You're Spending WAY Too Much Time Doing These 30 Everyday Tasks

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You could fill an entire day – multiple days, even – with all the mundane household tasks that come up throughout the week. One task almost always leads to another: You want to take care of your breakfast pan but first the dishes need to be put away, or maybe you’ve just finished dusting but now the floors need to be vacuumed.

To make matters worse, not all of us were properly trained in the art of everyday household upkeep, leading to costly, time-wasting mistakes that can damage your property. Even when performing tasks where you feel like you know what you’re doing, there’s always a way to be more efficient. If you had the choice, and could eliminate or drastically reduce the hours you spend doing the everyday tasks you dread, would you?

If you’re smart, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” And luckily for all you smart people, there are some easy solutions hidden in plain sight. These Amazon products offer problem-solving techniques to all of your household woes, from scrubbing your shower to chopping vegetables. Whatever the task is that’s keeping you from the things you love, you’ll find a time-saving answer here. Fill your Amazon cart with these 30 possibilities while daydreaming about what you’ll do with all the saved time in your new reality.


Mistake: Looking For Your Keys, Your Phone, & Your Sanity

Solution: Attaching These Bluetooth Trackers To Find Your Stuff ASAP

Losing your keys incites a uniquely terrifying feeling of panic and can make you extremely late. Avoid that unnecessary stress by attaching this key finder to your keychain. It uses Bluetooth to track its own location, which is traceable in the corresponding Findthing app. If you’re searching for your keys in a specific location, like your room or car, press the “call” button in the app to ring the keychain and help you locate it faster. These keychains also come with double-sided stickers, so you can use this tracker on your wallet, remote, purse, or any other frequently misplaced item.


Mistake: Scrubbing Tough Toilet Stains With A Brush

Solution: Cleaning Stains & Scum With A Pumice Stone

Why spend your time scrubbing your toilet with chemicals and a brush when you can remove tough buildup more easily using this pumice stone toilet bowl ring remover? It works with abrasive action to scour away mineral deposits, rust, stains, and scale from any porcelain surface without scratching. Faster than a brush and safer than chemical-based cleaning products, this pumice stone only requires water and back and forth strokes to remove unsightly rings and stains.


Mistake: Separating Your Laundry By Color

Solution: Using These Genius Sheets That Prevent Dye Runoff

When you use these color grabber wash sheets, there’s no need to separate your laundry by color: Just pull out any delicate items, throw your clothes in the wash with one of these sheets and regular detergent, and press start. They catch any dye that gets lifted from your clothing during the washing process, preventing them from staining other items. (So your red sweatshirt won’t turn your white socks pink.) It’ll save you time, not to mention water and energy, since you’ll probably end up doing fewer loads of laundry.


Mistake: Using Two Separate Tools To Dry & Style Your Hair

Solution: Swapping All Your Hot Tools For This One-Step Hair Brush Dryer

When I was in college, I used two hot tools to style my hair every day — meaning a blow dryer and either a curling iron or straightener. What I didn’t know about was the Revlon one-step hair brush dryer, which simplifies the styling process and certainly would have saved me time (and hair damage). The non-detachable oval brush smooths your hair as heat flows through it, drying as you go. The rounded edges add volume, creating movement and shape exactly where you want it, and there are three heat and speed settings for all hair types. One reviewer said this product took her hair styling time from 75 minutes down to just eight.


Mistake: Overcooking Your Meat, Wasting Time And Burning Your Food

Solution: Checking The Temp With A Digital Thermometer

This digital cooking thermometer takes all the guesswork out of preparing your favorite foods, with pre-programmed temperatures built right into the display. You can set alerts for when your food hits that USDA recommended temperature, as well as timers with count down or count up abilities. The meat probe can withstand up to 716 degrees, and it has a 40-inch stainless steel cable connecting it to the back which has a magnet, a hook, and a stand, so you can watch the temp rise while your food cooks.


Mistake: Scrubbing Tough Household Stains By Hand

Solution: Cleaning Scuffs, Stains, & More With These Eraser Sponges

I was first introduced to these eraser sponges by a former roommate, who insisted we buy them before move out to remove some random marks from our walls and floors. Thanks to her, we got our security deposit back, and I learned this hack for removing tough scuffs and stains around the house. Just wet the sponge with a little water, and watch any stain on practically any surface in your home disappear with little effort on your part.


Mistake: Drying Your Hair With Any Ol’ Towel

Solution: Drying Off With A Microfiber Towel Made For Frizz-Free Locks

Not only are your average bath towels uncomfortable and bulky to wear on your head, they’re also less effective at drying your hair and leave behind frizz and tangles galore. Swap it out for a microfiber hair towel, and you’ll notice a difference right away in how fast your hair dries. The soft fabric holds more than eight times its weight in water and is much gentler on hair of all textures than regular cotton. The triangular design of this particular towel uses a twist and loop system to hold itself in place, so you can more easily wear it around the house while you’re getting ready for the day.


Mistake: Spending Minutes Untangling Electronic Cords

Solution: Organizing Them Neatly In This Travel-Friendly Cable Bag

When heading out for work or on a trip, tossing all your devices and their cords in your bag and hoping for the best is a recipe for a tangled mess. This travel cable organizer is up to the task of neatly holding all your electronics, with eight mesh compartments, elastic loops, SD card slots, and a heavy-duty water repellent case to keep its contents safe. At a slightly larger size than your phone, this case packs neatly into a laptop bag, purse, or small suitcase and is perfect for those whose work or hobbies require a ton of chargers, cords, or other tech accessories.


Mistake: Getting Up To Check Your Phone While It’s Charging

Solution: Investing In These 10-Foot Long Cables

Not using your phone while it’s charging is so 20th century. Welcome to the millennia, where we have these 10-foot long iPhone charging cords that don’t force you to choose between TikTok and a full battery. These ultra-durable nylon braided cords have reinforced stress points to keep them working for years to come, and the three pack means you’ll be able to stash one in every room.


Mistake: Vacuuming Up Pet Hair Every Day

Solution: Removing Hair & Lint With The FURemover Broom

We sure do love our four-legged friends, but the fur they leave behind everywhere they go? Less so. Every pet owner should invest in this rubber broom that attracts and easily removes fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum floors. Drag it across the floor from up to 5 feet away, and watch it pick up pet hair like a champ. It’s way more effective than a regular broom and way less clunky than a vacuum, so you can spend more time taking Fido on a walk and less time cleaning up after him.


Mistake: Pulling Out The Mop Bucket To Casually Clean Your Floors

Solution: Putting These Mop Slippers Over Your Shoes & Cleaning As You Walk

Let’s be clear, there’s absolutely nothing casual about getting out the entire mop bucket setup to clean up a small mess or a specific area of your home. But for everyday upkeep, you can stay on top of clean floors just by walking around the house in these duster mop slippers. They slide over shoes or your mopping head and pick up dust and dirt as you go about your business. They fit most sizes, and you’ll get a set of five that you can toss in the wash as needed for a reset.


Mistake: Chopping Veggies By Hand

Solution: Cutting Neatly & Quickly With This Eight-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Most of the recipes I make are heavy on veggies, which means there’s lots and lots of chopping and slicing to do before I actually start cooking. It’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive process made easier with the help of this vegetable slicer, which has eight interchangeable stainless steel blades that cut through produce in the blink of an eye. Best of all? It dismantles and cleans easily in the dishwasher — no hand-washing required.


Mistake: Scrolling Through YouTube To Figure Out What Exercise To Do

Solution: Rolling These Dice To Mix Up Your Routine

Exercising is more fun — and better for you — when you vary your workout routine from day to day. These six-sided fitness dice will help inspire you to mix things up: One cube has a number of reps or time, while the other three have various exercises like crunches, side lunges, and squats. Roll the dice to determine just what you’ll be doing at the gym today, and for how long. They’re fun to do alone or with friends, so you can all challenge your body in new ways.


Mistake: Writing Out Your Budget From Scratch

Solution: Getting This Budget Book To Track Your Finances

If you keep a daily planner or a bullet journal, then you’ll also love using this budget book. It’s the size of your average notebook, and contains tons of pre-made spreads to help you take charge of your finances, stick to a budget, and achieve your financial goals. Use it to track your monthly expenses, jot down reminders to pay your bills, and manage your savings and debt with enough pages to last you a year.


Mistake: Breaking Out The Vacuum To Clean Up Crumbs

Solution: Keeping This Tiny Vacuum At Your Side

Cleaning up crumbs from your dinner table, desk, or couch can be a hassle, especially if you’re breaking the upright vacuum out. Instead, keep this handy tiny desk vacuum at the ready. This cordless vacuum is powered by two AA batteries and can pick up anything from pet hair to eraser residue to soot and crumbs in a jiffy.


Mistake: Using Scissors To Remove Pills From Shirts And Furniture

Solution: Making Your Clothes Look New Again With This Fabric Shaver

There’s no need to toss out your favorite sweater simply because of pills or lint. Pass over it with this fabric shaver, which acts as a razor for fabric, neatly trimming off fluff, lint, and other signs of wear and tear without damaging the garment. You can use it on everything from clothing to sheets to furniture, and there are three shave heights and two speeds to get the closest possible shave for every kind of fabric.


Mistake: Scrubbing Away At Your Glass Shower Doors

Solution: Wipe Them Clean Regularly With This Squeegee

While the upkeep of glass shower doors can seem overwhelming, preventing streaks and stains is as easy as wiping them down after each shower with this OXO all-purpose squeegee. It has a soft and flexible blade that doesn’t leave streaks, and comes with a convenient suction hook that sticks directly to the wall of your tub. It takes less than a minute, and will save you time and energy rather than trying to scrub out stains and fogginess after the fact.


Mistake: Microwaving Your Coffee After It Goes Cold

Solution: Warming It Up On This Portable Mug Warmer

We’ve all done it before: Abandoning your tea or coffee while you’re busy working, then being rudely awakened by a cold sip. You could stick it in the microwave to heat it back up, or you can warm it up wherever you are on the Mr. Coffee mug warmer. It takes two minutes or less to warm up your drink, and has a long power cord so you can use it at your desk, kitchen counter, or wherever you’re sitting.


Mistake: Taking Forever To Glue On False Eyelashes

Solution: Ditching The Glue For These Magnetic Lashes

It’s easy to spend way too long just getting one set of lashes glued down in the right place. The hack is this magnetic eyelash kit; just apply a liquid eyeliner with magnetic particles in it and simply place the magnetic lash band on top. There’s no need to fuss with messy, tacky glue, and the kit contains 10 different styles of lashes to suit any look you’re going for. You’ll have a glamorous look in minutes that won’t fall off, mess up your makeup, or impair your sanity. These fab lashes have over 9,000 five-star reviews, so you know they really work.


Mistake: Using A Regular Cutting Board And Bowls To Prep Meals

Solution: Using An Easy-To-Clean Bamboo Cutting Board With Built-In Drawers

It’s hard to work on a cutting board that’s jumbled with all the ingredients for the meal you’re about to make, and scooping prepped ingredients into individual bowls creates tons of dishes. Instead of those inefficient systems, try this bamboo cutting board with drawers, which allows you to chop one food at a time and slide it directly into a plastic tub beneath. It has four drawers to keep ingredients separated and can be wiped clean easily with warm water and soap.


Mistake: Getting On Your Hands And Knees To Clean Nooks & Crannies

Solution: Scrubbing With This Deep Clean Brush Set

Some areas of your home require special attention when it comes to cleaning, like your tile grout, shower door tracks, or sink faucet. The OXO deep clean brush set is designed to get built-up dirt out of these hard-to-reach places. The set includes a large brush (6 1/2 inches long) and a 6-inch brush with a wiper blade at the end. The durable nylon bristles of both scrub thoroughly without scratching, and both have comfortable non-slip grips to keep hold of while you get in every last corner and crevice.


Mistake: Slow Roasting Veggies And Meats For Dinner

Solution: Using A Countertop Air Fryer To Reheat & Cook Your Favorite Foods

If you’re sick of pre-heating your oven and waiting hours for your potatoes to roast, an air fryer is the answer. You can cook or reheat nearly any type of food in the 2.6 quart fryer basket, and it’s sure to come out crispy and delicious every single time. It’s faster and uses less oil than traditional fried or roasted foods, so you can still enjoy roasted Brussels sprouts, fried chicken, or tater tots — just in half the time.


Mistake: Shredding Your Meat With A Fork

Solution: Pulling It Apart Quickly & Efficiently With These Meat Claws

Use these meat claws to make brisket, chicken, pulled pork, and so many other dishes. Their unique bear paw shape safely shreds food with no need for gloves or an inefficient fork and knife. They’re non-slip and dishwasher safe on the top rack too, so cleanup is an absolute breeze.


Mistake: Using A Vacuum Or Lint Roller To Remove Stubborn Pet Hair

Solution: Using A Reusuable Brush Designed To Pick Up Pet Hair

If you have a cat or dog, you’re probably all too familiar with the struggle to keep the surfaces of your home hair-free. Lint rollers aren’t up to the task and pulling out the vacuum is a hassle, but the ChomChom pet hair remover uses a patented brush system to quickly remove hair from any fabric surface. It’s reusable over and over, and all you have to do is use short back and forth strokes to lift and remove any hair and debris and empty out the attached cartridge into your trash can. This pet hair remover has over 71,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, so you know pet parents really rely on it.


Mistake: Drying Your Dishes By Hand

Solution: Swapping Towels For A Collapsible Drying Rack

Drying your dishes by hand takes forever, and there’s always residual moisture on your plates and glasses. Instead, simply pop up this collapsible dish rack when you need it, and fold it up in storage when you don’t. The heavy duty plastic has room for eight large plates plus a four-section utensil rack, and the drain board can even drip directly into the sink to avoid messes. It’s a win-win for saving time and for keeping the kitchen tidy.


Mistake: You Scrub Your Microwave After Every Use

Solution: Use A Microwave-Safe Splatter Cover

Position this microwave-safe splatter cover over your plate before pressing start on the microwave, and it’ll contain any potential food splatter spray, cutting down on how often you need to clean the inside of your microwave. This particular set comes with a 10-inch tray that fits the lid exactly. When you’re done using it, stick both pieces on the top rack of your dishwasher for easier cleanup.


Mistake: Wiping Crumbs Off The Counter With Paper Towels

Solution: Using A Sink Squeegee To Seamlessly Brush Crumbs Into The Sink

Wiping my tiled counters clean is a huge pain, and it also involves touching wet crumbs, which I’m definitely not a fan of. Whether you’ve got tiled counters or solid stone, you can use this sink squeegee and brush to brush crumbs and debris directly into the sink or trash, cleaning more efficiently and eliminating the need to use your hands as a crumb vehicle. It has a nylon brush at one end for dry spills and a squeegee at the other for wet spills, with a convenient handle to hang seamlessly on the edge of the sink.


Mistake: Spending Hours Scrubbing Your Shower, Toilet, & Other Surfaces

Solution: Cleaning Quickly Using These Brush Power Drill Attachments

You can spend hours on your hands and knees, scrubbing at tough stains and residue in your bathroom, kitchen, and more, or you can attach these scrubber attachments to your power drill and let it do the work for you. The three shapes of brushes help you reach hard-to-reach areas and remove even the most set-in dirt and debris with less than half the effort it would take to scrub them by hand. Different brush colors are suitable for different surfaces, including floors, grills, bathtubs, and brick, so stock up on a few four-packs to quickly and throughly clean every area of your home.


Mistake: Dusting Your Window Blinds With A Rag

Solution: Using A Specially-Designed Brush To Thoroughly Dust

Make sure you’re not neglecting your blinds as part of your household cleaning routine: This slotted window blind duster set is perfectly designed to slide between each and every slat, picking up dust and debris with its microfiber dusters. The three radian arms can clean the tops and bottoms of two blinds at once, which cuts down on your cleaning time too. When the fabric gets dirty, simply slide the sleeves off and toss them in the wash before re-using.


Mistake: Trying To Stack Your Pots & Pans On Top Of One Another

Solution: Keeping Them Upright On This Handy Cookware Rack

When your pots and pans are stacked together, it’s difficult to grab exactly the piece you want without disrupting the whole pile, and they can scratch each other in the process. Organize them in this cookware rack though, and you’ve got an easy-to-maintain organization system with six adjustable slots. It makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, and because your pots and pans aren’t resting against one another, there’s less chance of damage. Remove and adjust each of the steel wires as needed to suit your cookware and fit it all neatly in the cabinet.