10 Big Dog Breeds That Are Comfortable Living In A City

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If you've always wanted a dog but felt your city living was keeping you from actually going ahead and making your dreams a reality, guess what? There are actually a lot of dog breeds that not only totally capable of living functional and happy lives in the city. If you're interested, you'll want to know about the best big dog breeds that are comfortable living in a city because not all breeds have the temperament for it.

While having a large dog might be difficult in a small apartment, if you've got a lot of time to take the dog on walks, or a dogwalker to help, your dog won't be bouncing off the walls of said small apartment. If you can ensure that your big dog has a big outlet outside of the apartment, they'll be happy to come home to a cozy space — especially if you're there! Having a big dog in a small apartment in a busy city is completely feasible, if you have the time and resources to give that dog that balanced life it needs to be happy.

As Cesar Millan says, a happy dog's life is divided like this: 50 percent exercise, 25 percent affection, and 25 percent discipline. So as long as half of your dog's life is spent exercising, (outside of the apartment if at all possible) you can make it work. Here are some large breed dogs that tend to do well in the city:

Standard Poodle
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Just because poodles look fancy doesn't mean they're prissy dogs. They're actually hyperactive and rowdy. They're loud, rambunctious, bouncy, and full of energy. Not only do they need tons of exercise and mental stimulation (poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds) they have a lot of grooming needs. Aka, you have to be incredibly committed to this dog before you get it. If you can provide multiple walks a day, engage in lots of play time and set up a lot of social opportunities, your poodle will be happy to hang with you in a small apartment. But if you can't put in the time and money, a poodle is going to be too much for you.

Bernese Mountain Dog
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Besides the fact that this is one of the cutest, fluffiest, silliest dogs in the world, they're hugely adaptable. They're extra large and shed a ton, so you'll need to invest in a efficient vacuum cleaner and dedicate a part of your living space to this pup so that they can nest freely. With just one to two 30 minute walks a day, they should be getting enough exercise, but keep in mind this is a mountain dog, so any chance you have to get outside of the city and into nature, take it!

Great Dane
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Despite how large the Great Dane is, they actually prefer small spaces. So long as they can literally fit into your apartment comfortably, they'll be happy to curl up with you! You'll need to take this big pup on a lot of long walks and keep them well socialized so that they don't act out when they're in a small space, though. All a dog this size has to do to break something is move around, so exercise will be the top priority with keeping this breed happy and healthy in the city.

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This breed actually prefers to spend time indoors with its owner. A simple 30 minute walk a day will give them all of the exercise they need, but they'll be happy to go errands with you — basically they just want to be around you as much as possible. It's less about where they live and more about who they live with.

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From the looks of this pup, it might seem like it takes up a lot of space. But the reality is, post-puppyhood, the Mastiff evolves into a slow and mellow gentle giant. So long as you can take them on regular walks, your Mastiff will be totally happy to curl up in your apartment and nap most of the day. Just make sure that your apartment is on a low level or that you have an elevator because carrying a Mastiff up the stairs is actually impossible.

Irish Wolfhound
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These giant pups might look like work horses but they're actually incredibly mellow. They're happy to nap all day and follow you around the apartment for exercise. A few walks a day will help to keep them mentally and physically healthy, but they won't crave the amount of exercise you might think, based off their size.

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Just because greyhounds can run like lightning, doesn't mean they always want to. This breed is capable of extreme speed and stamina, but they're also really happy to lounge on the couch all day. As long as you make time for your greyhound to get some extreme exercise on a regular basis, (maybe you go on long runs together on the weekends) they'll be totally happy to hang in your apartment.

The Afghan Hound
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This beautiful Beyoncé-of-dogs will be more than happy to mellow out with you on the couch in your small apartment, but only if it's had sufficient exercise. This breed needs long and intense walks to manage their energy, so if you work full time, having a dog walker will be imperative.

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Bulldogs are not super active dogs — in fact, some might call them lazy on account of just how much they love naps. The breed is often synonymous with respiratory issues they get quickly overheated with exercise. So, a very low level of activity and a very cool and cozy apartment is more than enough for a life of happiness with this pup. You also might want to consider that carrying your overheated Bulldog up a few flights of stairs on a summer day isn't too feasible. So make sure you have an elevator or low level apartment before you get one of these pups.

Rhodesian Ridgeback
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This dog has a laid back demeanor which makes them good apartment roommates, but you'll definitely need to put in some serious exercise time with this breed to make sure that it's happy and healthy. They love to run, they love to play games, and they're best behaved when they've been tired-out. So you'll have to have the time and energy yourself.