You're Making Your Home Look Ugly If You Aren't Doing Any Of These Things

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by Madison Barber

It’s easy for your home’s interior to get out of hand. Sometimes, your drawers and pantries are disorganized messes, your kitchen countertops have tomato sauce stains on them from your spaghetti dinner two nights ago, or your hardwood floors have scuffs on them that have you stressing about calling someone to replace them entirely.

While all of these house-related issues can feel like such a hassle to remedy, I’m here to give you peace of mind — there are tons of simple ways to make your home’s less than beautiful interior look brand-spankin’ new, none of which you have the break the bank for.

Thanks to Amazon and its collection of affordable products across tons of home categories, fixing up your house, condo, or apartment can be stress-free, budget-friendly, and prevent you from calling up a professional to perform costly and unnecessary home improvement projects. Items like this touch-up paint for minor paint scuffs, a splatter screen to prevent oil stains on your backsplash and stovetop, and these rug grippers that prevent ugly corner curling in your area rugs can make all the difference in your home, transforming it to the lovely, clean, and boast-worthy interior you’ve been dreaming of.

Check out 35 of the best ways to make your home look amazing, with the perfect Amazon products needed to do so.


Installing Under Cabinet Lights To Illuminate Shadowy Spaces

You won’t have to waste energy keeping the overhead lights on in your kitchen or bathroom with these under-cabinet LED lights. These come in a convenient three-pack, all of which you can stick underneath the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom for easy, bright lighting that won’t drive up your monthly bills. Turn them on or off, set them on a timer, or change the brightness levels via the included remote.


Tidying Up The Piles Of Clothes In Your Dresser With Drawer Dividers

It’s easy for your dresser drawers to get disorganized when you’re constantly moving clothes in and out of them, which is why these drawer dividers are so necessary. These expandable bamboo dividers will fit in most standard-sized drawers and are super durable and easy to clean. Plus, the dividers won’t ruin the inside of your drawers thanks to their protective rubber pads at each end.


Keeping Up Your Pet’s Feeding Area Free Of Spills

If your pet is anything like mine, they get way too excited during feeding time and make a mess. Although it’s hilarious to watch, it’s a nightmare to clean up, which is why these pet food bowls make all the difference. These bowls have a silicone base that acts as a mat to catch any loose kibble or puddles of water, keeping your pet’s area squeaky clean no matter how thrilled they are to eat their dinner.


Polishing Away Any Unsightly Smudges On Your Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be a tricky thing to clean, especially those pesky fingerprints seem to reappear every single day. This lavender-scented cleaning polish is here to save all of your stainless steel appliances, thanks to its pH neutral coconut oil formula that removes and prevents fingerprints, streaks, dirt, and smudges.


Keeping Your Counters Sauce-Free With A Convenient Spoon Rest

Limit the time you spend cleaning your countertops after preparing a meal by using this simple yet effective spoon rest. This ceramic spoon rest can sit perfectly on your countertop to hold your stirring spoon during any saucy meal to prevent any staining on your precious countertops, and can even be thrown into the dishwasher when it’s in need of a good clean.


Streamlining Your Desk With A Monitor Riser That Has Tons Of Storage

Having an elevated monitor stand not only helps your posture, but also protects your screen from any spills or crumbs from eating lunch at your desk. This mesh monitor stand also comes with two storage drawers for keeping everything from papers to office supplies, making it especially perfect for tiny desks with little surface area or drawer space. And, it even has two sturdy magnetic pen cups that you can attach on the side to really tidy up your desktop.


Touching Up Paint Scuffs Around The House

Don’t spend a ton on replacing furniture or repainting your entire wall when there’s a scratch in the paint — this multi-surface paint is all you need. This 1-ounce bottle comes in tons of neutral colors that will seamlessly blend into your walls or painted furniture. There’s virtually no odor, and a mess-free brush tip makes it easy to perform any sort of touch-up around the house.


Eliminating Kitchen Or Desktop Trash ASAP

The easiest way to throw out your trash while you’re working in the kitchen? Keep this mini trash can on your counter. This can is made from a sleek brushed stainless steel and has a convenient swing top lid that will make pitching your onion skins, food wrappers, and tea bags a cinch — no need to walk back and forth to your big garbage can with this 1.5 liter solution.


Keeping All Your Charging Devices In One Place

There’s no need to keep tons of charging cables around the house when you have this charging station with six charging ports. This can charge multiple devices at once, whether you have Apple or Samsung products, and even juices it up at a much faster rate than a normal charging cable would. And, it even comes with all of the cables you’ll need, and the short look of those cables helps keep your charging area nice and tidy.


Organizing Any Room With Chic Fabric Bins

When you have neutral-colored bins by your side, any sort of organization task becomes a whole lot easier. These come in a three pack and are made from soft linen fabric that looks nice in your home and makes storing anything from toys to extra toiletries a breeze. And, if you’re not into the neutral hues, there’s 20 others to choose from that may fit your home’s aesthetic even better.


Holding Your Go-To Bath Products In A Sleek Hanging Caddy Set

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of bath products with barely enough space to keep them all. This three-piece shower shelf set is the perfect thing for my bathroom (and will be for yours as well), thanks to its roomy two-shelf construction with included hooks and a separate platform for a bar of soap. Made from rust-resistant steel but painted a sleek black, this is the perfect storage to keep in your shower, no matter the size of your bathroom or your toiletry collection.


Restoring Your Wooden Floors & Furniture When They’re In Disarray

When you have these wood furniture repair markers, you can just fix the things you already own instead of hunting for expensive new wooden furniture or flooring. These markers come in tons of traditional wood hues to help keep everything from your nightstand to your hardwood floors in tip-top shape, and even come with wax sticks to fill in deep nicks and a sharpener to help get the job done.


Covering Cords To Maintain The Aesthetic Of Your Space

Nothing’s more of an eyesore in the home than cables, and cables from a mounted TV may just be the worst kind. This pack of cord covers helps to seamlessly conceal these decorative nuisances, and they take only 15 minutes to install. In your order, you’ll get 153 inches worth of cable cover, making it the perfect thing for the job, and you can even choose between 12 different colors when you order to best match your walls.


Cleaning Your Windows With A Lightweight Squeegee

If your smudgy and streaky windows have seen better days, there’s nothing better to help clean them than this window squeegee that’s just like what the professionals use. This squeegee can expand up to 62 inches, allowing it to reach even your highest windows, and even has a flexible head that makes it easy to clean every nook and cranny without even moving your feet. Plus, at only 3 ounces, it’s lightweight enough to feel comfortable using it for a long time.


Restoring The Grout In Your Home With An Easy-To-Use Pen

If the grout between your tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room has seen better days, this grout-masking pen will make it look brand-spanking-new in no time. This pen contains a water-based, non-toxic white paint that restores your grout practically instantly, meaning there’s no need to get down on your hands and knees with the scrubber any longer. Plus, it covers up to 60 meters of grout and will dry super quickly.


Removing Pet Hair From Your Nice Couches, Bedspreads & More

While all pet parents adore their furry companions, it’s harder to adore all the hair and fur they leave behind after just one day on the couch. With this reusable pet hair remover, you can get all types of animal fur off of your couches, carpets, car seats, and more with just a few quick rolls. And, this roller won’t snag any fabric, doesn’t have any sticky tape, and is easy to clean, making it an easy go-to again and again and again.


Adding Style To Your Entryway With A Farmhouse-Chic Mail & Key Holder

Every entryway, big or small, needs a little key and mail holder to keep things organized and accessible when you’re running out the door. This one comes in chic neutral colors (choose from gray, black, or dark brown), and has tons of hooks for everything from key rings to dog leashes to tote bags. And, there’s even a little shelf next to the mail holder for any decorative items you want to place there to spruce up an otherwise boring space.


Preventing Stovetop Stains From Hot Oil With A Splatter Screen

Nothing makes more of a mess in the kitchen than something frying on the stove, which is why this pan splatter screen is must-have. This screen comes in sizes suitable for most standard-sized pans, including 9.5-, 11.5-, 13-, and 15-inch, and can cease 99% of hot oil splatter before it hits your walls, stove, and countertops. And, it’s dishwasher-safe, which is amazing considering how dirty the screen can get after trapping oil inside your pan while you cook.


Repairing Damaged Carpets All Over The House With This Clever Kit

Instead of replacing your carpets every couple of years, you can actually repair them easily thanks to this fabric and carpet repair kit from Coconix. The 10 repair compounds can perfectly match any color rug fiber in your home when you blend them together. This kit comes with everything you need including said compounds, a spatula, an applicator brush, a wood putty stick, and a mixing jar.


Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Fans & Spaces With This Clever Duster

Our ceiling fans capture a ton of dust up there. Luckily this ceiling fan duster has extendable poles up to 47 inches, as well as a special dusting design that wraps around each blade of your fan to get every inch of dust off of the bottom, top, and sides. Of course, this long duster is great to use for cleaning above kitchen cabinets, ceiling corners, and other hard-to-reach spots..


Displaying & Organizing Your Pots & Pans In A Sleek Fashion

If your cabinet space is limited, try keeping all of your pots and pans suspended in air with this wall-mounted organizer. This cookware storage solution is sturdy enough to hold up to 35 pounds of pots and pans on its eight hooks and top shelf, thanks to its durable and thick iron material. Plus, it’ll look super sleek in any kitchen, adding a decorative element that doubles as storage space.


Organizing The Oral Hygiene Station In Your Bathroom

If you’re still using a random plastic cup from your kitchen to hold your toothbrush, it’s time to invest in a proper toothbrush holder. This sleek bronze organizer not only keeps your oral hygiene supplies in check, but also can hold your soap pump for easy access while you’re washing your hands at the sink. And, if you have roommates or family in your home, there are four separate slots available for everyone’s personal toothbrush.


Using Aesthetically-Pleasing Cooking Utensils While You Cook Or Bake

This set of cooking utensils has exactly what you’ll need to prep, cook, and bake everything under the sun, and their silicone heads and wooden handles aren’t just cute — it makes them heat resistant and super easy to clean. This 14-piece set comes with everything from spatulas, to spoons, to a whisk — all of the essential tools any beginning or seasoned chef needs for the perfect meal.


Trapping Kitty Litter Before It Tracks All Over Your Home

While cat owners love their feline friends, they can trail a huge mess of litter around the house. Luckily, this litter-trapping mat keeps your kitty’s space super clean and traps loose litter before it can end up in places around your home you don’t want it to be. It’s even waterproof and urine-proof if a few more undesirable accidents happen near the litter box. Plus, it’s super soft on your kitty’s paws, so even they’ll feel comfortable with it in their space.


Switching Out The Lightbulbs In Your Home For Color-Changing Smart Bulbs

Having smart bulbs in your home is the perfect way to spruce up any space, especially because these ones can change to fun colors. Control these with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or use the PlusMinus app when you’re away from home. You can even set these on a timer – making it the perfect solution when you’re on vacation and want to make it look like somebody’s home.


Keeping Your Bathroom Floors Dry With A New Shower Liner

Every shower or bath needs a trusty shower liner, and this 72-by-72-inch frosted one is the ideal thing to keep in yours. This stain-resistant liner will prevent your bathroom floor from getting soaked when you’re trying to relax in the shower after a long day, and the magnetic weights at the bottom keep it in place so it won’t bother you while you’re trying to shampoo and scrub. It’s a simple yet effective solution that has over 17,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Switching Out Your Fabric Bath Mats With A Stylish, Clean Bamboo One

While traditional cotton bathmats are cute, none look as chic or are as hygienic as this bamboo bathmat. This not only will make your bathroom look and feel like a luxe spa, but it’s also not slippery and is finished with three protective coats that prevent any sort of mildew buildup from water and moisture (unlike regular bathmats). Plus, it’s durable enough to last you forever, unlike regular mats that get dirty, ripped, and matted often.


Keeping Your Plant’s Area Dry 24/7 With Discreet Coasters

The designated plant area in your home may look beautiful from far away, but up close can end up looking super wet and dirty due to overwatering or any fallen-off petals. These plant coasters make keeping these spaces clean a breeze, thanks to their absorbent and protective design and different diameter sizes to fit any sort of small planter. The gray and brown colors blend into your tables and shelves while preventing scratches, spills, and dirt from reaching your surfaces.


Securing Your Area Rugs With These Clever Rug Grippers

Not only do these rug grippers prevent your home’s area rugs from slipping and sliding across your floors and curling up at the corners, but they also still give them mobility if you need to clean underneath them, thanks to their hook and loop design. These grippers can easily be fastened, unfastened, and fastened again, and will never, ever lose their grip like their sticky adhesive competitors.


Storing Small Bathroom Essentials In Chic Apothecary Jars

These little apothecary jars are the bathroom accessories you truly didn’t know you needed. Not only are they so aesthetically-pleasing with their bamboo lids that work in every bathroom, but they can also hold all of your smaller essentials easily, from Q-tips to flossers to cotton pads for removing makeup at the end of the day. Each of these in the four-pack is totally transparent, too, so you can always see which item you’re reaching for and if you need to restock on any essentials.


Keeping Your Dry Goods In Organized Airtight Containers

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a bunch of snacks that end up getting stale too quickly, but these airtight food storage containers help keep them fresher than any chip clip can. Each in this set of 14 comes in a different size and a matching lid that seals up your dry goods, keeping moisture and pests out. Plus, you’ll get cute labels to stick onto your bins and little measuring spoons when you order for easy scooping.


Watering Your Plants When You’re Supposed To

If you’re always trying to remember whether or not you remembered to water your plants, these aquameter sticks will save you all of the trouble. Insert one of these into your planter when its soil is dry, water your plant, and your aquameter will turn blue to indicate that your plant is hydrated. Once it’s in need of water again, the aquameter will turn white again, making your plant parenting responsibilities super simple.


Storing Files In Your Home Office In A Handy Over-The-Door Organizer

If your home office is way too disorganized for you to even get anything done, this over-the-door file organizer will help you get back on track. This has five tiers of folders for keeping all of your important files, documents, and supplies, and even has three hooks at the bottom for hanging any other supplies that would otherwise clutter up your desk.


Making Efficient Use Of Space With A Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is the best way to get things you need quickly from your fridge or pantry without digging through all of your condiments and spices, and this one glides with ease. At an only 12-inch diameter, this turntable doesn’t take up a ton of space, yet still offers enough room for your fridge and pantry essentials. Plus, it comes with dividers if you want to organize your stuff even further.


Tying Any Space Together With A Soft Yet Durable Rug

Any space can benefit from a chic area rug, and this one gives your home the perfect hippie-chic aesthetic. Of course, it’s super soft and durable enough for plenty of foot traffic. With eight sizes and three different hues to choose from, this unique patterned area rug won’t shed and will look super expensive in your home, even though it’s so cheap.