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If you’re like me, you can’t help but feel the need to refresh some part of your life when spring rolls around. It’s like clockwork. The first warm day after winter’s chill departs always inspires me to get a new hairstyle (maybe this is the year I’ll try bangs?), start a new class (pottery is calling my name!), and of course, stock my wardrobe with spring’s latest fashion finds. And while the season’s trending looks change year to year, my desire to go spring shopping never does.

For someone who’s an old pro at the seasonal shopping spree, I can tell you that this makes all the difference when curating a spring-ready wardrobe. Finding the perfect wide leg jeans for just under $19, or a floral kimono and dress combo for less than $25 (and not having to choose between the two) is almost too good to be true, but for proof that it isn’t, just read on — and get your shopping cart ready.

It’s this annual ritual that sent me looking for spring’s best styles, and in partnership with Walmart, I’ve found enough to jumpstart my spring wardrobe. From romantic, floral blouses to updated striped dresses, it wasn’t hard to find a few new faves. And, in a truly wallet-friendly turn of events, there was no need to limit myself to trying just one trend because each item was under $50.