You're Making Your Home Look Messy If You Aren't Doing Any Of These Clever Things

Create an organized oasis.

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Sometimes, despite constantly cleaning the house, it still feels messy. That could be from a lack of organizational systems in place, or even from a lack of space needed to store all of your things effectively. In any case, the items I’ve selected for this list are meant to provide solutions for you.

There are suggestions for organizational containers that can be stored in spaces usually underutilized, like beneath the furniture. And who isn’t guilty of having a junk drawer in the kitchen? Now yours can be an organized oasis of items you would otherwise be aimlessly rummaging around there for.

You’re bound to save time and money by picking up a couple or a few of the items listed here.


Getting Tile & Grout Super Clean With A Power Scrubber

You don’t have to put in hours of elbow grease to get grout and tile looking good as new with the help of this power scrubber tool from Rubbermaid. Get through your cleaning extra fast as the bristle scrubbing head delivers 60 scrubs per second. Easily hold and maneuver the brush in the shower or around countertops with its ergonomic handle.


Using An Oven Liner To Make Cleanup So Easy

Keep the mess off the bottom of your oven by using these nonstick oven liners. Lay these directly on the bottom of your oven to catch any food that may drip down while cooking. They’re made from a food-safe Teflon that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also cut them into smaller pieces so they properly fit inside your oven.


Making The Most Of Closet Space With Hanging Shelves

The amount of extra storage space you get from this hanging closet organizer is a game changer. It is designed with nine compartments, and even comes with five collapsible drawers to hold items like socks and undies. There are three metal hooks to hang it from the curtain rod with ease. Mesh pockets on the side are bonus storage.


Preventing Pet Food Messes Before They Start With A Bowl & Mat Set

If your pet is a messy eater, you should consider getting them this pet bowl set to keep their eating area clean. Two stainless steel bowls are included that fit neatly into a silicone mat to catch stray kibble or splashed water. They’re super easy to clean, also, as you can just toss the bowls and mat into the dishwasher.


Making The Most Of Cabinet Space With Extra Shelving

Having a proper storage system inside your cabinets can make a big difference in maximizing unused space. With the addition of this adjustable box organizer, the insides of your cabinets can become instantly more functional. There is a nonslip surface on the holding trays and they can be adjusted to create more or less space between shelves.


Streamlining Off-Season Items With Storage That Fits Under The Bed

These under-bed storage bags let you take advantage of space that would otherwise go unused. They have a clear zippered flap that keeps whatever you’re storing inside free from dust and makes it easy to see, as well. There is a reinforced handle strap that makes it simple to pull in and out from under the bed.


Tidying Hard-To-Store Kitchenware With Organizing Racks

Use these kitchen organizing racks to neatly arrange all of the random items you don’t have designated storage for yet. They are perfect for holding items like cutting boards and lids for pots and pans that tend to be randomly shoved into cabinets. And the little rubber feet keep the racks securely in place.


Keeping The Kitchen Sink Neat With A Sleek Little Caddy

The space around your sink can turn into an organizational wonder with this helpful sink caddy. It’s made from stainless steel so it can withstand being in a damp environment. There are two large holding compartments that are perfect for holding dish soap or scrubbing brushes, as well as a space on the front to hold your sponges.


Decluttering Floor Space With A Wall-Mounted Storage Rack

You will be thoroughly pleased with how this wall-mounted storage rack declutters floor space around the house. It is equipped with three holding slots and four hooks. Each holding slot has rubber grippers to firmly grab onto handles so they won’t slip. And if you’re not fully satisfied with this rack, you can get your money back.


Giving Olive Oil The Restaurant Treatment With Nice Dispenser Bottles

These glass oil dispensers will give your olive oil (or favorite cooking oil) a high-end look while displayed on the counter or table. They have removable, flip-top pour spouts that make it easy to refill them when empty. And when they do need refilling, use the metal funnel included in the set.


Tricking Out The Home Bar With An Elegant Cocktail Kit

Whether you’re just learning to craft cocktails or consider yourself a master mixologist, this seven-piece cocktail set gives you all the tools you need to make a delicious beverage. It’s made from durable stainless steel that is dishwasher safe if you don’t want to wash them by hand. And since everything you need is included, it saves you time from having to curate your own bartending collection.


Optimizing Food Freshness With Airtight Storage Containers

This set of seven airtight food storage containers will help prolong the shelf life of a lot of your favorite pantry items. They come with universal lids, so even though you get different size containers, the lids are interchangeable. The containers are clear, so it’s easy to tell when you need more pasta.


Cleaning Off The Fan With A Simple Duster

You won’t have to struggle with figuring out how to safely clean your ceiling fan anymore thanks to this handy fan duster. It has an extendable handle that reaches up to 47 inches, which means your feet can stay on the floor while it can reach up to most ceiling heights. The microfiber head traps dust and is also detachable for washing.


Maximizing Cabinet Space With Under-Shelf Baskets

Adding these under-shelf baskets to your existing cabinetry is a great and affordable way to get extra storage space. They’re made from alloy steel so they are highly durable. Install them within a few seconds as you simply have to slide the long hooks onto the bottom shelf of the cabinet.


Creating A Spa-Like Bathroom Vanity

These clear apothecary jars add a high-end touch to your vanity top. They are all uniform in size and are perfect for keeping all of your most used hygiene products within easy reach. Each jar is made out of sturdy, thick plastic, which makes it very difficult to break them.


Keeping Unnecessary Wires Out Of Your Way With Cable Clips

Keep your workspace neat and tidy with the help of these cable clips. This pack has six cord holders, each with an adhesive backing so they stay securely in place on your desk even if the cable moves. They will work on a variety of surfaces, too.


Storing All The Things In These Jumbo Storage Bags

These jumbo storage bags are the key to storing all of the large and bulky seasonal items you’re never quite sure what to do with. They’re made from a breathable fabric that is highly durable. It has a zip-close top to keep your blankets, coats, pillows, and more dust free.


Storing Salt & Pepper In A Cute Pair Of Spice Containers

These bamboo spice bowls are a beautiful way to store some of your most used seasonings for cooking. They are equipped with rotating, magnetic lids that are easy to open and that ensure you’ll never misplace them. When the bowls are empty, give them a quick cleaning before refilling by wiping the inside with a damp cloth.


Creating Streamlined Storage Where You Need It

Installing a floating storage option like this wall-mounted organizer is an ingenious way to store items without taking up more floor or counter space. It’s large enough to hold several items like hair styling tools, makeup brushes, hygiene products, and more. The back has an incredibly strong, no-trace adhesive that sticks firmly to your wall for quick installation.


Tapping Space Under Your Cabinets For A Paper Towel Rack

If your kitchen doesn’t have tons of extra counter space, consider utilizing the area under your cabinets with this mounted paper towel rack. The holding rack is made from stainless steel so it’s not only strong, but has a lovely sheen to it, too. Attach the flat metal plate to the underside of one of your cabinets and it’s ready to go.


Having Proper Storage Options For Your Jewelry

Keep all of your jewelry neatly organized and safely stored away in this cylindrical jewelry box. There are four compartments in this box, which gives you space for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. Each one opens by rotating in a 360-degree motion.


Corraling The Shoes With A Dedicated Shoe Organizer

You can’t beat this freestanding shoe rack when it comes to keeping all of your footwear out of the way. Stand it vertically or lay it horizontally — whichever works best in the space you’re using it. There are six cubby slots that are perfect to hold your most used shoes and sandals.


Organizing The Tea In A Cute & Convenient Display Box

Any tea aficionado will love this bamboo tea organizing box. The flip-top lid has a clear window on the front so you can see the options inside in a colorful display. There are 10 separate compartments to hold different varieties of your favorite tea bags.


Using Stackable Storage Containers In The Fridge To Optimize Space

These stackable fridge organizing bins create more storage options while tidying up space all at once. They’re made from highly durable and shatterproof plastic to withstand being moved around and used all the time. There are built-in handles on each end that make it easy to grab the bins to fill them up out of the fridge, too.


Having A Conveniently Located Hamper For Dirty Clothes & Towels

Solve your problem of dirty clothes piling up on the floor with this space-saving hanging hamper. It comes with two stainless steel hooks that are strong enough to support a bag full of dirty clothes, and promise not to damage the door or rack you hang it from. There is a circle slot on the front to deposit dirty garments and a zipper opening on the back for easy unloading when you’re ready to wash everything.


Tidying Shelves & Cabinets With Sturdy Stacking Baskets

Create functional storage in your pantry or on the countertop with these fashionable wire storage baskets. They are perfect so you can get rid of half-empty boxes and fit more in one place. They’re just the right size to hold your favorite snack items, like single-serving chip bags, gummies, granola bars, and more. Plus, the built-in handles make them easy to move.


Using A Spoon Rest To Keep The Kitchen Counters Cleaner

If you’re one of those people who is constantly looking for a place to set their cooking utensils without getting your counters dirty, invest in this cute ceramic utensil holder. It is shaped to look like an oversized spoon so whatever type of cooking utensil you’re using will neatly rest inside it. The embossed ceramic gives it a high-end feel.


Using A Cleaner Specially Formulated For Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Say goodbye to streaky-looking stainless steel appliances when you switch over to using this plant-based stainless steel cleaner. It uses coconut oil to polish, shine, and protect the surfaces of your kitchen appliances. There won’t be any annoying streaks left behind, just the pleasant aroma of lavender.


Cleaning Your Hard-To-Reach Windows With An Extendable Squeegee

The windows on your house will look like they’ve been professionally done when you use this extendable squeegee window cleaning kit. It comes with a dual-sided cleaning head — one side is a squeegee and the other is a microfiber scrubbing pad. The head can also bend back and forth with its accordion-like connecting point to the pole.


Putting A Litter-Trapping Mat Underneath Your Cat’s Litter Box

If you’re a cat owner, you’re going to want to grab one of these textured litter mats to put under the litter box. The mesh surface helps grab and trap the excess litter off the bottom of your kitty's paws. It’s lightweight and water-resistant. When it needs to be cleaned, either vacuum it or shake it out by hand.


Keeping Your Toothbrush Off The Vanity But Within Easy Reach

This simple toothbrush holder is more versatile than you may think at first glance. It is designed with six holding slots — four small ones for toothbrushes and two larger ones for toothpaste or miscellaneous items. The wire design keeps water from building up and preventing mildew.


Not Organizing Your Batteries (& Tossing Ones That Still Have Juice)

Store all of the batteries you have laying around in one convenient location with this battery organizing case. It has slots that can hold batteries ranging in size from AA to 6 D and even has space for five flat ones. There is a testing kit that comes with the case so you never have to guess whether or not they have any life in them.


Streamlining The Inside Of Your Drawers With An Expandable Organizer

This bamboo drawer organizer is the key to keeping the contents inside neat and tidy. When it’s not expanded, there are six sectioned-off areas for you to arrange things like silverware or art supplies. You get two extra storage sections when the drawer organizer is expanded.


Having A Designated Spot For Your Reusable Water Bottles

You can stop shoving your reusable water bottles in random cabinets and cupboards when you use these water bottle racks. This comes with two organizing racks, each one stackable and able to hold three bottles. Set them out on the countertop or use them inside your cabinets.


Cleaning The Toilet Bowl On A Regular Basis

You’ll never forget to clean your toilet bowl when you keep this stylish brush and holder next to it. It’s made from stainless steel with a bronzed finish for a sleek look. The base is less than 5 inches in diameter and just over 15 inches high, so it’s fairly discreet by not taking up too much space and fits nicely in a corner.


Covering The Gap Between Your Countertop & Stove

Using these silicone stove gap covers is an easy and affordable solution to fix up the space between your countertop and stove. They’re made from a nonslip silicone that has some flexibility to it so they will contour to fit the gap you need and prevent crumbs from falling in. They are also smudge resistant and help repel dust accumulation.


Replacing Grimy Old Dish Towels With A Cute New Set

These waffle-weave kitchen towels are made from 100% cotton and will impress you with how absorbent they are. This set comes with four different colors that promise to stay vibrant over time, even after washing. They’re great for drying dishes by hand and wiping down tabletops and counters from messes.


Tidying Your Desk With An Office Supply Organizer

Keeping your desk organized is helpful in staying on track when it comes to working. This desk organizer station is a simple solution to helping keep things neat and tidy. It has a compartment for pens and pencils, a slot for notepads, space for sticky notes, and a slide-out drawer that’s perfect for small items like paper clips.


Choosing Storage Solutions That Are Also Decorative

These cotton rope baskets are a stylish way to organize an assortment of items around your home. The cotton rope is knitted so it appears with a woven look and there are built-in handles on the ends for easy transporting. This is a set of three so you can coordinate one room’s storage or deploy them around the house.


Using A Pumice Stone For Extra Cleaning Power In Your Toilet Bowl

If you haven’t used a pumice stone to clean your toilet bowl before, now is the time. It helps removes limescale and hard water stains that plain cleaner and a brush can’t eliminate on their own. As an added bonus, it’s free from chemicals and odorless.