The 10 Coolest Nail Stickers You Can Buy On Amazon

If you spend any time at all on YouTube, Pinterest, or Reddit's beauty boards, odds are you've wondered where to buy cool nail stickers — since they've been popping up everywhere! Loads of people are aiming to emulate Park Eun Kyung's shattered glass look, or bring their favorite Emojis off the screen and onto their fingers. Now, I'm not always on board with current viral beauty obsessions, but this one just plain makes sense. The best nail stickers on Amazon are super affordable and really easy to apply without any skills whatsoever, which makes them perfect for people that can't seem to paint straight!

Personally, nail art used to be my jam back in the days of sleepovers and at-home spa nights, but my thin-brushed detail polish dried out soon after I took up guitar and renovation work. It doesn't make sense for me to spend hours on a manicure so it can chip the very next day, but since these super cool nail decals take seconds to apply and last for quite a while, I can finally show off my nail game again. Nail stickers also make it super easy to change up my look, so I can wear van Gogh's art on my fingers one day, and lace the next — effectively satisfying any fancy goals that I may have.


This Viral Broken Glass Trend That People Are Obsessed With

BTArtbox Broken Mirror Nail Sheets, $8, Amazon

A trend popularized by Park Eun Kyung, these BTArtbox Nail Sheets give you the broken glass effect that people are obsessing over. This one comes with ten packs in different colors, and since you cut the sheets, you can personalize your design however you want. "My nails are on point," reviewers say. "These are awesome."


Showcase Your Favorite Emojis To The World

Tattify Too Emojional Emoji Nail Decals, $7, Amazon

With 56 different emojis, Tattify Too Emojional Nail Decals have everything from the mustached man to the cactus. They simply stick on over your manicure for a fun, waterproof design that can last for up to 5 days.


For All The Van Gogh Fans Out There

Bluezoo Van Gogh's Starry Night, $4, Amazon

Flaunt your love for the classics with these Bluezoo Van Gogh's Starry Night decals. They comes in two sheets of 14 decals, and they're bright, glittery, and easy to apply because of their self-adhering back. "Pictures just dont do them justice," reviewers say.


These Cool Rhinestones With A Rainbow Of Color Inside Them

Binmer 3D Glitter Rhinestones, $4, Amazon

These gorgeous Binmer 3D glitter rhinestones have a rainbow of colors inside them and stick right on to your base coat. They come in a pack of 12 different shapes and designs, and can dress up any manicure with a little sparkle.


An Elegant Twist For Your French Manicure

Elevin Lace Nail Decals, $4, Amazon

I'm obsessed with lace to the point where I've gotten called out by the cashier at the bra store. These Elevin Lace Nail Decals give your fresh manicures an elegant twist. They come in 30 sheets of self-adhering designs, and they look great over any base color.


A Modern Burst of Color With No Dry Time Or Smudges

Incoco Chemistry Nail Polish Strips, $9, Amazon

I'm in love with these Incoco Chemistry strips, which are made from real polish and really make your nails pop. They come with two sheets of varying sized strips to fit every nail, and they come off with your standard remover. Best of all, no dry time, smears, or smudges.


This Set That's Got All Your Nail Sticker Basics (And A Few Other Essential Tools)

Sinsun Nail Art Set, $11, Amazon

The Sinsun Nail Art Set comes with 45 sheets of stickers, strips of colored line tape, rhinestone stickers, gradient sponges, tip guards, nail foils, and dotting and marbleizing pens. It comes with everything you need to give your nails a personalized, professional look without hassle or extensive dry times, and reviewers are saying, "If you are a novice like myself but are crafty and capable of doing your own nails, this is such a great set."


50 Sheets Of Subtle And Timeless Decals

Tinksky 3D Design Decals, $7, Amazon

With 50 whole sheets of these Tinksky 3D Design Decals, you'll be set for quite a while. They're made from a durable PVC, have an already applied adhesive back, and come in tons of different colors and shapes (like flowers, vines, hearts, and butterflies). If you're looking for subtle and timeless, this is it.


These Sticker Stencils For Bold Designs

Whats Up Nails Vinyl Patterns, $17, Amazon

These Whats Up Nails Vinyl Patterns come with four different sheets — X-pattern, Moroccan, scales, and hearts. The stencil sticks on to your nail so you can use whatever color you prefer, and reviewers are saying things like, "These are great... They stick onto your nail great and come off easily with no sticky residue."


These Gorgeous Blue Flowers

Leeco Blue Flowers Transfer Decal, $7, Amazon

Finally, these Leeco Blue Flowers Transfer Decals take no more than 20 seconds per nail, and they come in five sheets — one of which will fit all fingernails, toenails and nail tips. Reviewers say they're easy to apply and go on perfectly, and apparently they can last several weeks at a time.

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