You're Missing Out If You Haven't Tried Any Of These Cheap Finds Reviewers Call "Life-Changing"

From transparent pimple patches to a mug warmer, these products are pretty cool.

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You're Missing Out If You Haven't Tried Any Of These Cheap Finds Reviewers Call "Life-Changing"
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I get it — it might seem overdramatic to say all of these products are life-changing, but I promise it’s not just me. A ton of reviewers are calling these items “life changing” or “game-changers.” So, honestly, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried any of these cheap finds. Don’t worry — I’ve added in all of these “game-changing” and “life-changing” reviews, so you can see for yourself the exact impact these items have.

I mean, you have to believe in a microdermabrasion exfoliating mitt when a reviewer raves, “These mitts have LITERALLY changed my life. They've completely, TOTALLY changed my skin!” I promise you’ll quickly throw out your loofah for this wearable exfoliator that helps out with ingrown hairs. Plus, you can actually wash it (unlike a loofah), so it’s always clean when you want to exfoliate.

Or what about when a reviewer writes, “Game changer folks,” about a set of grocery bag carriers. They’re basically sturdy handles that help you carry your entire grocery haul (or clothes shopping haul) without dropping anything. Yep, 50 pounds worth of groceries. Plus, they’re compact enough to store in the reusable grocery bags in your trunk.

Whether or not you think “life-changing” is a bit dramatic, scroll through for a bunch of cheap finds. After grabbing those transparent pimple patches or the light-up dog collar, you might just agree with these reviews.


A Vitamin C Serum That Brightens Up Your Usual Routine

This vitamin C serum with ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, and d-alpha tocopheryl is perfect if your usual skincare could use some brightening up. You don’t have to throw anything else away to use this clarifying, radiance-enhancing, and plumping serum. It will obviously feel refreshing and brightening, but it also helps clear acne and evens out skin tone.

One reviewer raved: “I’ve purchased this serum several times and I’m obsessed! I have noticed a huge reduction in redness and fine lines. I have extremely sensitive skin and it does not irritate or break my skin out. I also have sensitivity around my eyes, my eyes water if any irritant gets near them. This serum does not cause my eyes to water or cause redness. I also love that the serum doesn’t turn brown as long as the cap is on properly and it’s kept away from sunlight. After three months of using this serum I have stopped wearing foundation daily and I constantly get comments on how beautiful my skin is. Obviously, this is just one tool in my skin care routine but I think it is by far the most impactful as far as improving texture and reducing redness..”


This Discreet Under Cabinet Jar Opener That Works On Lids Of All Sizes

This durable jar opener replaces bulky bottle openers and other gadgets. Simply install this under your cabinets, slide a jar or bottle lid into the V-shaped slot, and the sturdy teeth pop open the jar. This thin opener is nice and hidden under your cabinet, so it doesn’t ruin the look of your kitchen and uses otherwise under-utilized space. Plus, it can even help out with tiny lids on non-kitchen products, like facial toner.

One reviewer raved: “I suffer from neurological issues and often times have difficulties in opening a jar or bottle top. I've bought other openers which help but I still an unable to open some items. This jar opener will open anything from a large jar lid to a small water bottle top. It mounts easily under the kitchen cabinet and stays hidden. All you have to do is slide the jar/bottle into the slot until it presses snuggly. Then you can use both hands to twist and the top becomes loose. It takes far less strength to turn (since you can use both hands). I've yet to find any jar or bottle I couldn't open easily. This one item, has been a life changer for me (or at least I no longer worry about not being able to open jars). If you are looking for a jar opener... I highly recommend this one!”


A Super Strong Stain Remover That’s Effective Yet Non-Toxic

Whether or not you have a kid, this is the extra-strong and non-toxic stain remover to grab. That’s because this colorful little bottle takes care of new and set-in messes with a perfume-free formula. This stain treater can even work on blood and curry. It’s also small enough to carry this allergen-free stain remover with you, and it works on your clothes if you spill wine at dinner.

One reviewer raved: “This product is a game changer! I use it on everything. My favorite use is actually as a stain remover on my rugs. They’re used to wash but this has made old coffee, wine and even spaghetti stains literally disappear with no scrubbing involved. I give this to everyone!”


These Endlessly Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers With A Chic Box

Investing in these 100% silicone nipple covers is honestly worth it, simply because these ultra-thin covers come with such a chic case, making these easy to bring with you on vacation to warm places or to weddings where you’ll be wearing something sans bra. Their seamless design is also easy to clean after every wear. Plus, the matte finish is perfect and subtle under sheer tops.

One reviewer raved: “These are an absolute game changer. I live in Texas and it is hot. These do not come off. You also barely realize you have them on because they’re very comfortable. I am a 34 DD and got the large and they cover enough of the breast where it gives a very smooth and seamless look, unlike the smaller ones that just look like a circle bandaid.”


These Silicone Baking Mats That Can Even Go In The Microwave

Yes — you can even pop these silicone baking mats in the microwave if that’s what that viral baking recipe you’re trying out calls for. This colorful baking set can go in the dishwasher, freezer, and up to 480 degrees in the oven (of course) — and no matter how you use them, your sheet pans and counters will stay stain-free. Plus, this non-stick set has pastry templates if you’re trying out macarons.

One reviewer raved: “No more greasing pans. Simply bake on these wonderful mats. I have baked fish, cookies, heated pizza. They are a game changer.”


An Extra-Strength Gel That Makes Removing Calluses A Breeze

If you want to remove a painful callus, definitely use this extra-strength callus-removing gel as the first step. This professional formula makes the entire process more spa-like. Just soak your feet and relax for about five to 10 minutes, dry them, apply the gel and wait another five to 10 minutes while the gel works its magic. It also starts removing calluses before you use your pumice stone, making an at-home pedi easier than ever.

One reviewer raved: “When I tell you this is a game changer!!!!! Believe it!!! My heels are always rough, especially in the winter and because my job requires me to stand in one place a lot I develop hard patches. All you need is this bottle, some warm water and a foot file or pumice and it ALL goes away. This is a life saver for my feet.”


This Little Magnetic Spot That Holds Hair Pins & Clips

This little magnetic holder will keep all of your hair pins and clips safe, secure, and in one spot. It has a colorful bowl-shaped design that keeps all of those trendy clips in a neat pile. You can even use it as a hairpin finder by sweeping it over a cluttered bathroom drawer. This compact holder will find all of the lost clips hiding under scrunchies and brushes, and you can simply toss your bobby pins in this holder’s direction and it’ll “catch” them — the magnet is just that strong.

One reviewer raved: “I bought this because I'm constantly losing my Bobby pins. I was constantly picking up bobby pins every time I was out. Now that I have this, it changes everything. I now have all my bobby pins together making it super easy to do my hair in the mornings. The holder is quite heavy, sturdy, and the magnet is very strong. Its also brightly colored making it easy to identify in the bottom of my makeup bag. I don't know why I waited so long to purchase this, this is the best purchase I've made in a long time. Just get it, you won't regret it.”


A Set Of Clips That Keep Your Sheets Crisp & Prevent Rolled Up Corners

This pack of stretchy sheet fasteners creates super crisp bedding without tearing or ruining your sheets. Each rust-proof clip is complete with nylon grippers that won’t rip the corners of your fitted sheet. Meanwhile, the elastic and adjustable bungee cords keep everything in place after you make your bed. Yep, this keeps the pockets from rolling up while you sleep — even if you toss and turn all night

One reviewer raved: “If I can give this item a million stars, I would. I have spent months maybe even years battling my fitted sheet. It would constantly pull up from the edge and envelop my husband and I in a chokehold of fabric. I have tried other straps with no luck. I have bought bigger sheets with no luck. I bought these as a last resort before boycotting fitted sheets all together. To say that this product saved my life may be dramatic but it literally saves me the mental agony of constantly fixing the bed. It is easy to put on, stays put, and has a nice stretch and can be easily adjusted. If you are unsure, just buy it. It will change your sheet filled life.”


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes & Dries Your Stuff So Fast

This makeup brush cleaning set will save you from drying your brushes on a bunch of paper towels. Instead, this eco-friendly cleaner is an easier option because it spins your brushes until they’re dry, making the process more hygienic and faster. It also comes with a break-resistant bowl, so the water and included cleaning solution won’t get all over your counter.

One reviewer raved: “I am not one to clean my makeup brushes often... but the Luxe makeup brush cleaning system is life changing!! Its super easy to use, dries the brushes almost completely, works on every one if my brushes(even the tapered handles) No, I am not a rep for the company. Just a VERY happy customer! Thank you LUXE cosmetics”


A De-Shedding Pet Brush That Cleans Itself With The Press Of A Button

No need to put on your cleaning gloves after you use this de-shedding brush. That’s because there’s a self-cleaning button on the back of this compact grooming tool. It retracts the bristles, so all of the fur falls right off. Plus, these angled bristles get rid of dirt, shedding, and tangles, making them an efficient way to brush your furry friend.

One reviewer raved: “This has been life changing! I have a German Shepard who pretty much sheds year round and when he blows his winter coat...OMG! There are rolling hair balls everywhere that make our house look like a desert full of tumble weeds. I try to stay on top of brushing him but the worst part seems to be then getting the hair off whatever tool I used. This slicker is amazing! Not only does it get a crazy amount of hair, the self cleaning feature is the bomb! He loves the way it feels and I love not getting all that grossness under my nails trying to clean out the brush or injuring myself trying to clean the slicker. I absolutely love this and have told all my 'dog friends' about it”


These Transparent Pimple Patches That Also Protect Your Skin

These pimple patches stand out because they actually protect your skin from germs and your fingers (if you tend to pick at pimples) while they heal annoying, unwanted blemishes. Meanwhile, they keep all of the helpful hydrocolloid inside, which works to draw out puss. Plus, they look totally transparent and make everything look a little less red.

One reviewer raved: “This is not another gimmick! I’m 29 and wish I found these years ago. Wow! I always get little whiteheads/spots brewing below and I’m a squeezer. Can’t help it. I pick and squeeze and can never get it all out in one go. Then the spot builds again, make up looks terrible and etc. These patches are beyond brilliant. They’re invisible for a start my husband didn’t notice at all bless him. You can see when they’ve drawn stuff out because a patch of the sticker changes colour goes whiter. When you peel it off you can see the gunk stuck to the plaster and NOTHING left in the spot. Also; the spot has hardly any redness at all and it almost invisible compared the small craters I usually end up creating in my face. Finally ... you can’t pick! I absent mindly run my fingers over spots. Not good! Can’t get anywhere near with these babies on. AND THEY STAY ON IN THE SHOWER! Honest I’ve been buying from amazon for years and rarely leave reviews. People this will change your life.”


This Glass Honey Dispenser That Isn’t Constantly Sticky

You won’t have to clean this airtight glass honey dispenser after breakfast every morning. It has a bottom pouring design with a cap, so honey won’t run down the side of the bottle, causing your pantry to get all sticky. The matching stand prevents this dispenser from falling over on the table and catches any rogue drips of syrup or honey. Basically — this refillable jar won’t be sticky all the time.

One reviewer raved: “Now this thing is a game-changer. It cleans up easily, works extraordinarily well and, let's face it, looks classy. I had instant happiness when I pulled this dispenser out of the refrigerator and had a perfect little stream of maple goodness flow majestically from this small, but mighty gadget. Get maple syrup or something else and put it in this thing, then dispense it onto something. It was worth it.”


A Discreet Anti-Chafe Stick That’s Scent-Free & Invisible

This anti-chafe stick comes in a deodorant-style container that’s easy to toss in your purse, backpack, or gym bag and apply wherever you need it. The plant-derived, allergen-free ingredients protect your skin from chafing, water, and moisture while you’re on the go, and unlike powders or other anti-chafe sticks, this one is invisible and scent-free. Use it on your thighs, chest, shoulders, butt, and anywhere else that needs a little extra anti-friction action.

One reviewer raved: “This is a life changing product that I swear by. I’ve only had it for a few weeks but I’ve been using it every morning because I have to wear skirts for school. I have bigger thighs and they rub together, causing incredibly painful sore spots. This product has made it so when my thighs rub together, there is protection so I’m not in pain. It doesn’t have any scent which I’m very glad about.”


The Best-Selling Gadget That Brushes, Dries & Styles Your Hair

The oval shape of this hair-drying brush might look a little unique, but it’s actually where all of the volume comes from. The nylon bristles style your hair while you dry it, dramatically cutting down on the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning. This unique frizz-reducing brush lets you choose from three heat settings, and you can turn on the cooling setting and brush through your hair for a finishing touch. This one-step brush is an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 248,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “This thing is definitely the best purchase I have ever made. My hair drying time went from three hours down to about 30 minutes, it dries so well, especially if you pair it with the blow drying cream or spray. On top of blow dry my hair, the ceramic gets so hot that my hair is straightened in the process. So it brushes, dries, and straightens. This thing has literally changed my life and saved me hours of time. I cannot say enough good things, seriously I could go on and on.”


These Cooling Pillows That Won’t Look Stained Or Lose Their Shape

The stain- and fade-resistant cover isn’t the only reason to buy these gel pillows — but it does make them look chic. These machine-washable pillows are filled with a cooling gel fiber that keeps its shape is also a game-changer. Yep, these pillows bounce back instead of going flat, giving you the support you need, which is why they have over 107,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer raved: “I have neck problems due to my career. I’ve been resting on these for a couple nights and they are phenomenal. The support is amazing! I was always an extra firm gal, which these are not, but they are cool and supportive! Once you lay your head on these there is no coming back. I’d give them more stars if possible! These are literally life changing and high quality for the price!”


An Exfoliating Mitt That Is Unlike Any Loofah You’ve Tried

This viscose exfoliating mitt does way more than your loofah. It buffs and smooths out your skin, getting rid of unwanted bumps and dead skin. When used two to four times a month, it’s the perfect exfoliation before applying self tanner, and it even prevents ingrown hairs. It’s the perfect thing to keep by your shower for a luxe at-home spa day.

One reviewer raved: “These mitts have LITERALLY changed my life. They've completely, TOTALLY changed my skin! After having used every cream, lotion, loofah and exfoliating gloves for 15+ years, I am SHOCKED at how efficacious these mitts are!!! I'm not even kidding, these things are like NOTHING you've ever used. Nothing like those rough exfoliating shower gloves you buy from Walmart. They're nothing like any loofah or shower sponge, or any rough bath towel. You might think you're exfoliating your skin but TRUST ME, you haven't been. You'll be SHOCKED and maybe even a little disgusted when you see how much skin comes off on these gloves the first time you use them.”


This Fur-Trapping Pet Hair Remover That You Can Reuse

You’ll actually enjoy removing pet fur from your sofa with this handheld pet hair remover. Unlike traditional lint rollers with sticky tape, this keeps all of the hair you pick up in a secure compartment. That means cleaning out the fur (after you’ve already cleaned up your couch) is super easy. It’s also battery-free, so it’s always ready to de-fur your living room or your clothes.

One reviewer raved: “This is the most amazing little tool to clean up cat hair! Where have you been all my life! My seat cushions were full of cat hair and I could never get it all up… Well this little miracle tool worked so well my jaw actually dropped! After you use it you turn it over and grab the little rubber handles and move it back-and-forth and back-and-forth and back-and-forth until the hair disappears into the container and then you open up the container and it’s all neatly in there and you take it out! I kind of went crazy and tried it on my couches and I tried it On the rug where the cats sit all the time and it got every piece of cat hair up and you don’t need electricity… it cleaned all the hair off my cat condo and All I have to say is wow! I love it so much and I would recommend it very very highly if you have cats… It will change your life!”


This Bluetooth Headband That Is Comfortable Enough To Sleep In

It’s so easy to relax with a podcast, playlist, or your favorite white nose with this rechargeable Bluetooth headband. The stretchy spandex means it feels like your comfy workout headbands — even the volume controls are covered in soft fabric — so this is comfortable enough to sleep in (even if you’re a side sleeper). This headband is also sweat-proof and breathable, making it suitable for listening to running playlists hands-free as you workout.

One reviewer raved: “This product has been life changing! I am a total night owl and my partner needs to be up at 6:30am. In order to fall asleep earlier, it has always helped me to listen to a podcast, but playing anything out loud makes it hard for my partner to sleep restfully. Regular earbuds would either get lost or tangled in the sheets - so these headphones solved all of my insomnia problems! They are quiet enough to not disturb my partner, and comfortable enough for a side-sleeper like me! They also hold their charge for multiple nights in a row without needing to be plugged in.”


A Set Of Cooking Tongs That Are Coated In Non-Stick Silicone

This three-pack of tongs comes with different lengths to fit all of your go-to pots — even when you pull out that big Dutch oven. These non-stick tongs are coated in a silicone that’s safe to use with any pot or pan, yet they have scalloped edges that help with grip. Best of all, they close up, so they’ll fit on your spoon rest while you cook, and you can clean them in the dishwasher.

One reviewer raved: “Who knew how much easier cooking would be with new tongs? Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a huge impact. We love the locking feature. It’s really easy and it makes storing the tongs easier so they take up less space in your drawers. The tongs are stylish and colorful adding pops of color to your kitchen. They come in different sizes so depending on how far from the heat you need to be, you can easily and safely tend to the food. The tongs were so inexpensive for the value. I highly recommend them! Can’t believe I waited so long to purchase them.”


These Workout Resistance Bands That Are Gentle On Your Skin

These durable resistance bands are made of gentle cotton and latex fabric that won’t pinch your legs, even if you prefer to workout in bike shorts. This fabric also means they won’t slip down, and the amount of stretch means that they allow for more motion than other resistance bands. This skin-friendly set is also complete with a reinforced design and four resistance strengths.

One reviewer raved: “I don’t have access to heavy dumbbells so it was getting hard to progress and create challenge in my workouts. These are a life-changer! They are high-quality and are better than the resistance bands I used when I was in physical therapy! Plus, for the budget of a college student, these are great! Easy to wash and they have the best range of resistance I’ve ever seen!”


This Anti-Fatigue Mat That Always Keeps Its Shape

This waterproof anti-fatigue mat for your kitchen has a comfy foam core that always looks brand new (even after a bunch of dishwashing sessions). Even though it’s 3/4-inch thick, this non-slip mat keeps its shape and won’t wrinkle, all while reducing stress and strain on your spine, lower back, and knees. It’s also complete with a beveled trim to prevent you from tripping with dishes in your hands.

One reviewer raved: “This mat is LIFE-CHANGING. Our dishwasher got busted right after we'd made two meals this week, and I was able to wash all of the dishes (took me an hour and a half) with no problem! Incredible! I've had zero problems with preparing meals or cooking while standing on these mats. The mats are super soft, and the surface is incredibly easy to clean. It's also easy to sweep the mats when sweeping the kitchen because of the beveled edge. I haven't had a problem with the edges coming up or tripping on the mats, either.”


These Genius Handles That Make Hauling Groceries Way Easier

This two-pack of colorful, genius handles helps you carry a bunch of grocery bags at once (or shopping bags, if we’re being honest). Each two-hook handle holds up to 50 pounds, and that clever hook design keeps all of your bags secure — even after a huge weekly stock-up. You can easily store these compact handles in your reusable grocery bags, making these a total no-brainer.

One reviewer raved: “Game changer folks. These are amazing. First off, when I put my groceries in the car I put them right on the handles and twist. No more items rolling around in my trunk driving me insane. For that alone I give it 5 stars. Then, the amount of leverage you're able to get because of the design is amazing. I can't give exact numbers but I was able to lift/carry a lot more than I would without these handles. AND you get 2! Great deal for a decent price.”


These Drawer Dividers That Help You Clean Out Kitchen Drawers

These bamboo drawer dividers have a universal fit that creates simple and easy-to-clean sections in each drawer, whether you’re sorting your kitchen tools, T-shirts, or office supplies. The rubber ends mean they won’t scratch up your drawers, and the neutral shades of tan, gray, or white will work seamlessly with your furniture.

One reviewer raved: “This is the organizer I didn't know I needed! After years of struggling with the mess that was this drawer, I found these bamboo dividers. GAME CHANGER. Don't wait to buy these because they will make your kitchen so much more organized! I fit almost everything back into the drawer with these and can now actually see what I'm looking for. I also think this would make for a great gift for someone!”


A Pack Of Stylish Blue Light Glasses That Help With Eye Strain

This budget-friendly pack of blue light glasses means you’ll alway have a pair for the office and your nightly screen time. These surprisingly stylish square-shaped glasses block lights from laptops and phones that cause eye strain and headaches, but that’s not all. They also prevent glare from florescent lights, which makes them particularly suited for office life.

One reviewer raved: “Wow! These glasses have literally changed my life. Thank you so much! No more eye strain. I can sit on the computer for hours without breaks and not get dizzy or have headaches. I don’t know why some of the reviews said they don’t work. I was skeptical myself, but they definitely work. It even comes with a light to test them, which is legit as I tested it on multiple pairs of glasses. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is in front of a screen for long hours. Your eyes will thank you.”


These Oven Mitts With Extra-Durable & Grippy Silicone Accents

You can totally use these oven mitts to grab your heavy Dutch oven because they have extra-durable silicone accents. Not only do those accents provide extra grip, they also help to make these easy to rinse off or clean in the washing macine. The steam-resistant and waterproof design is even helpful for stovetop cooking, like boiling pasta or potatoes, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with over 32,000 reviews.

One reviewer raved: “After using standard cloth hand me down oven mitts for years that constantly tear and burn my hands I decided to invest in these bad boys. And what a game changer. I have big hands and they are very comfortable, look cool, and work great.”


These Non-Slip Velvet Hangers That Are Super Slim

With these velvet hangers, you can search through your clothes without dropping half of them on the floor. The non-slip coating will even keep your satin blouses securely in place, despite how slim each individual hanger is. The 360-degree spinning hooks also make it easy to look at your pieces without taking them off the hanger.

One reviewer raved: “The non-slip surface is a game changer keeping your clothes off your closet floor! Added bonus is that they are thin and take up much less space - which means I can buy more clothese, lol!.”


This Super Versatile Meat Chopper That’s BPA-Free & Easy To Use

Reach for this food masher when you’re cooking ground meat because the twisted blades are perfect for breaking up your ingredients. Plus, this handy kitchen tool heat-resistant and BPA-free, so you can chop up ingredients while they’re cooking. The effective beveled blade design is also super versatile for mashing up potatoes, making sauces, or whipping up a batch of guacamole. Plus, you can use the sides of this chopper to scrape stray potatoes off of the side of your pan.

One reviewer raved: “I like it alot it worked just as described. I used it to ground some sausage where it would have probably taken me ten minutes it may have taken 5. It was very easy to clean.The quality is excellent. It definitely is a game changer for grounding meat. I would buy a couple to give as gifts.”


A Mug Warmer That’ll Make You Love Hot Coffee Again

This electric mug warmer will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature — even if you get distracted and forget to sip for hours. You can even pop your favorite oversized mug on it, thanks to the 3.5-inch waterproof base. The three temperature settings mean it will never keep your coffee too hot, and it has a four-hour auto-shutoff in case you forget about it after work.

One reviewer raved: “I forget my hot beverages almost always. Having this on my desk has made my life so much better because my coffee or tea is still hot when I remember it an hour and a half later. I love the different temperature settings, so I can keep coffee hotter and tea with milk cooler, and the auto shutoff feature gives me peace of mind because as stated above I am SO forgetful.”


This Deodorizing Soap That Even Helps Painful Acne

This deodorizing tea tree oil soap is what to reach for after the gym, when you have painful body acne, or even if your skin feels super dry and itchy. It has plenty of peppermint and eucalyptus to go with that refreshing tea tree oil as well as nourishing ingredients like vitamin C, omega 3s, coconut oil, and olive oil.

One reviewer raved: “This soap is life changing!! It does everything the reviews say it does!!! Stops odor of all kinds feet, armpits, sweaty parts! After two showers my bumpy skin is gone. Smooth as silk. I also used it on my face. Clearing up cystic acne, regular acne, bacteria acne you name it! My pores are unbelievably shrinking! I even used it in my hair for itchy scalp. My hair feels fuller and thicker. I think it just striped away all the residue from shampoos and conditioners. If you haven’t guessed I have itchy problem skin. I have tried so many products and this is all you need! Cannot believe the results. Try it! For the money it’s worth every cent!! You have nothing to lose!”


An LED Dog Collar That Even Works On Rainy Walks

Your pup will be visible for up to 350 yards while sporting this LED light-up collar, which has three different modes of illumination: on, strobe, and blink. They can even wear it on rainy walks because it’s water-resistant, making this great for all weather days. Simply charge it with a USB every now and then, and this collar will last for over eight hours worth of nighttime walks.

One reviewer raved: “We get lots of questions and compliments on this collar. It's one of those ‘I don't know how we didn't do this sooner’ type deals. It's been a game changer for safety and visibility. We spend a lot of evenings and sunsets at the bark park or going on walks after sundown. The collar shines well and holds charge for a very long time. The flash/strobe function is very helpful when I take my hairy daughter off leash, so motorists can see her early on if she ventures too close to a road. It also helps me track her in the dark to know how far away she is. She has no issues or irritation from the collar, no scratching. Button function is well engineered.”


This Easy-To-Use Corkscrew With A Built-In Foil Cutter

This wine bottle opener opens your wine extra quickly, which is always a win. You only have to spin it five times or less before it’s ready to pull the cork out — even those plastic-like synthetic corks. Not only will this look chic in your kitchen thanks to the ebony wood handle, but this corkscrew proves to be an effective tool for opening beer and soda bottles too.

One reviewer raved: “I don't typically write reviews, but this wine bottle opener is so life-changing that I feel compelled to say something. [...] I recently got back into wine, so I bought one of those Rabbit wine openers. It was super clunky and it broke the first time I used it. Out of desperation, I bought the HiCoup corkscrew and prayed to the wine Gods. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I finally tried opening a bottle today using this corkscrew, and it was a MAGICAL moment when the cork was lifted up like butter with hardly any effort. It turns out that my previous corkscrew was the culprit all along and I wasn't an idiot after all. I have finally fulfilled my dream of opening my own bottle of wine without wasting 30mins of freaking out and crying every single time. I recommend this product 100%.”


This Magnetic Tool To Find Things Between Your Car Seats

This magnetic pickup tool expands up to 22.5 inches to reach your keys in between the seats of your car or any nuts, screws, or bolts you may have dropped while doing handy work. This bendy stainless steel tool has a compact LED light on top to cut down on your key-searching time, and the light is also surrounded by a powerful magnet to grab onto them.

One reviewer raved: “I love that this is magnetic. It makes it super easy to have with all the other tools. Drop something in a cramped place? Not a problem! Whip this tool out, expand it to the appropriate length, slide it into the cramped space and retrieve your dropped item! Superb!”


These Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Your Skin & Hair

There’s zero readjusting necessary with these machine-washable pillowcases — even though they’re made of 100% polyester satin that’s super silky. They’re complete with envelope closures, so you don’t have to re-do these pillowcases every time you make your bed. This budget-friendly pack of pillowcases don’t just look good — they’re gentler on your skin and hair, helping to reduce frizzy locks and irritated faces.

One reviewer raved: “I have fine median length hair and I always wake up with frizzy hair. I am a believer after one night on this pillow case. My hair was smooth for the first time in a long time.Bonus!! It is cooling as well!! The price is great, give this pillow case a try…it’s a game changer!!”


A Calming Makeup Cleansing Balm With Turmeric & Ginger Root Oil

This makeup cleansing balm is complete with tons of unique, soothing, and makeup removing ingredients, like sunflower oil, turmeric, papaya extract, and ginger root oil. This melting balm also has a calming pale green color that feels super spa-like, but it works hard to remove makeup, SPF, and impurities from your face.

One reviewer raved: “This stuff is amazing, practically life changing. If like me you’re lazy at night and lay in bed wondering if it’s really so bad to sleep in your makeup... it is. And this makes you want to get up and wash your face. It literally melts away makeup and gives your skin a good cleanse as well. It also takes very little product to cleanse your whole face every night, and doesn’t leave your skin dry or tight. Works well with any follow up moisturizer.”


A Coffee Chiller That Works In Just 1 Minute

Instead of filling your fridge with pitchers of cold brew, grab this beverage chiller. Simply pour your hot, freshly brewed java into this stainless steel cup and wait 60 seconds before pouring it into your glass. It won’t dilute your drink, and it’s dishwasher-safe, so you’ll have fresh iced coffee for years to come.

One reviewer raved: “I’m the type of person who loves ice coffee any day and I like to take my time drinking it. This hyperchiller has truly changed my life! It’s super easy to put together and clean! Also the fact that you can pour your hot coffee directly into it is amazing! It’s super fast at making your coffee cold, and it never tasted watered down at all! I am so amazed and happy by this invention, 100% recommend everyone buys it.”


This Small Bottle Of Hair Oil That Tames Frizz & Enhances Shine

Carry this little bottle of argan oil hair treatment in your bag in case your hair starts to feel parched while you’re out. It has nourishing antioxidants and fatty acids, and it’ll help detangle your locks, boost shine, settle frizz and flyaways, and condition your hair. Plus, it absorbs super quickly (even on dry hair), so it’s even easy to moisturize your hair in the car.

One reviewer raved: “This stuff was a game changer for me. Came from hard water to well water and my hair just wasn’t feeling nice. I find myself rubbing my hair, with how soft it makes it. Tried so many things, and nothing has worked as well.”


This Compact Fruit & Veggie Chopper That Won’t Squish Vegetables

This BPA-free fruit and veggie chopper easily chops ripe tomatoes, onions, or potatoes without completely smushing them. Instead, the rust-resistant and stainless steel blades will dice, spiralize, or make ribbons of various fruits and veggies in an instant, making meal prep quicker, easier, and less messy. Plus, each blade has a locking design for safe chopping. After you pour your cut veggies out of the handy compartment, this chopper is dishwasher-safe.

One reviewer raved: “The blades on this are easy to change out, but they are very sharp, so be careful when handling! This thing has changed my life when it comes to dicing onions. I usually quarter them up and have the whole thing chopped just seconds later. I love the container everything goes in has a measuring feature on the side, this prevents having to dirty another dish by transferring the chopped items to a measuring cup for recipes.”


A Comforting Weighted Blanket That’s Super Durable Yet Breathable

This weighted blanket is comforting without being overbearing. The weighted design is made with glass beads that are paired with a super breathable cotton filling, so you get the benefits of added weight without feeling super hot. Don’t worry — you won’t feel the beads rolling around, thanks to the diamond-shaped stitching that ensures they stay evenly distributed.

One reviewer raved: “There aren't that many things on Amazon that have changed my life, but this is one of them. I don't know how I ever slept without this weighted blanket. It has helped me sleep soundly all night and wake up with less anxiety in the mornings. It's very heavy, but surprisingly cool. I thought I would overheat with all the weight but it's more cool to the touch. This blanket is great quality and one of the cheaper prices that I've seen on Amazon. GO FOR IT!”


A Reversible Mortar & Pestle With A Lid For Pesto Or Guac

The reversible design isn’t the only versatile part of this stone mortar and pestle set — but it is genius. Basically, one side is smaller for tiny peppercorns or a few garlic cloves, while the other side is deep enough for a big portion of homemade guac. This super sturdy mortar and pestle also comes with a 100% silicone lid to keep your guacamole or pesto fresh.

One reviewer raved: “I absolutely love this! I always chopped garlic before, and crushed herbs by hand. This is a perfect addition to my kitchen tools and a game changer to saving time!”


These Soft Silicone Reusable Straws That Are Easy To Trim

This bulk pack of reusable straws will easily fit in all of your glasses and tumblers. That’s because you can simply trim down these 100% silicone straws if you find they’re too long for your juice. This kit also comes with a mesh bag, so you won’t lose a straw. Of course, there’s also a straw cleaning brush or you can wash them in the dishwasher.

One reviewer raved: “these straws completely changed my life and i could never imagine living without them. you don’t even understand how astounding these straws are and it’s completely insane!!!!! I LOVE THEM! never could go without them !!!!”

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