10 Fitness Products Reddit Users Swear By

If I'm going to wake up three hours early to do anything other than stare at my ceiling, I want to know that it's going to benefit me. I know I'm not the only pseudo-adult who feels this way, and that's why checking out the fitness products Reddit users swear by can be a good place to start. These folks have tried and tested the fitness gear that actually makes a difference for workouts.

Anyone who's attended an eighth grade health class knows about the many benefits of exercise, but working on a routine for several months can frustrate even the most motivated people. Don't even get me started on how quickly you can blow a few grand on the wrong home-gym equipment.

That's why it's imperative to look into the most effective fitness products before you start up a new routine, and Reddit is here to help. They've got tons of amazing fitness subs where people discuss everything from technique to the best blenders for protein shakes, and oftentimes, users are thorough, blatantly honest, and more than willing to answer any and all questions that come up. If you're currently looking to get the most out of your home workout, check out these affordable and convenient fitness products that Reddit users swear by.


This Dynamic Kettlebell For The Beginner

Empower 3 in 1 Kettlebell, $42, Amazon

"I'm a super amateur when it comes to weightlifting, but I love [kettlebells] for the types of movement exercise you can do with them," says Larstheelephant. "Really easy to do stuff with both hands and all the weight is at the bottom, so it tends to not twist when doing more aggressive stuff." This Empower 3 in 1 Kettlebell has a click and twist patented design that lets you effortlessly switch between three, eight, and twelve pounds, and it comes with a complimentary DVD that shows you how to use it.


To Relieve Muscle Tightness And Flush Out Lactic Acid

Premium Foam Roller Set, $35, Amazon

"Foam roller and lacrosse ball. My flexibility is now amazing," says Kawzuality, and caffeinefree comments: "I use these every night before bed and it feels amaaaaazing. I haven't noticed an increase in flexibility (I was already very flexible), but I sleep much better after getting all the knots out." This premium foam roller set comes with two rollers (one textured and the other smooth) as well as a massage ball, a carrying case, and a how-t0 booklet — all of which help you to relieve muscle tightness and flush out lactic acid after a workout.


This Equipment That Feels Like A Toy

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder, $37, Amazon

"The mini-trampoline," says randomAnonymousThing. "I absolutely LOVE it! I see it as my toy and work out on it at least an hour a day simply because it is so damn fun. Y'all should give it a try if you can." The Stamina 38-inch Intone Plus rebounder is ridiculously cool because it has two resistance tubes for upper body training, as well as a built-in monitor to help you keep track of jumps, workout time, and calories.


An Ab Roller That You Can Take Anywhere With You

Foldable Ab Roller, $25, Amazon

When asked, "What small piece of equipment has changed how you work out?" CommanderV said it was an ab roller. "I carry it around in my backpack as a workout snack for when I'm alone." This foldable ab roller is great for on the go, because it has a triangular shape that promotes balance and stability, a lightweight and foldable frame that you can take anywhere, and high-quality material that can support up to 500 pounds.


The BOSU Ball For Balance, Mindfulness, And Strength

BOSU Pro Balance Trainer, $150, Amazon

"The BOSU-Ball. I absolutely love it," says Reddit User beerslingerjay. "If you or your gym has one, it adds so many variations to classic workouts (push-ups, planks, squats/wall squats, etc.). Just adding the stability component has helped my workouts exponentially." This BOSU Pro Balance Trainer comes with the ball itself, a hand pump, a time-efficient total-body workout DVD, and a training manual, so you can combine balance, mindfulness, and strength for an extra-effective workout.


A Great Pair Of Wireless Headphones To Motivate You

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, $40, Amazon

"Wireless headphones!" says alowe13. "Now I leave my phone next to me while I do the lift and there are no concerns to get in the way of my lifts. Also running, running was a chore before I got the new headphones." These best-selling TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones stay snug and secure on your ears, are entirely wireless, last for up to five hours, and have magnets that snap around your neck like a necklace when they're not in use. Furthermore, reviewers say, "You will be blown away by the sound."


Resistance Bands For Stretching And Home Workouts

Sport2People Exercise Resistence Bands Set, $12, Amazon

"Resistance band work," says 4pollo_1 about the fitness routine that made the most difference. "Practical and you can hit the muscle groups that free weights sometimes miss." This Sport2People exercise resistence bands set comes with five different resistance levels for any kind of stretches or home routines, and they all fit in a convenient travel bag. People use them for physical therapy, as well as an accessory for workouts, and everyone says they're great quality and really durable.


This Full Zumba Set That You Can Use At Home

Zumba Fitness Incredible Results, $92, Amazon

"I love Zumba, but never seem to be able to go to my favorite gym at times they have Zumba, so I've been building a playlist of my favorite videos," says Tashanka. Zumba Fitness Incredible Results comes with 12 exciting, easy-to-follow dance-fitness workouts, a crossbody bag, complimentary bracelets, and a Zumba Rizer. It's great for any person of any level who's looking for cardio that's so fun, it doesn't feel like exercise. "The Short Review," says one happy customer. "Should you buy this? Yes you should."


A Long-Lasting Activity Tracker That Covers All The Basics

Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker, $80, Amazon

"I'm a fan of Garmin trackers. I currently have a Vivofit 2," says TitaniuIVI. "[It] has a display for time, steps, calories burned, and heart rate if it's synced to the chest strap. My favorite part about it is that it's waterproof up to 5ATM (165 feet) and there's no need to recharge the battery. I've had mine for over a year and haven't even replaced the battery it came with." It's also got a sleek, easy-to-wear design and comes in five different colors.


This Virtually Indestructible Yoga Mat For The Avid Yogi

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, $88-$164, Amazon

"I've had my Manduka black mat pro for 6-7 years. It looks like new and I practice 5-7 times a week. Upsides are it's indestructible and gives you a nice solid surface to practice on (both cushiony while not traveling with you if you drag your foot or arm on it)," says groggygirl. Because it's made with a closed cell surface that stops dirt and sweat from absorbing into the mat, it's guaranteed to last a lifetime without flaking, peeling, or fading. It also comes in nine different colors and two different sizes.

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