You're Probably Doing These Gross Things Around The House Without Even Realizing It

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By Rachel Bar-Gadda

You may be going about your business, doing your thing, living your best life, even, when, like a bolt of lightning, you suddenly notice there’s a full-blown fruit fly infestation, or there’s oil splatter all over your kitchen walls, or maybe that accident your dog had a few days ago didn’t really get addressed. Honestly, you’re probably doing these gross things around the house without even realizing it, making that wake-up moment feel particularly brutal.

Thankfully, for every unintentional disgusting problem, there exists a perfect solution. Kick those fruit flies to the curb by setting up an indoor insect trap, for example, that self-activates overnight so you can wake up to a bug-free zone. Or get yourself a splatter screen that will contain grease while you’re frying away. Suss out hidden stains and stinks with a special UV stain detector and pet deodorizing spray that leaves behind only the smell of bright citrus.

Below you’ll find plenty of easy and accessible solutions that will turn your grossest problem into a thing of the past, all available on Amazon.


Mistake: Not Protecting Your Mattress From Spills & Stains

Solution: This Mattress Protector That’s Totally Waterproof

Nobody wants to think about the potential reality of sleeping night after night on a mattress dirty with stains, say, that delicious coffee in bed on a weekend morning, for example. Pop on this mattress protector, which is completely waterproof (yet still noiseless and breathable), to give you peace of mind at night. It comes in sizes ranging from a twin to California King and goes on in a fitted-sheet style for a snug fit.


Mistake: Not Changing Your Sheets Often Enough

Solution: This Affordable Sheet Set That Comes In Lots Of Gorgeous Neutrals

Instantly and effortlessly freshen up your bed with this incredibly affordable four-piece sheet set. They come in eight different shades from cream to gray to ice blue, sure to match any bedroom’s decor. They’re made of microfiber and feature deep pockets to fit the plushest of mattresses, and are breathable enough to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As a bonus, they cost less than $40 so you can buy multiple sets and swap as often as you like.


Mistake: Too Much Pet Hair All Over Your Furniture

Solution: This Seriously Popular Pet Hair Remover That’s Reusable

There’s nothing like heading in for a big comfy plop on the couch only to see layers of pet hair as your landing pad. To contain that hair in a pinch, go for this pet hair remover that uses static to clean upholstery and deposits all the debris in a convenient chamber for easy disposal. It is wildly popular with over 103,000 reviews on Amazon, and is cost-efficient, with no extra money needed for spare batteries or roller sheets.


Mistake: Failing To Address The Root Cause Of Pet Odors

Solution: Detect & Treat With This UV Flashlight & Pet Odor Remover

Sometimes that lingering stink needs to be treated with absolute precision, and you can do just that with this UV flashlight and pet odor eliminator spray. The UV flashlight sits atop the sprayer and the blacklight detects the location of the dried stain with accuracy (Note: it will not detect cat urine). Once you’ve found the source of the stain, spray the deodorizer and watch it go to work instantly attacking odors to banish them for good. All you’ll be left with is the smell of refreshing citrus.


Mistake: Never Cleaning Out Your Coffee Maker

Solution: These Charcoal Water Filter Pods That Remove Impurities

If you’re wondering why your Keurig cup of joe isn’t quite tasting up to snuff anymore, grab these water filter pods to clean out impurities and boost that flavor. The pods use charcoal to filter out mineral build-up due to hard water, like calcium, and also remove chlorine or other unwanted odors. Simply soak in water for five minutes, rinse, then pop into the filter holder for better coffee for the next 60 days.


Mistake: Not Replacing Dish Rags Often Enough

Solution: A 10-Pack Of Reusable Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Cleaning your dishes (or anything) with dirty, smelly dish rags defeats the purpose of, you know, cleaning. These cellulose sponge cloths not only come in a healthy pack of 10, but are also completely reusable (up to 100 times!). They absorb 20 times their weight in liquid and can be used to wash dishes, wipe down countertops or appliances, or even clean windows. Choose from eight pretty shades to transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly cleaning machine.


Mistake: Letting Food Spoil Or Attract Pests By Not Storing Properly

Solution: This 24-Piece Glass Food Storage Set That’s Freezer & Oven-Safe

This set of food storage containers will help prevent you from opening the fridge to spoiled food, or the cabinet to that troublesome trail of ants. It comes with 12 borosilicate glass containers that can withstand both the oven and the freezer, and 12 BPA-free plastic lids that can handle hot foods. You’re provided with tons of different shapes and sizes to fit any storage need, and you can simply toss them in the dishwasher when it’s time for a cleaning.


Mistake: Letting Grease Splatter All Over The Oven & Walls When Cooking

Solution: A Splatter Screen That Keeps Oil In The Pan

Keep grease contained while cooking with this splatter screen that fits over your pan to prevent oil stains all over your cooktop or walls. It’s made of stainless steel and an extra-fine mesh to not let any oil escape, but still is able to let steam through. The screen is rust-proof and dishwasher-safe, and comes available in four sizes (9.5, 11.5, 13, or 15-inch) depending on the diameter of your pan on hand.


Mistake: Causing Cross-Contamination By Using The Same Cutting Board

Solution: This Set Of 3 Cutting Boards That Are Dishwasher-Safe

Avoid the potentially serious health hazard of chopping your scallions on the same surface as raw chicken by opting for this set of three cutting boards. They come in three different sizes and feature both grippy handles and convenient juice grooves to help keep counters neat. Best of all, you can put these in the dishwasher to give them a thorough clean.


Mistake: Neglecting To Care For Cutting Boards & Chopping Blocks

Solution: Apply This Mineral Oil To Restore Them To Fighting Shape

This bottle of mineral oil will magically restore your cutting boards and chopping blocks to their former glory. Apply this food-grade oil by hand or with a rag to wood, soapstone, or even marble, then let it sit for four hours. It will prevent both drying and cracking, and will stretch the life of your cutting board significantly. The oil itself is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, so as to not leave any unwanted residue.


Mistake: Never Getting Deep Inside Bottles To Thoroughly Clean Them

Solution: Use A Bottle Brush To Scrub Hard-To-Reach Areas

Remove lingering grime with this set of long bottle brushes that reach inside even the narrowest or longest of bottles. The set comes with five different-sized brushes: two for water bottles or tumblers, one for long-necked bottles, one for baby bottles, and one to clean straws. They are rust-resistant and feature sturdy nylon bristles, on top of all being dishwasher-safe.


Mistake: Not Replacing Your Electric Toothbrush Head Often Enough

Solution: This Pack Of 16 Replaceable Electric Toothbrush Heads

Do your teeth and gums a favor by giving your electric toothbrush another lease on life. For less than $15, you can have this pack of 16 replaceable electric toothbrush heads, so you can brush more effectively for months to come. These heads are compatible with Oral-B toothbrushes and even tell you when it’s time to switch out: when the blue bristles fade in color, simply pop off the old head and click on the new one.


Mistake: Failing To Deal With A Bug Infestation Problem

Solution: An Indoor Insect Trap That Uses UV Light

Effortlessly prevent bug infestation nightmares by using this indoor insect trap that activates itself at night. It utilizes a UV light fan to attract and pull in bugs where they get trapped on a sticky glue board at the bottom of the chamber. Place it near garbage, fruit, plants, or wherever you’re noticing a problem, and let your fruit fly or mosquito problem disappear overnight.


Mistake: Not Putting A Mat Down To Catch Loose Litter

Solution: This Cat Litter Mat That Prevents Mess

Prevent a dirty trail of litter through the house with this cat litter mat that comes in a large 42-by-36 inch size. The mat traps the litter in its mesh texture and stays put on the floor due to a nonslip and waterproof backing. Cats won’t mind walking on its surface and you can simply vacuum or shake off the loose litter whenever necessary.


Mistake: Storing Used Toilet Brush & Plunger On The Floor

Solution: A Plunger & Brush Set That Has Its Own Caddy

Keep bathroom floors spic and span with this toilet brush and plunger set that includes its own caddy to act as hygienic and aesthetic storage after use. You can have all your toilet tools in one compact and contained place. The set comes available in three colors (gray, slate gray, and white) and the plunger even features a narrower flange to make it more effective for modern toilets.


Mistake: Letting Hair & Debris Clog Your Shower Drain

Solution: This Drain Protector That Won’t Slow Drainage

Easily remove hair and other debris from disrupting your daily bathing ritual with this drain protector that’s high enough to fit over both flat and pop-up drains. It features a stainless steel accent in the center to weigh it down in place and a silicone dome that sits flush on the surface of the tub to catch even the smallest of hairs. You won’t be needing that drain snake anytime soon with this effective protector.


Mistake: Using A Non-Washable Shower Curtain That Gets Moldy

Solution: A Shower Curtain With A Detachable & Washable Liner

This versatile shower curtain has a built-in inner liner that detaches with the help of snap closures, so you can remove it separately to toss in the washing machine, keeping mold and soap scum at bay. The liner is water-repellant and the curtain is made with a cotton, honeycomb waffle texture to deliver all the spa vibes. It comes available in eight shades such as white, gray, or purple.


Mistake: Not Properly & Thoroughly Removing Toilet Rings

Solution: This Pumice Stone That Removes Stains Naturally & Completely

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as a toilet in less-than-tip-top shape when you have guests coming over. Thankfully, you can address this problem easily and without the help of any harsh chemicals to boot. This pumice stone toilet cleaner gently but thoroughly cleans rings, stains, mineral deposits, scale, rust, and much more, using the power of a totally natural and chemical-free product. It’s safe for skin and hands and won’t leave behind any scratches.


Mistake: Letting Dirt & Grime Embed In Tile Grout

Solution: A Power Scrubber That’s Battery-Powered

Skip the arm fatigue of the old toothbrush method and opt instead for this powerful little scrubber that has a head that oscillates 60 times per second to remove grime or scum in your tile grout. It’s water-resistant and features an ergonomic, rubber grip for comfort. All you need is four AA batteries (included) and a choice between continuous or pulsed scrubbing, and your grout will be sparkling in time.


Mistake: Adding Germs To The Soap Dispenser Every Time You Use It

Solution: This Battery-Operated Soap Dispenser That’s Totally Touchless

Keep your handwashing process clean throughout with this touchless soap dispenser. It uses four AA batteries (not included) to activate the infrared sensor that detects your hands as far as 2.75 inches below. It can hold up to 17 ounces of liquid soap and even features a control to customize how much soap you want to be dispensed at any one time, so you can make the most of your soap supply.


Mistake: Not Using Fridge Liners To Collect Crumbs & Stains

Solution: A Set Of Shelf Mats To Keep Surfaces Clean

These waterproof fridge liners will keep your shelves nice and clean, as they’re extremely easy to remove and wash. They come in a pack of seven and feature a non-slip bottom to stay securely in place. They’re constructed of BPA-free EVA with the added bonus of keeping fruit and veggies fresher for longer, and come included with cheerful colors (a combination of green, pink, and blue) that will brighten up any shelf.


Mistake: Never Cleaning Your Microwave

Solution: This Characterful Microwave Cleaner That Steam Cleans

Sometimes you need to bring in the big guns, and, in this case, it’s a microwave cleaner in the shape of a very angry mother. Briefly remove her head to add water and vinegar, then replace and microwave for five to seven minutes. The mixture will release as a steam through holes in the top and clean grime from your microwave so all you have to do is wipe it off.


Mistake: Neglecting To Clean Your Dishwasher

Solution: A Dishwasher Cleaner That Banishes Buildup

If your just-cleaned dishes are looking like they could use another wash, you need this dishwasher cleaner that removes mineral buildup as well as limescale. It won’t just clean the interior tub, but it will also clean the internal hoses as well as the pump and valve. If you’ve got hard water, over 112,000 reviews on Amazon firmly place this product in the must-have department.


Mistake: Never Giving Your Washing Machine A Wash

Solution: These Tablets That Keep Your Washing Machine Fresh

When those clothes come out of the washer smelling nothing like a fresh daisy, it might be time to use one of these washing machine cleaning tablets that help remove dirt, grime, or any residue that’s causing bad odors. Place one tablet in a front-load or top-load washer and set it on a “clean washer” cycle. It’ll work its way through the pump, valve, agitator, drum, filter, and hose (in addition to the tub) to get that washer clean and ready for the next load of clothes.


Mistake: Leaving Lint To Pile Up In Your Dryer

Solution: A Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit That Attaches To Your Vacuum

Prevent slow and inefficient drying (plus the more crucial hazard of a dryer fire) with this dryer vent cleaner kit. It includes a flexible vacuum hose attachment that’s over 2.6 feet long in order to access hard-to-reach areas of built-up lint. The adaptor assists you to connect to almost any vacuum model and the provided lint brush helps release further trapped lint with its flexible shape.


Mistake: Neglecting To Clean Tight Spots Like Ledges & Grooves

Solution: These Gap-Cleaning Tools Designed For Tight Spaces

For those moments you realize that your window ledges have never been cleaned, like ever, you’re going to require a special tool for the job. This gap cleaning tool is made for this exact kind of challenge and is designed in such a narrow profile as to successfully access those difficult spots. The bristles are long and flexible to dig into years of built-up dirt and you can even use the opposite spatula end to free up lingering stains.


Mistake: Letting Bath Mats Get Moldy & Mildewy

Solution: A Bamboo Bath Mat That Dries Quickly & Can Be Used With Your Bath Rug

If you’re tired of your traditional bath mat being a constant haven for mildew, simply place this bamboo wood bath mat underneath or on top to speed up the drying process and prevent mold. The mat has a breathable design and water-resistant coating which makes it great to use as on its own as well. It features nonskid pads underneath to keep it secure on your bathroom floor and can be folded up for convenient storage.


Mistake: Forgetting To Clean Ceiling Fans & Corners

Solution: A Duster With Extension Pole To Reach Extra High Spots

If you’re grossed out by the realization that your ceiling fan is potentially raining down dust, grab this microfiber duster that comes with an extension pole to clean unreachable areas. The duster effectively traps dust with its microfiber material and the stainless steel pole can reach up to 100 inches when it’s fully extended. In addition, the head can bend to any angle you need, allowing you to get to those fan blades successfully.


Mistake: Not Properly Hanging Towels & Loofahs So They Dry Well

Solution: These Hooks That Conveniently Hang Off Your Shower Door

Tossing your towels in a heaping pile on the floor may feel satisfying at first, but can lead to unpleasant ,odor-causing mildew. This set of two hooks hangs directly off of your frameless glass shower door to offer an easy and convenient alternative to the floor. They have a protective rubber coating so as to not scratch the glass and come in four shades to suit any bathroom decor (black, copper, gold, and silver).


Mistake: Not Adequately Cleaning Underneath Furniture

Solution: A Stick Vacuum Cleaner That Bends To Reach Where You Need

Getting those dust bunnies and lost goldfish crackers may seem impossible, but this corded stick vacuum makes everything reachable. Its neck can bend to any angle so you can achieve a flat reach underneath any kind of furniture for a thorough clean. It charges with a rechargeable battery and works on all kinds of floors and surfaces.


Mistake: Tracking In Dirt & Grime From Outside

Solution: This 3-Tier Shoe Rack That Can Hold 20 Pairs

Your shoes tread the mean streets day after day, picking up all sorts of grime, dirt, and who-knows-what else. This shoe rack provides you with a place and a space to immediately take off and store your shoes in an organized manner. It’s made of sturdy metal and comes three tiers tall, squeezing in a healthy 20 pairs of shoes.


Mistake: Letting Crumbs Fall In The Gap Between Appliances

Solution: A Gap Cover That Sits Between Your Stove & Counter

Instead of saying goodbye forever to those crumbs, utensils, and spills that slip between the gap next to your stove, use this gap cover that perfectly protects that narrow space between appliance and counter. It’s made of food-grade and heat-resistant silicone and is easy to cut if a custom fit is needed. Choose between two colors (black and white) and two sizes (21 and 25 inches) and pop it in the dishwasher to clean.