Addictive Books You Can Read In A Single Weekend

It's finally the end of the week, and what better way to celebrate than diving into a new book. As someone always on the go, short books you can read in a single weekend are my bread and butter. The feeling of falling hard and fast for a book is one of my favorite things in the world. I love plunging deep into a book at the beginning of the weekend, and then coming up for air at the end. It's thrilling in a way that nothing else can really top.

Even if a book is super short, it can change your life forever. I love a book that grabs you right from the first page and pulls you along on an incredible journey. The kind of book that you can't put down until you've soaked up every last word. Books have the power to captivate you completely, plunge you into a whole new world.

My favorite weekends are spent curled up on the couch or sprawled out in the yard with my head buried in a new read. A good book is all I need to wind down and have an amazing weekend.

So here are some great books for your weekend plans, that you'll be able to start and finish before Monday comes calling.


'Eliza and Her Monsters' by Francesca Zappia

This book about fandom, anxiety, and nerdy love will make your heart swell. Online, Eliza is the creator of a web comic phenomenon, and she has a plethora of fans and friends. But IRL, she is isolated, lonely, and socially anxious. When a boy who happens to be mega-fan of her comics moves to her school, they develop a special friendship — but Eliza keeps her online persona a secret.

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'Imagine Wanting Only This' by Kristen Radtke

This graphic novel memoir is beautiful, haunting, and utterly unique. Radtke uses ghost towns, ruins, and her own narrative to ask questions about mortality and legacy.

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'Allegedly' by Tiffany D. Jackson

This book will have you reading late into the night. The story of a 15-year-old girl, who was arrested at the age of nine for allegedly killing a baby. Now living in a group home, she's fighting desperately to rise out of her circumstances. You'll be rooting for her as she tries to work her way out of the system, while constantly asking yourself the question: what really happened?

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'Paper Girls' by Brian K. Vaughan

Like Stranger Things with even more female power, Paper Girls is the story of a group of newspaper delivery girls whose world gets turned upside down when a bunch of otherworldly creatures start rampaging their town.

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'Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir' by Kai Cheng Thom

Clocking in at just 188 pages, this unique book transport you to the dazzling and dangerous world of a vigilante gang of trans femmes who make it their mission to fight back against transphobes and others who try to take advantage of them.

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'13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl' by Mona Awad

This book is a quick read, but it will reach you in your most secret places. These 13 short stories all follow one woman throughout the course of her life, as she deals with her body image, her romantic life, and answering questions about what she needs to be happy. This book is wonderfully personal, and you'll find yourself relating to her in the most beautiful ways.

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'Without You, There Is No Us' by Suki Kim

In this riveting memoir, Suki Kim recounts her time teaching the sons of North Korea's elite. Kim is a clear-eyed and smart witness to the quotidian horrors of Kim Jong-Il's reign.

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'The Last Place You Look' by Kristen Lepionka

There's nothing quite like a good detective story for your weekend. And in this gripping debut thriller, you're going to be absolutely hooked. In The Last Place You'll Look, badass PI Roxane Weary investigates the 15-year-old cold case of a missing teenager in order to clear the name of a man on death row.

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'We Are Never Meeting in Real Life' by Samantha Irby

This fresh essay collection will have you cackling all weekend long. Samantha Irby recounts her life with a hold-nothing-back flair that is refreshing, insightful, and a ton of fun.

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'Listen to Me' by Hannah Pittard

Listen to Me is story of a couple, Mark and Maggie, who embark on a dark, complicated road trip that takes a dramatic turn when they're mugged at gunpoint. The thick tension of their trip will have you on edge the whole ride.

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