Crystals That Can Actually Help Protect You During Mercury Retrograde
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It's almost time for another whirlwind three-week Mercury backspin, as Mercury retrograde is set to begin Mar. 22 and last until Apr. 15. If you want to get through it like a boss, there are some crystals to protect you during Mercury retrograde. According to Astrology King, this Mercury retrograde will affect all matters related to love and affection, and the crystal rose quartz is a perfect pocket partner for attracting all things love into your life.

"Romantically, this stone will enhance the ability to see things clearly in a relationship and therefore deepen love," Deborah Hanekamp, a Brooklyn-based seeress who specializes in medicine readings and healing ceremonies, told Style Caster. "It also activates self-love and will show us if we are in an unhealthy relationship."

If you think turning to crystals seems rather niche, that's not the case anymore. Crystals are going mainstream with Fast Company reporting a 40 percent increase in Google searches for "healing crystals" in the last few years. Personally, I have quite a few crystals, and I even take them with me when I travel. There are crystals to quell anxiety, crystals to cleanse your aura, crystals to align your chakras, and crystals to increase positive communication, which is particularly important during Mercury retrograde when communication breakdowns are more likely to occur. You really have nothing to lose by trying crystals, and these are the best crystals to protect you during Mercury retrograde.


Arm Yourself With Aquamarine

Getting through the trials and tribulations of Mercury retrograde takes some inner strength and self awareness, and aquamarine is a great crystal to arm yourself with if you need to have difficult conversations. "It provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances the connection with your higher self," certified crystal healer Jen Faeline Mergell noted on her website Crystal Guidance. "Carry Aquamarine to provide a protective layer around your energy field and create stability."


Rose Quartz Brings All The Love

While Mercury retrograde can cause a lot of kerfuffles, this particular backspin is all about love. The crystal rose quartz can help you attract love, get to a new level in your current relationship, or even help you realize that's it's time to leave your partner. "A stone of unconditional love, rose quartz works by opening your heart to all types of love, including self love, romantic love, love of the community, friends, family, and everything on Earth," Energy Muse explained on its website. "When you hold rose quartz stones while meditating or wear it as jewelry, it surrounds you with a sphere of love energy, which activates and balances the heart chakra. Love is the most powerful energy, which makes rose quartz one of the most beneficial stones for healing and flooding the body with positive energy."


Blue Lace Agate Activates Calming Energy

It's pretty easy to get flustered and anxious when everything seems to be going awry during Mercury retrograde. The good new is that the healing crystal blue lace agate can help you calm down when things start to get dark and twisty. "Blue lace agate is a gentle, calming stone that brings you grace and tranquility! It lessens all anger (even deep anger issues) and calms nervousness," Mergell explained. "It assists you in releasing the fear of death and oppressive burdens. It brings peace, inspiration and it enhances clear self-expression, while helping to access the highest energetic realms."


Chrysocolla Balances Your Emotions

Unchecked emotions can also be common during Mercury retrograde due to all of those misunderstandings. The crystal chrysocolla is a perfect partner to help heal emotional heartache and balance your mood, according to Mergell. Additionally, this magic stone has also been known to help reduce menstrual cramps and muscle pain. So, if you have your period during Mercury retrograde, this stone can do double duty, which makes it a must.


Turquoise Teaches You To Speak Your Truth

If Mercury retrograde has you feeling afraid to communicate, but you also desperately need to speak your truth, turquoise can help you summon the courage to express yourself without fear. What's more, it can help mitigate misfortune, which can be a blessing during Mercury retrograde. "If you are seemingly menaced by misfortune, the stone attracts the imbalance into itself and absorbs the harmful vibrations," Mergell explained.


Select Selenite To Cleanse Your Aura

Feeling a little cosmically cluttered? It might be time for an aura cleanse. "Selenite is useful any time you need to shift, reset or cleanse your aura as it's excellent at moving and removing stagnant energy," Andrea Towns, owner of Fractalista Designs, told Goddess Provisions. If you want to make your aura all bright and shiny, Goddess Provisions has a step-by-step aura cleanse you can follow. You can also sign up for a Goddess Provisions subscription box (I've tried it and it's amazing) to get new crystals delivered monthly so you can surround yourself with energetic protection every damn day.


Hematite Gets Rid Of Everything Dark & Twisty

When everything goes sideways during Mercury retrograde, it's not uncommon for the dark and twisties to descend like a bell jar. The crystal hematite can help you clear yourself of negative energy. "The Hematite crystal meaning is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality," Energy Muse explained. "Use Hematite in your crystal healing first-aid kit to clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry. The Hematite crystal works to pull any stray negative energy in the aura to the root chakra where it neutralizes its harmful effects by balancing and aligning all seven chakras."


Amethyst Alleviates Stress & Anxiety

This beautiful lavender crystal can not only help protect you during Mercury retrograde, it's also great for everyday use. "It is thought of mostly as a protective stone. As it is linked to the crown chakra, it is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many meditate with amethyst so as to rid themselves of that darkness," Energy Muse noted. "Amethyst healing properties are especially useful in regards to work-related stress, because the stone is also associated with abundance; therefore relieving stress while emanating prosperity."


Citrine Cultivates Positive Communication

Who can't use a little help communicating in a positive manner during Mercury retrograde? Citrine is one crystal everyone should have in their arsenal to make Mercury retrograde as painless as possible. Aside from lessening communication kerfuffles, citrine is also a powerful crystal for manifestation and can help you attract abundance. "It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good," Crystal Vaults noted on its website. "It also encourages generosity and sharing good fortune. Citrine assists in all fast money ventures, and is especially helpful in financial speculation and for commercial success. Carry one in the purse or wallet to attract money and stop excessive outflow."


Clear Quartz Clears The Cobwebs

While it's helpful during Mercury retrograde, clear quartz is another crystal that's pretty valuable all of the time. "If your spirit needs illumination, it brings clarity to shadows within the mind. A universal healer, it links to all the chakras to provide balance and harmony," Energy Muse explained. "Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other crystal. It will help manifest your intentions like never before."

Almost all healing crystals can be made into jewelry, and there are tons of options on Etsy. Additionally, if you want to delve into the crystal world and explore more healing options, Cratejoy is a site where you can sign up for a number of spiritual healing subscriptions boxes, including crystals, aromatherapy, meditation, and more. If Mercury retrograde is always a dumpster fire for you, it might be time to give crystals a try.