10 Books Every Foodie Needs In Their Kitchen — And None Of Them Are Cookbooks

I have a not-so-secret love of cookbooks — though, rarely, do I actually ever use them for their intended purpose: cooking. While I don’t often have the patience to regularly baste a turkey, or babysit a soufflé, or stem enough fresh thyme to meet the requirements of any recipe, what I do have the patience for is curling up with a really great book about food (and, you know, maybe a snack.) I love descriptions of butter browning and crusts turning golden, the edges of Brussels sprouts crinkling in a broiler and freshly grated parmesan melting over marinara sauce. I relish the experience of reading about why the notes of a certain beverage will pair well with a particular fish — even if I never have any intention of procuring said beverage or sautéing said fish myself. Basically, I have an entire shelf of food porn texts in my kitchen — few of which have ever been used for actual cooking. (Julia Child, I’m sorry.)

If you’re a book-loving foodie (or a food-loving bookworm), there’s an entire world of culinary literature out there for the devouring: food memoirs and story-filled cookbooks and biographies of folks who changed the way we eat completely. Here are 10 books every foodie should pick up this year.