You're Making Your Life Harder If You Aren't Trying Any Of These 50 Genius Things

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Do you consider yourself a time-saving professional when it comes to finding life hacks and can’t-live-without shortcuts? If so, this list of genius Amazon products is going to be right up your alley. Seriously: This is a great opportunity to get the gadgets and devices that’ll help make your life and daily routines easier — and once you start using a lot of these products, you won’t ever believe you’ve gone this long without having them.

It’s not surprising that these genius, time-saving products are incredibly popular. There’s a balanced mixture between the simplicity and usefulness of these items that makes them so brilliant. Need some examples? Check out squeegee that pushes stray water off your kitchen counter and into the sink, or this portable makeup brush that makes it easier to travel with your beauty supplies.

There are so many awesome things to offer on this list. If you don’t find something for yourself, you may find something for a friend.


This Dry Putty Stick That Instantly Erases Holes In The Wall

If you need to patch up some wall holes, use this drywall repair putty. Simply rub the material over the holes and cracks. After that, dust off the excess with your hand or a towel, let it dry for a bit, and paint over it. Fixing wall damage without any tools has never been quicker or easier.


This Super Absorbent Splash Guard For The Sink

Keep the area that surrounds your faucet water-free with this incredibly absorbent sink backsplash mat. Not only does this mat quickly soak up any excess water that might splash about while washing your hands or cleaning some dishes, but it also dries super quickly for convenience. Use the snap on the back of the mat to secure it to your sink and toss it in the washer when it needs cleaned.


This Delicate Fabric Comb To Remove Lint, Pills & Fuzz

Keep your wool and cashmere garments free from things like lint with this de-pilling cedar comb. Worrying about tears, snags, and holes forming when trying to spruce up your wool and cashmere clothes will never be at the forefront of your mind again. Plus, the handle is made of cedar to provide a sturdy and comfortable grip when using.


A Dual-Sided Sink Brush & Squeegee To Help Keep The Kitchen Clean

You’ll have no problem keeping your countertops and sink squeaky clean, thanks to this handy double-sided brush and squeegee. The side with the bristles is great for sweeping away crumbs and other spills from dry ingredients (like spices). The squeegee side is really helpful in directing excess water and other liquid spills back to the sink without having to use too many paper towels to finish wiping the surface.


A Mini, Retractable 4-In-1 Travel Makeup Brush

You can now apply your makeup anytime you happen to be on the go with this compact travel makeup brush. There are four different styles that come with it, so you can apply makeup to your whole face with ease. (You’ll have the ability to do your eyes, cheeks, brows, and lips no problem.) Its small size also means it won’t take up too much room in your belongings.


A Double-Sided Tape That’ll Help Keep Your Clothing In Place

Wear your favorite strappy or low-cut shirts with confidence that they won’t move around, thanks to this handy double-sided fashion tape. All you need to do is cut off a piece from the roll, firmly press it to whatever piece of clothing needs that extra support, and then press the tape directly onto your skin. The tape is clear, so it can work with all skin tones.


This Treatment For Your Nails That Helps Them Grow & Makes Them Stronger

Dry, brittle nails that are constantly breaking or chipping will be a thing of the past when you start using this nail-strengthening and growth treatment. An added bonus of this product is that it’s vegan and cruelty free. The vitamin E is a key ingredient here, and it’ll help you achieve stronger nails.


These Scented Liners For Your Clothing Drawers

Keep your clothes smelling fresh for extended periods of time after being washed with the help of these scented drawer liners. There are four different scents to choose from — and they also work great in the kitchen, bathroom, and office drawers.


This Heated Curling Comb For Your Eyelashes

You now have the ability to maintain curled lashes for up to 24 hours with this electric heated eyelash curler that’s rechargeable. It’s designed with three different warmth settings and has the ability to curl your lashes fast. It’s available in two colors, and tons of customers wrote that it’s a “game changer.”


This Assorted Brush Set To Easily Clean All Your Reusable Bottles

Clean the inside of all your bottles quickly and efficiently when you use this brush set. In the set, there are brushes of five different sizes, each with flexible nylon bristles to effectively clean out everything from water tumblers to baby bottles. As a bonus, they are also dishwasher safe, making the brushes themselves a cinch to clean.


A Magnetic Organizational Rack Perfect For The Kitchen

This modern and sleek multi-shelf storage rack is a great addition to any kitchen space. It gives you two racks that can hold either paper or cloth towels, two shelving options, as well as metal hooks to hang kitchen utensils. The shelves are great for your most-used, everyday items (like salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, and other seasonings and frees up counter space).


This Plastic Bag Storage Bin That Hangs From The Top Of Cabinet Doors

This metal over-the-cabinet door organizing rack is great for storing all those plastic grocery bags you’ve accumulated from the store over the years. Keep up to 50 of them in here at any one time; there’s no installation necessary, as the hooks allow you to easily hang the basket over doors and cabinets.


These Mini Timers That Plug Right Into Your Outlets

This two-pack of timers can help you determine when your outlets power certain electronics and appliances throughout your space. There are no complicated procedures to follow in order to accurately set them: In order to turn the timer off, push the pins down. And to turn it on, push the pins up. The timing plugs are also compatible with a wide range of lights and appliances.


A Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder & Organizer

This wall-mounted toothbrush organizational unit easily installs with the super strong adhesive strips located on the backside of the container. Not only does it conveniently store your toothbrush in easy reach of the sink, but it also has an automatic toothpaste dispenser. You can also use the shelf on top to hold a variety of bathroom necessities like lotion, cotton swabs, and a razor.


This Stylish Kable-Knit Headband To Help Keep Your Ears Warm

Keep your ears nice and warm during those long winter months while maintaining your sense of style with this knitted headband. The design makes it easy to wear (whether your hair is up or down that day), and the cable-knit construction is a small and simple way to add some chic coziness to any outfit. Plus, it's machine washable.


A Mini Table For The Armrest Of Your Couch Or Chair

This mini armrest table comes in handy to hold your phone, the remote, a drink, and more. The arms that attach the table to the armrest are spring loaded, which really creates a secure base for the table. It is made out of a food-safe plastic and comes in a stylish while marble pattern. There are also two table shapes available: round and octagon.


This Cutting Board With A Built-In Digital Scale

Food prep has never been easier than when you use this dual-purpose cutting board with a digital scale. Switch between grams and ounces hassle-free when needed for following along with your baking and cooking recipes. The cutting board can be removed to put food in pots and pans or to clean it after using. Plus, the display of the scale is also a large LED screen to see easily.


A Digital Heating Plate That Helps Keep Your Mug Warm

You now have the ability leisurely sip your coffee while reading, working, or going about your morning routine without it getting cold, thanks to this digital warming hot plate. The heat settings can be programmed anywhere between 77 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit.


These Modern & Sleek Towel Hooks That Are Incredible Space Savers

Use these small, round towel hooks to help save space while hanging kitchen and hand towels. Each little knob has a rubber center with a “T” cut in the middle; simply stick a section of the towel in the rubber middle of the holder, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping or falling off (like what can happen with a traditional towel hook).


This Portable Electric Lunch Box So You Can Eat A Warm Meal Anywhere

Reheat your favorite leftovers for lunch the next day at work when you switch to this electric lunch box. The inside container is made from stainless steel that assists with the heating-up process. It comes with two different outlet adapters: one for a wall outlet and one for the car if you happen to be eating on the go that day.


This Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Thermos With A Bamboo Outer Layer

You can now create your own delicious, artisan-flavored teas at home with this loose leaf brewing tumbler made with stainless steel and lined with bamboo. The container itself holds up to 17 ounces of tea, and the infuser can be used to make both hot or iced teas (as well as fruit-infused beverages). Double-walled insulation keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.


The Litter Box With A Top-Entry Lid Opening

You can keep litter inside the box (and not all over the floor), thanks to the top-entry litter box. There are grooved rivets on the lid that also helps get off any excess litter that may be stuck to your cats paws on their way out. It also comes with a plastic scooper to empty the contents of the container easily as often as needed.


This Flexible Light Strip Lined With Bright LED Lights

You can use this light strip of neon LED lights indoors and outdoors, thanks to its waterproof silicone tubing. Not only does the tubing add a waterproof effect to the light, but it also makes the lighting look consistent throughout the entire strip. There are over 10 color options to choose from as well.


A Hanging Trash Can That Can Fit In A Variety Of Places

This hanging trash can is capable of holding up to 9 liters — or over 2 gallons — of waste. The lid stays attached to the bin, too — so you never have to worry about losing or misplacing it. Mount it to the wall or hang it on a cabinet door for convenient access.


This Mini Handheld Vacuum For Your Office Desk

Keep the surface of your office desk and other tabletop surfaces free from dust and other dirt particles on a regular basis by using this handheld mini vacuum cleaner. You can power it up or recharge the battery with a USB cord, so no need to worry about batteries. A single button turns it on, and then you’re ready to clean off your desk.


A Sliding Tray That’s Compatible With Multiple Kitchen Appliances

You can now keep your kitchen appliances securely in place while using them (but also move them when necessary), with this lever-controlled sliding tray. It’ll help your countertops stay free from scuffs, scrapes, and other damage that can occur when trying to move around those heavy kitchen appliances.


This Lamp With A Base That Performs A Wide Range Of Functions

You are going to fall in love with the additional features this lamp with a multifunctional base has to offer. The base is equipped with two standard charging ports and two fast-charging ports for a total of four USB ports. Simply tap to turn it on or off and toggle between three brightness modes. Its small and compact style makes it an easy addition to any desk or bedside table.


This Portable Desk For Your Laptop So You Can Work Anywhere

This portable lap desk can fit your computer, but it also has a retractable mousepad for easy navigation. A textured anti-skid pad helps prevent your laptop from sliding around, and a double rubber strip on the bottom keeps the desk stable. Plus, the simple design makes it easy to pack in a bag and work on the go.


These Storage Bins Capable Of Collapsing When Not Being Used

These plastic storage bins have a leg up on the competition with their ability to collapse when not being used. When the bins are built, they measure 11 by 8 by 6 inches, making them the perfect size to fit an assortment of storage needs. Each lid comes with a handle, which lets you easily grab, move, and carry these bins when necessary.


An All-Purpose Electric Scrubber With 3 Interchangeable Brushes

Get all of the surfaces in your household super clean with this powerful all-purpose electric scrubber. It has three different brush head attachments that can be used on a variety of surfaces to help ensure everything gets clean. There’s also a scrubbing brush with bristles, a point brush that gets into cracks and grout, and a buffing brush.


This 2-Tier Triangle Corner Stand For Extra Storage

Using this two-tier triangle corner stand helps add practical storage in places where shelving normally has a difficult time fitting. The shelves are made from a durable bamboo with stainless steel legs for the stand. You have the option to use this as a single shelving unit, or you can use it as two separate and smaller corner shelves.


The 20-Pack Of Cable Clips That Help Keep Wires & Cords In Place

These self-adhesive mini clips will help secure any number of cords and cables on your desk for easy organization. To install them, all you have to do is peel off the adhesive strips on the backs and press them securely where needed. They’re large enough to work with numerous cords, including USB and other charging cables as well as laptop chargers.


A Waterproof Bag That’ll Help Keep Your Belongings Dry

You can now take your personal belongings into the rain with you when you utilize this waterproof bag. It’s available in four different size options, so you can find one large or small enough to fit your travel needs. Aside from its waterproof capabilities, you can use the D-ring clip to keep your valuables nearby.


A Wall-Mounted Organizer With Hooks For Key & Other Knickknacks

Do you misplace your keys on a regular basis? If so, you can begin hanging your keys on this wall-mounted key hook and organizer. Metal keyhole brackets on the back make for easy installation, and three hooks and a mail slot mean your belongings will always have a place for safekeeping.


This Portable Coffee Press That Can Make A Fresh Cup In Under A Minute

This on-the-go coffee press is capable of creating a fresh cup of coffee, espresso, or cold brew — whichever style happens to be your favorite. One of the coolest features this to-go coffee maker boasts is the fact that is has to ability to produce three different sized cups of coffee. For hot coffee or espresso, your drink will be ready in a minute — and only two minutes for a cold brew.


A Motion Sensor LED Light That Clips To Your Toilet Bowl

Find your way to the bathroom during the night without having to turn the lights on with the assistance of this clip-on LED motion sensor toilet bowl light. The soft glow radiates to fairly a wide circumference, and you have the option to set it on a single color or to let it rotate through the 16 settings it has available.


This Digital Room Thermometer That Tracks Temperature & Humidity Levels

Easily track and control the temperature and humidity levels of any room with this Bluetooth digital thermometer that connects to your smartphone. As long as your phone is within 230 feet of the thermometer, you’ll be able to wirelessly control how hot or cold it is (and measure the current humidity). It processes data every two seconds so that you’re constantly getting the most accurate reading.


These Adjustable Elastic Boot Straps That Clip To The Bottom Of Your Pants

You can tuck your pants into your boots with little hassle, thanks to these adjustable, elastic clip-on boot straps. The straps are 5 inches at their shortest and extend fully to 12 inches — and by using these clip-on straps, your pants should stay securely inside your boots.


These Reusable Snack Bags Made With Silicone

Cut down on some of your waste from single plastic use by swapping your old baggies out for these silicone zip-top containers. Each of these specific reusable bags can also function similarly to a food storage container, as the bottom of the bag is designed for it to stay upright while opened or closed. Using just one of these reusable silicone bags helps eliminate the waste of over 5,000 plastic bags.


This Kit Of Silicone Ear Swabs That Are Totally Reusable

Various types of ear swabs come in this reusable silicone cotton swab kit. You’ll get a round tip, a tip with nodules for deep cleaning, and two angled tips that are perfect for helping with applying makeup. You can keep these clean by washing with soap and hot water after using.


The 10-Pack Of Incredibly Versatile Hair Clips

You can use these super functional hair barrettes as tools for a variety of small tasks — seven, to be exact. Each one has the ability to be used as three different screw drivers, a ruler, a wrench, a saw, and more (when it’s not being worn in your hair). They’re perfect for anyone who is an adventurer or outdoor lover.


These Microfiber Dusting Gloves That Trap Dust & Other Dirt Particles With Ease

You can finally reach and clean the spaces that typically get forgotten about when you use these microfiber dusting gloves. They have superior capabilities when it comes to trapping all of the dust and particles that tend to fly everywhere when you use a normal duster. The gloves let you get into hard-to-reach spaces like blinds, but they also help you thoroughly dust house plants.


The Durable Rubber Caps That Help Prevent Damage On Your High Heels

If you want to prevent damage to your favorite pair of heels, check out these rubber protective caps. Not only that, but they can add some extra traction while walking. There are different cap options available to fit the different types of heels (like round, U-shape, or square to name a few).


This Incredibly Powerful & Effective Scrubbing Machine For Boots & Shoes

Keep all of your boots and shoes looking clean and fresh all year long with this industrial cleaning and scraping brush. These super strong bristles allow the brushes to clear away all kinds of debris — like mud and grass and mulch — from the soles of your shoes and boots. Brushes are located on the bottom and sides to cover and clear the entire sole in one swift motion.


This Mini Hot Pot That Works With An Outlet

Make ramen and other creations in this mini hot pot. Even though this cookware is designed to look like a pot that would go on top of the stove, all this hot pot needs to cook or sauté is an outlet. The inside lining of the pot is coated in a nonstick material, and you have the option to use it as a traditional hot pot or as a sauté pan because of the inside lining.


These Thermal Spa Mitts That’ll Leave Your Hands Silky Smooth

Your hands will feel like they just finished a spa treatment at home with these thermal rejuvenating mitts. Not only are they great for rest and relaxation, but they’re also incredibly useful for soothing dry and cracked skin on your hands. Feel hydration seep back into your skin as the heat creates a healing process.


A Door Stop That Sounds An Alarm When The Door Opens

This super durable plastic security door stop aims to help your door stay closed when you want it to. It also has a built-in alarm — so if you put pressure on the door stop, it should begin signaling an alert. That way, if someone is trying to come inside someplace they shouldn’t, you’ll be notified via the sound.


This Magnetic Wire Mount For Your Phone-Charging Cables

You’ll always be able to quickly find and grab the USB cords at your desk with this magnetic cable holder. The magnetic center of the holder helps keep your cables in place, and there are four colors available. Plus, it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


A Reusable Water Bottle With A Built-In Filter

This reusable clear water bottle comes with a replaceable carbon filter so you can always have the freshest water wherever you are — and you can expect to get up to around 300 uses from each filter before it needs replaced. There’s also a carry loop attached to the lid, making it easy to take this water bottle with you no matter where you’re going.


This Hanging Closet Organizer Extra Pockets On The Sides

Add extra shelving space to your closet with this five-section hanging organizer. Each section is separated into the same size square — and on each side of the organizer are three side pockets for accessory storage. The whole thing measures 11.5 by 12 by 42 inches, so it can fit most closets.

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