10 Bestsellers From The Cutest Beauty Boutique In France


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Just entering Paris makes a girl feel more beautiful: Your unkempt hair suddenly looks romantic and that red lipstick shade you couldn’t pull off back home is now the perfect shade to sport while biting into a breakfast croissant. And, of course, the beauty shopping! While we say goodbye to Colette (which had a beauty product curation worthy of all the thumbs up), Paris is hardly lacking in boutique beauty meccas, especially our new favorite Oh My Cream, which has 10 locations in the City of Lights, Provence, and Bordeaux, among other French slices of heaven.

First of all, the store’s name. Endearing and accurate, as everything inside will have you fawning, from the products you recognize and love from back home to new discoveries that only a cool French girl could possibly stumble upon. Here, 10 of Oh My Cream’s all-time best sellers that we’re stuffing into our online basket.


Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Huile BioRegenerate Rosier Sauvage, 28 €, Oh My Cream!

While this one is made in the USA, French women were far ahead of the US on embracing the face oils (we’re getting there!). This all-natural potion is packed with antioxidants and four different omegas that make your skin soft, glowy, and healthier. There’s no added fragrance in it, but it smells like a freakin’ fresh, dewy bouquet of roses being crushed in your hands. And that color is straight-up natural — the hue of the pressed oil itself.

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Joëlle Ciocco Perfecting Lotion

Joëlle Ciocco Lotion Lactée, 26 €, Oh My Cream!

French skin care doesn’t get more French than this. The Parisian facialist Joelle Ciocco is a goddess in the skin care world (she trained U.S. facialists like Isabelle Bellis and Kristina Holey, who are beloved among A-listers). If you come across anyone who uses her products, you are likely speaking to superfan. This particular product tops the list because, when you apply it with a cotton pad after washing your face, it both cleanses and hydrates skin at the same time leaving it super soft.

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Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold, 39,95 €, Oh My Cream!

The key ingredient killing it in this Australian-made serum is glycolic acid, which is an exfoliating ingredient that also stimulates fresh skin cell growth. It leaves skin shiny (in a good way) and is a great overnight refresh. While the French have an art to lingering, the clinicals on this treatment show it can start to reduce wrinkle depth in just 20 minutes. While those results are likely temporary, with regular use, glycolic acid can make skin younger and smoother, and is a favorite of dermatologists the world over.

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Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, 33 €, Oh My Cream!

Should you find yourself hungover in Paris (sadly, the laws of alcohol still apply in France), grab yourself this honey-packed mask. It's full of that same honey variety that costs a million dollars; the kind Abby bought in Whole Foods while drugged out in that one epic episode of Broad City. But there's a reason it’s so prized: Manuka honey has potent anti-inflammatory properties that will quell that post-pinot puffiness as well as antibacterial elements that purge skin of anything yucky leftover on your skin if you fell asleep in your maquillage.

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Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo, 36 €, Oh My Cream!

We know, we know: French girl hair. The official first step is a lavender-scented volumizing shampoo that will give you effortless body and bounce. There’s a touch of sea salt in the mix, naturally, plus lemongrass and green tea which help keep your scalp fresh and clean. The namesake rahua oil comes from the rainforest and, during a suds, keeps your hair healthy and moisturized.

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Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil

Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil, 53 €, Oh My Cream!

The famed colorist, Christophe Robin, grew up in French farming village — a background he says helped influence his hair products, which all contain a hero botanical ingredient. This mask, which is praised by hair stylists and editors internationally, is a godsend for dry hair, turning is silky smooth every single time. BTW, Robin is the colorist to Tilda Swinton and Catherine Deneuve, and became famous for coloring models like Elle MacPherson and Claudia Schiffer during the original supermodel era. ‘Nuff said.

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RMS “Un” Cover Up

RMS “Un” Cover Up, 39 €, Oh My Cream!

If you’re a natural beauty devotee, you’re likely aware of this not-foundation foundation created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, who is known for her hard line rule on using all-natural products and as the go-to artist for Miranda Kerr. The creamy texture leaves a dewy, health finish on the skin — the main ingredient, after all, is organic coconut oil — and, even though it’s tiny, this glass pot lasts forevs. Many also use it as a concealer.

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Grown Alchemist Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm

Grown Alchemist Watermelon and Vanilla Lip Balm, 17 €, Oh My Cream!

This Aussie brand took the natural world by storm a few years ago, but their lip balm is the standout at Oh My Cream. Think of this like a bottle of watermelon water for your lips: super hydrating and full of antioxidants that make lips healthier. Plus, does anything feel chicer than pulling this gleaming black metallic stube out of your bag?

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9. Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in Bright Red

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in Bright Red, 25 €, Oh My Cream!

When it’s time for Parisian cool girls to whip out their signature red, it comes in this long silver tube literally shaped like a skinny, stretched-out bullet. Twist the bottom and liquid lipstick appears on the sponge tip so you can get precise application, but you can customize the coverage from sheer to bold. The castor oil base hydrates lips, too, and we’ll bet there’s no way you won’t hold this tube between your fingers like a cigarette.

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Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Stiletto

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Stiletto, 16 €, Oh My Cream!

This Parisian nail polish brand prides itself on clean formulas: Up to 85 percent of the ingredients are derived from natural sources like wood pulp, cotton, corn, potatoes and wheat. And, of course, it’s without the common lacquer ingredients often vilified by the natural crowd like toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. Though the brand makes more than 40 shades, it seems very fitting that the premiere shade is Stiletto red, non?

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