Bustle's Most Wanted

Help your loved ones spruce up their living spaces with these pretty decorations and useful home accessories.

Chef'n Self Watering Herb Pot


A self-watering herb pot is perfect for anyone who has a green thumb, but is just a bit forgetful. Bonus: This sleek, ceramic planter is dishwasher safe.

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor


This Instagram-worthy piece is equal parts decorative and functional. Using crystals that react to different weather conditions, the liquid inside the Storm Cloud will change to reflect what is happening outside each day. 

Bijou Candles

Bijou Candles

Bijou is a recently-launched queer-owned candle company with all candles named after an iconic woman in history. They are luxe, but affordable and smell amazing.

Project 62 Esters Wood Arm Chair Sherpa


A super nice chair for under $250?! Only Target could provide us with a home gift so good.

Decorating Subscription Box

Third & Main

This monthly decoration box comes packed with cute, Pinterest-y home decor. Just act fast — the boxes tend to sell out quickly at the beginning of each month!

Desert Multi Hook


These chic gold cactuses can be used as (not so) basic wall decor or as functional entryway/closet storage. They can hold keys, light jackets, or other miscellaneous odds and ends.

Plaid Flannel Sheets

Boll & Branch

Give your pals a wintry upgrade to the sheets everyone who's listened to a podcast has probably considered ordering.

Makeup Towels

Weezie Towels

When towels are cute and customized, they can make for the most thoughtful presents. Weezie is a female-founded, luxury, direct-to-consumer towel company that is totally customizable — you can have towels of any size embroidered or lined with different threads. They're also environmentally friendly, super soft and absorbent, and made from hypoallergenic organic cotton.

Nasty Woman: A Card Game

Shrill Society

From the creator of the viral "Nasty Woman" t-shirt comes a thought-provoking feminist card game. This game encourages players to get up close and personal with friends and family about fighting the patriarchy in a fun, accessible format. Plus, with every set purchased from the Shrill Society site, a donation is made to an organization like Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, or the ACLU.

Altman Plants Tough As Nails Collection 6 Pack


This nice set of cute, mini succulents can be split up amongst your friend group for gifting. Plus, the brand claims these plants are basically impossible to kill.