Your Beloved 10-Color Rainbow Pens From The ’90s Are BACK — Here’s Where To Get Them

Always Fits

Back in the days of cubbies and desk islands, there existed an informal social hierarchy that centered around school supplies. Picking out school supplies was a central part of the school experience. A notebook isn't just a notebook if it has your favorite animal on the color, and goodness knows there is one style of mechanical pencil that reigns supreme (it's these ones). But, the rarest magnum opus of all school supplies is the multicolored pen. You know, the one with a bunch of colors packed into one. This 10-color rainbow pen from Always Fits is sure to give you the familiar '90s kid rush.

The 10-Color Pen is, to quoth thine internet, and Absolute Unit of a writing implement (I am so sorry). Each of the fluorescent pen barrels, available in pink, yellow, blue, and green, holds ten different ballpoint pen inserts. As the product listing on Always Fits directs, "Simply press the top of the pen to re-set the color."

The photo of the product suggest there might be slight variations in colors depending on the color of the barrel. As the products is currently up for pre-order and not *actual* shipping, this is difficult to confirm. But, it appears the pens include red, pink, orange, yellow, lime green, sky blue, navy blue, purple, black, and brown ink cartridges.

Note, when you order, the color of the barrel is selected at random.

The 10-Color Pen is a nostalgic masterpiece in itself, but the throwback accessories hardly end there. Always Fits may just become your new favorite online shop with its endless supply of fun nostalgic memorabilia. Here are some more notable listings:

The Caboodle

The Caboodle was a quintessential carryall companion back in the '90s and early 2000s. It is ideal for makeup, jewelry, and, of course, office essentials. This one, in a subtle lavender and sea foam green hue, is outfitted with an interior tray and flip-lid mirror, and for less than $25, it won't break your bank.

Golden Girls Puzzle

Golden Girls, like a fine wine or a fancy cheese, is something that only becomes better with age. Over the years the beloved show has reached icon status, with more generations continually discovering what a comedic force the four protagonists were. The Golden Girls puzzle is big enough to keep you occupied for hours, but not too big it will overwhelm you — perfect to compose while you're watching old episodes.

Hocus Pocus Prayer Candles

The best Halloween movie to ever grace an autumn TV screen is Hocus Pocus. The story of three witchy sisters is a classic, and one of many iconic works to come out of the '90s. Now you can add some Halloween feel to your year-round decor with one of the Sanderson sisters in candle form. Per the product description, each candle is "[an] 8" tall unscented glass candle that burns for 100 hours. Candle colors may vary slightly. Printed on high-quality weather and fade-proof vinyl stickers that will last for years!"

Whether you choose to celebrate it with a 10-Color pen or a bajillion-piece puzzle, one thing is clear: the '90s are still back, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.