World Traveler

Give a gift that inspires them to plan their next trip, and equips them for a smooth flight.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Noise Canceling Stereo Headset

Perfect for commuting, traveling by plane, or simply listening to music at the airport, these headphones will automatically adjust ambient noise settings to either cancel the noise out completely, or filter in just enough so that whoever's wearing them won't ever miss a beat.

2018 Maps Of The World Calendar

Know somebody in need of travel inspo? This calendar full of playful, quirky maps of the world reveals dozens of landmarks and cities worth exploring. Satisfy your friend's inner wanderlust while giving them a place to pencil in dates for their next big adventure.

Away Luggage

Not only does this hard-top luggage set feature a built-in smartphone charger, it also comes in four different sizes, starting at $225, and a zillion different colors. Prepare to see it all over your favorite travel-loving friend's Insta immediately.

Eva NYC Mini Blow Dryer & Mini Flat Iron

These ultra-mini hair tools work just as well as a full size version, but leave extra room in a world traveler's suitcase. Plus, the packaging is too good not to Instagram.

Photos: Ashley Batz. Prop Stylist: Donnie Myers at De facto. Hair: Sacha Harford at Ray Brown Pro. Makeup: Carlo Longo at Ray Brown Pro. Styling: Gabrielle Prescod. Coat: Sacai. Sweatshirt: Off-White, Courtesy Of Net-A-Porter. Pants: Fenty x Puma.