Master Summer’s Best Trends With These Key Looks From Amazon Prime


With each new season comes a lineup of new and inspiring fashion trends. Whether you spot them on the runway or on your favorite Instagram account, trying out new styles (and making them uniquely yours) is one of the most exciting things about the changing seasons. With that said, switching up your look for the summer months shouldn’t put a damper on your warm-weather plans — in fact, it should be part of the fun!

That’s why we’re breaking down a few of our favorite summer trends (think: prairie dresses, bold florals, animal prints, and strappy sandals) and giving you the keys to make them your own. With the help of Prime Wardrobe, we’ve expertly styled our favorite trend-focused looks for summer. The best part? You can order up to eight pieces at once, only pay for what you keep, and free returns makes it easier than ever to land your ultimate look. Mixing up your closet has never been easier.

Photo: Anna Wolf; Stylist: Laura Pritchard; Set/Prop Stylist: Alex Brannian; Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci; Hair: Aki Yamaguchi; Art Direction: Molly Kugelmann; Branded Fashion Lead: Jenna Wexler; Branded Fashion Editor: Elly Ayres; Production: Kat Fry.