‘Tis the season to stalk all the shiny new tech gadgets! Whether you’re compiling your own wish list, or looking for something sleek and novel to get for your most discerning friend, the Holidays are a great time to familiarize yourself with all the glossy digital doodads out there. Have you been looking for something to print out all your phone photos for a change? (Yes!) How about a piece of luggage that also serves as a portable charging station. (Of course!) Are you due for a smartphone upgrade and want the coolest model out there? (Naturally!) We here at Bustle have taken on the work of searching for you, by compiling some of the coolest, most useful, and most stylish tech gadgets we’re obsessing over.

You can thank us later ; ).

Photos: Lauren Perlstein, Prop stylist: Donnie Myers for Defacto Inc, Creative director: Dana Leonetti, Editor: Arielle Dachille