10 First Day Of Spring 2019 Memes That Are Relatable & Funny

Michael Heiman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Come Mar. 21, we'll officially embark into the calendar spring season of 2019. But if the weather is any indication of what the spring will feel like, the snowy scenes across the country paint a pretty chilly picture. To celebrate the astronomical start of the new season, you'll want to enjoy and share some first day of spring memes, because it will be a while longer until we can actually celebrate by embracing the outside world. For now, we'll have to stay put in our wool socks, trolling the internet for relatable content that gets us more warmth than the weather does.

No one understands the early spring struggle more than the internet — we've all shown up on the first day of spring in cut-offs and a t-shirt only to shiver our way back to our winter wardrobe for a few more weeks. After so many months of freezing temperatures and having to bundle up in layers, it's understandable that we're all a little over eager for spring to start. Here I've rounded up a collection of memes that represent that false start we all stumble with in March. You'll want to share them with your friends who always show up under-dressed on the first day of spring as a reminder to them to remember their winter coat, too. Don't worry, spring will come soon enough, and before we know it, we'll be complaining about the sweltering head and missing the crisp air.