequently

After a while, your bed sheets can accumulate wear and tear just like your clothing. These microfiber sheets are soft and comfortable; they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, according to reviews, they resist wrinkles. “The first time I pulled them out of the dryer and put them on the bed, I was completely stunned. You would have thought I had ironed them they were so smooth and crisp looking,” wrote one shopper.


Using Airtight Food Storage Containers To Store Leftovers

The last thing you want when storing your leftovers is for them to leak onto your fridge. These plastic storage containers have an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh and secure. It comes in a set of seven, with three large and medium containers and four small ones. They’re safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.


Using This Paper Towel Holder Instead Of Leaving The Roll On The Counter

Keep your paper towel roll off the counter and away from messes with this minimalist paper towel holder. Made from stainless steel, this holder attaches to the wall with adhesive tape, so there’s no need for any special tools. It can be hung vertically or horizontally.


Protecting Your Countertops With These Silicone Mats

Keep your countertops clean from messes and safe from knife marks with these silicone mats. The mats are designed for baking, with measurements printed for rolling out dough to a specific size, but they can also be used for any cooking project. They come in a set of three mats of different sizes and colors and roll up for easy storage.


Keeping Your Home Free Of Insects With This Trap

Bugs are a nuisance in the kitchen, and they can be hard to get rid of. This indoor insect trap is ideal for keeping on your countertop, with a UV light that attracts bugs and a sticky glue board that captures them. It works for mosquitos, gnats, fruit flies, and other common pests. It comes with eight glue board refills.


Having Enough Trash Cans Around The House

Having a trash can in every room is the best way to ensure that your home stays clean. These wire trash cans come in a pack of two and are made from sturdy metal. They have a capacity of 4.5 gallons and are the perfect size for keeping in your bathroom, bedroom, or office.


Treating Your Laundry Zone With More Respect Using This Soap Station

Laundry detergent containers aren’t always the neatest to pour, which can make your laundry area messy. This soap station props up your soap dispenser, giving it the tilt it needs to cleanly pour your detergent. It also has a base that can catch any drips. It also comes with a handy strap to hold the bottle in place.


Updating Your Window Treatments With These Blackout Curtains

If you don’t update your window treatments, they can quickly look outdated. These blackout curtains are ideal for the bedroom, as they not only block out light but also help with noise reduction, so you can sleep as late as you want. They come in full-length and shorter sizes, as well as 11 color options.


Utilizing Creative Methods Of Storage With This Bean Bag

If there are too many stuffed animals or linens taking up space in your home, turn them into a comfy piece of furniture with this storage bean bag. The bean bag has a wide zippered opening so you can stuff as much as you can in there. The bean bag itself is made from cotton and comes in seven colors and patterns.


Removing Pet Hair From Your Furniture With This Lint Collector

No one wants pet hair coating every piece of furniture in their home. This pet hair remover is a manual roller that uses an electrostatic charge to pick up hair and lint from furniture, bedding, and other items coated in your pet’s coat. Hair disposal is easy — all you need to do is press a button.


Keeping Your Cleaning Supplies In One Place Using This Caddy

It’s easier to keep your house clean if you keep your cleaning supplies organized. This caddy is useful for not only organizing your spray bottles and sponges, but for transporting them from room to room. The caddy has a donut shape, with a trough for holding supplies and a handle in the center for carrying.


Covering Up Bare Floors With Colorful Rugs

Bare floors can make a home look plain, much like bare walls. This area rug adds a pop of color, with bright floral patterns. It comes in nine colors, so you can pick the one that best matches your decor, as well as a range of sizes. According to reviewers, it also works well as an outdoor patio rug.


Taking Care Of Pet Accidents As Soon As They Happen With This Cleaner

If you don’t clean up your pet's accidents right after they happen, you risk spreading odors and germs around the house. This Bissell pet carpet cleaner is made with an enzyme-producing bacteria which permanently removes urine and other messes. The cleaner comes with a brush head attached to scrub the stain. “We've even used it on spots we didn't notice for some time and it cleans them up as if it was the same day,” one reviewer said. “This stuff is now a staple in our home as long as we have dogs.”


Refreshing The Grout In Your Bathroom With This Paint Pen

If your bathroom is as old as mine, then the grout between the tiles is so old that no amount of scrubbing with get it white. This grout pen lets you color in the dirty grout between your tiles, with an angled tip that can fit in narrow spaces. Each pen has enough paint to cover 150 feet.


Using A Stand To Hold Your Toilet Paper Rolls

Storing toilet paper rolls on the back of your toilet is unattractive, and a little unsanitary. This toilet paper holder stand is made from dark metal and can hold 3-4 rolls, plus an arm to hold the roll currently in use. It also has a wire shelf that can be used for holding your phone, tissues, or other objects.


Taking Care Of Drain Clogs Before They Become An Issue

A clogged drain only gets worse the longer you delay dealing with it. This drain clog remover breaks down hair, grease, and other things that can clog up your drain. It comes in five individual packs, which can be poured directly down the drain. It also comes with five drain snakes that can help pull out stubborn hair.


Keeping Important Items Secure When You Have Company Over

Whether you want to keep your medicine out of reach of young ones or just want to keep your goods safe while traveling, this locking nylon bag is the way to go. The pouch has a large zippered compartment and a smaller pocket on the outside. It has a combination lock that keeps the contents of your bag secure. It’s also perfect for people with relatives who like to snoop around their home.


Using These Motion Sensor Lights To Brighten Your Kitchen

It’s easier than you think to brighten up your kitchen. These motion sensor lights are slender enough to fit under your cabinets or over your stove without taking up too much space. The set of three lights comes with adhesive tape, so they’re easy to install. They are activated by a motion sensor that detects movement within 10 feet of the light.


Not Utilizing A Book Shelf For Your Collection

If you have a growing book collection, then you’ll want to invest in a bookcase to keep them all organized. This four-tier bookcase is simple yet functional, with enough shelf space to hold several dozen books. You can even get a couple of cases and line them up next to each other like a library. It comes in 14 colors.


Keeping Your Dresser Neat With These Drawer Organizers

This six-pack of drawer organizers makes it easy to divide your dresser into more manageable sections. They come in various sizes, so you can use the smaller ones for socks and underwear, and the larger ones for shirts and pants. The bins are collapsable and can be folded up when not in use.


Using This Laser Level When Hanging Photos

Don’t mess up your decor by having crooked photos or paintings hanging in your home. This laser level can attach to the wall, so you can check the straightness as you hang the frame. It projects a straight line across the wall, but it also has two bubble vials for more traditional level measuring.


Having A Dedicated Spot To Put Your Mail

If you don’t have a good spot to put your mail when you walk in the door, it usually ends up strewn around the house. This entryway mail holder is made from a matte black iron and has a basket for holding mail and small trinkets. It also has five hooks which can be used to hang your keys or a hat.


Keeping Wires Hidden In A Cable Management Box

Technology has not yet evolved past cables, which means that every home has a hideous mess of cables somewhere in their home. This cable management box keeps all those cords hidden away in a discreet white box, with openings along the side to slip the cables through. Use it under your desk, in your office, or in the living room by the TV.


Keeping Your Dishware Organized With This Metal Rack

It can be a hassle to organize pans and dishes in your cabinets, especially if they don’t easily stack on top of each other. This organizer rack has eight slots for holding plates, sheet pans, and other dishware. It’s also handy for organizing lids to pots and pans, which are notoriously difficult to store.


Fixing Your Fitted Sheets With These Holder Straps

Fitted sheets have a mind of their own, and sometimes they don’t want to stay in place. These bed sheet holders help keep the corners in their place. The holders have clips that hold the sheet corners in three different spots. They are made from an elastic band to stretch to the right size and plastic guards on the clips to protect the fabric.


Using These Sturdy Wooden Hangers

Plastic hangers are flimsy and can easily break, but these wooden hangers are designed for sturdiness. The hangers, which come in a pack of 20, are especially useful for hanging heavier garments like jackets and suits. They have divots to keep your clothing from sliding off.


Having A Designated Organizer For Storing Your Shoes

If you don’t have a specific spot to store your shoes, then they’ll probably end up crowding the bottom of your closet. This hanging closet organizer has 24 shelves for holding shoes, and depending on the type of shoes, some slots can hold more than one pair. The organizer has three hooks at the top for hanging on a closet bar.


Preventing Your Cat From Tracking Litter Around The House

As a cat owner, you expect your feline friend to leave fur around the house, but you may not think about the litter it carries around the house. Put this litter trapping mat outside your cat’s litter box to help with any excess litter. The mat has a honeycomb pattern designed to catch the litter, with a waterproof layer of fabric underneath.


Cleaning Out The Lint In Your Dryer With This Vacuum Attachment

If you don’t clean out your dryer lint regularly, it can become a fire hazard. This dryer vent cleaning kit comes with a two-foot-long hose attachment for your vacuum, which allows it to suck out the lint from deep within the dryer. It also comes with a long cleaning brush to assist in the process.


Fixing Holes In Your Walls With This Dry Wall Repair Kit

Whether you have a tiny hole in the wall from a nail, or a large crack from age, this drywall repair kit can keep your walls looking new. The kit comes with a tube of wall mending agent, along with a scraper for spreading, and sandpaper for smoothing it out after it’s dried.


Adding This Houseplant To Help Eliminate Air Pollution

Having plants in your home not only looks good, but it helps maintain healthy air quality. This money tree plant does best in indirect sunlight and is easy for even novice plant parents to take care of. As a bonus, the money tree is said to bring prosperity and good luck to its owner.