10 Body Positive Advocates With Disabilities You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately

The growing popularity of the body positivity movement has been, without a doubt, a great step forward. Learning to appreciate your body for what it is positively impacts your self-esteem and mental health, and it's so important, especially for women and nonbinary people who face higher rates of mental health issues than men. Social media has played a huge role in the development of the body positivity movement, providing a platform for countless amazing body positivity activists who are proving that people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities are beautiful.

Although body positivity urges acceptance of all kinds of bodies, the movement still has room for improvement. Notably, people with disabilities, who through inaccessibility and lack of representation are often made to feel "other" by non-disabled folks, feel as though they not been represented in the mainstream body positivity movement. According to the National Service Inclusion project, an estimated 48.9 million Americans have disabilities, visible and invisible, and although we have made strides toward accessibility for people with all levels of ability, disability is still something that so many people don't talk about.

More media representation of people with disabilities is crucial for expanding perception of what a body looks like, and that includes social media representation. Uplifting body positivity advocates with disabilities online allows them to share their unique perspectives and raise issues that able-bodied people may not otherwise consider. Visibility also promotes acceptance, which helps get rid of the stigma of disability. These ten incredible body positivity advocates with disabilities are sharing their lives and passions with their Instagram followers. Do yourself a favor and go follow them.