20 Creative Ways To Break The Ice At Your Zoom Holiday Parties

From decorating fails to favorite memories.

by Lauren Grant
Aja Koska/E+/Getty Images

Even though this holiday season looks a lot different than usual, with a little planning and creativity there are some seasonal traditions you can adapt virtually, like throwing your annual holiday party. Yes, almost nine months into social distancing, Zoom fatigue is very real, but the holidays offer a refreshing take on the usual virtual happy hour conversations.

There are many topics that will take your Zoom party to new heights. What’s your most embarrassing holiday story? What’s your favorite holiday dish... and why is it not macaroni and cheese? What's your worst holiday shopping fail? Least favorite holiday tradition and why? Between the traditions, seasonal food, bright lights, festive songs, and holiday-themed films, the questions you can ask to get your party revved up are endless.

This time of year brings up different emotions for different people, so adding humor and thoughtful, lighthearted topics are the best bet for your party. No matter what you decide to discuss, you’re bound to get laughs when you ask your guests holiday-related questions — and you may learn new things about old friends in the process. Check out these 20 conversation starters that will make your next holiday Zoom party the talk of the season.

1. "When did you find out Santa wasn't real?"

Everyone remembers that pivotal moment when they first found out. Breaking the ice with this question allows for a fun start to the evening.

2. "What's the best gift you ever received?"

This one's a great way to play spy. Asking this question will give you some insider information on what the perfect gift for your friends is while bringing up fond memories.

3. "What's your favorite holiday memory?"

Baking cookies with your family, seeing all the presents as a kid on Christmas morning — there's no shortage of of wonderful memories that the holidays conjure up.

4. "What's your favorite holiday destination?"


Ask this wanderlust-filled question and jumpstart your holiday vacation plans for next year.

5. "What's a holiday tradition you do every year?"

You're never too old for Elf on the Shelf. Discovering your friend's holiday traditions can invite new ones into your home.

6. "What's a new tradition you want to try?"

Now's the perfect time to start something new.

7. "What's your least favorite holiday tradition? Why?"

Some love to decorate with the family while blaring holiday tunes, while others would rather stub their big toe. Ask everyone what their favorite tradition is and get the background story on why.

8. "Do you like white lights or colored lights? Why?"


Your holiday decorations vibe can say a lot about you. Do you prefer the elegant look of white lights or prefer seeing hundreds of different colors?

9. "What's your favorite non-holiday holiday movie"

What obscure holiday films that aren't exactly holiday films are you into? Classics like Die Hard andThe Nightmare Before Christmas will always be tied for first place in this house.

10. "What is your favorite holiday cookie"

You really can't go wrong with favorite sweets but go ahead and tell the gang about your favorite holiday cookie.

11. "What are you most grateful for this year?"

This is a good question to ask mid-way through the night to remind everyone what the season is really about.

12. "What's the best unexpected gift you ever got?"


Who would've thought that a milk foamer would be the best thing to ever happen to your morning cup of coffee?

13. "What's your favorite holiday song?"

Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you" is a classic, but there are hundreds of other holiday songs that you can add to your playlist.

14. "What's your worst holiday shopping fail?"

Like that time you waited in line for over six hours to get your mom that slow cooker she's been wanting ... just to realize your brother also got her the same thing. #Fail.

15. "What are three words that describe your holiday season so far?"

The holidays are definitely different for everyone this year and this icebreaker allows everyone to get down to what they're really feeling this holiday season.

16. "How you know the host of the chat?"

If you're among new friends, an interesting topic is how everyone knows one another. You'll be surprised how some friendships came to be.

17. "What's your favorite classic holiday story?"


A Christmas Carol, Gift of the Magi, How the Grinch Stole Christmas — the list goes on. What's your favorite holiday story that never gets old?

18. "What have you improved this year?"

You may leave your Zoom party with a new idea or inspiration to improve yourself in 2021.

19. "What's your favorite holiday dish"

If anyone says anything other than homemade macaroni and cheese or candied yams, they're wrong.

20. "What's your biggest decorating fail?"

Pairing big classic Charlie Brown-like Christmas lights with neon-colored Christmas lights is not a good look no matter how you try to spin it.