10 Brilliant Couples Sex Toys That Pleasure You Both At The Same Time
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Some people tend to think of vibrators as a solo activity, like they're the get-takeout-and-binge-TLC of your sex life. As great as they are when you're on your own, however, they do make amazing sex toys for couples, and in the opinion of reviewers and buyers all over, they're definitely worth your time. These vibrators and toys are specifically designed to help pleasure both of you simultaneously, which has copious benefits in the bedroom.

According to sex specialists and experts, adding toys into your sex life with your partner has the potential to result in better and more frequent orgasms, as well as less pressure to perform adequately because the vibrator does a ton of the work for you. The best couples' sex toys can also help people get a little bit more comfortable and acquainted with their bodies, and can therefore create a platform for increased intimacy with someone else.

And, last but not least, these expertly-created toys just feel damn good, and there are shapes and designs to fit any body, couple, or sexual preference. If you're looking for a vibrator that'll help you share the pleasure in the bedroom, check out these genius options that people are seriously raving about.


A Versatile Double-Ended Vibrator With Tons Of Flexibility

The Odeer double-sided massager feels wonderful for any kind of couple because of its flexible performance and changeable shapes. Two bullet-style heads vibrate with seven frequencies and three speeds, and it's rechargeable, durable, and conveniently waterproof. It also has a textured end and a smooth end, so it can be used to stimulate the prostate, G-spot, clitoris, or anything in between.


This Penis Ring For Stamina And Simultaneous Stimulation

The PALOQUETH vibrating penis ring has reviewers saying things like "a must-have accessory" and "a great experience for both of us." Thanks to its stretchy silicone bands, it helps with stamina — but it also provides stimulation for both partners. The outer nodules massage the partner who's not wearing the ring, while the vibrations can be felt through the ring on the shaft. People love that it's super simple, body-safe, and stretchy enough to fit just about any size. Last but not least, it's USB-rechargeable and 100-percent waterproof.


This Innovative Adjustable Toy For Use During Penetration

You can't talk about couples' vibrators without mentioning the We-Vibe Sync. It's currently one of the most popular couples' vibrators out there, and that's because of how innovative and downright effective it is. It's designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex because it fits over the pubic bone to stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, and shaft simultaneously. You can also sync it up to your phone for personalized vibration patterns (or use the included remote control), and it's made from body-safe materials with an adjustable fit that suits nearly anyone.


A Double-Sided Dildo For Simultaneous Penetration

With unique double heads that bend and twist to your liking, the Doc Johnson Double Header has people raving. It has an insertable length of 17.9 inches and comes in five colors and two textures. It's also body-safe and free from latex and other common allergens. Since it's long, reviewers say, "it slides in easily with a little lubrication and it feels great alone or with a partner for vaginal or anal play." It's even "flexible enough to be folded in half and used for double penetration too."


This Remote-Control Massager Worn During Penetration

Small, flexible, and powerful, the PALOQUETH wearable vibrator is designed to stimulate both partners at once. It's worn during penetration and has nine vibrating patterns, each with its own adjustable levels of intensity. It's also remote-controlled, making it hands-free for easy use, and has a magnetic charger, so replenishing its power is hassle-free.

"I love toys but I have never had a couples toy before. My fiancée isn’t interested in them but I’m trying to change his mind," says one reviewer. "Later that night I got my fiancée to agree to try it. I lubed him up and we gave it a shot. OMG. It was amazing. Within no time I was already there."


This Simultaneous Penis Ring, Clitoral Stimulator, and Couples Vibrator

Because of its odd yet particularly useful shape, the Tryst Multi-Erogenous massager can act as a penis ring, clitoral stimulator, couples vibrator, and more. It's got three motors that deliver seven different vibrations and pulsations, and it's rechargeable for up to 90 minutes of play on one charge. "Great for both of us when used at the same time," says one reviewer, while another raves, "This device has 200 uses, and is probably the best sex aid ever created."


A Tiny Handheld Rabbit Vibrator With Flexible Ears

Because of its flexible ears and small, handheld design, this Luvkis mini rabbit vibrator is a great tool to use in between your bodies or during foreplay. With 10 vibration modes and a bullet in each ear (both of which can be bent up to 40 degrees), you can wrap this toy around the shaft, stimulate the nipples, or engage the clitoris and the vaginal opening simultaneously. Thanks to its slim design, it can also be used during intercourse without getting in the way — and it's rechargeable, waterproof, and skin-friendly, too.


This Squirrel Vibrator That Also Simulates Oral Sex

Air-sucking toys like this one have gained loads of popularity due to their ability to simulate oral sex — but this one from Maison-Market does so much more. Yes, it has 10 sucking intensities for clitoral, nipple, or head stimulation, but the flexible squirrel tail also functions as a G-spot or prostate toy with its 10 vibration modes. Since it's quiet, rechargeable, and made from silicone, it's a breeze to use for all types of play.


This During-Penetration Clitoral Vibrator That Definitely Has People Talking

The feminist sex toy called Eva definitely had people talking, and now the updated version is out. Dame Products' Eva II provides clitoral stimulation during intercourse (since some women can't orgasm from penetration alone). Its retractable wings fit inside the labia, so it stays out of the way but provides vibrations that both partners can feel. It's also rechargeable, easy to clean, and totally hands-free.


Four Different Heads For Four Different Experiences

The Nalone magic wand massager has an especially strong motor on its rounded head that's got seven different speeds and patterns. What makes it awesome for couples, however, are the three extra silicone heads that pop right on to completely change the sensation and purpose. The rechargeable battery lasts a long time, and it's super easy to clean because it's entirely waterproof. "My partner and I can use this together or separately," says one reviewer who "sifted through hundreds of reviews" to find the right product.

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