10 Hilarious But Genius Pairs Of Underwear


There are some weird things on Amazon, and that weirdness continues into the underwear department. The online retailer is known for carrying a range of different kinds of items, and the hilarious but genius pairs of underwear on Amazon are no exception. When shopping for new underwear, I usually look for comfortable cotton to sleep in, different kinds of thongs to wear during the day, and then a few pairs for special occasions.

But now, you can find some pretty hilariously interesting kinds of underwear on Amazon. There is underwear that you wear during your period without a pad or tampon (which, I still don't understand how it works). There are some styles that you fasten on and off of your body, in case you need to change on the go. You can find microfiber or moisture-wicking undies, and you can find super-stretchy ones.

Whatever types of underwear you're looking for, Amazon probably carries them. And while they may seem weird or strange or just plain funny, they all have a purpose. And usually their purpose is actually a game-changer when it comes to getting dressed. So, if you're searching for some new underwear, consider these brilliant (if not slightly bizarre) options.


On-The-Go Underwear That Makes Life Easier


SLICK CHICKS Bikini Brief Panty (Sizes: XS-XXL), $26, Amazon

I am actually fascinated by this idea: This underwear were first designed to help women who have mobility issues, may be pregnant, or suffer from chronic pain. They're supposed to make changing undies easier because you don't have to bend down. Instead, they have a hook and eye closure on the sides so that you just clip them around your body. I think these would make having to change in a maybe not-so-discreet area a little bit easier (because you wouldn't have to actually remove your clothing first).


Underwear You Can Wear During Your Period


EvaWear Menstrual Period Panty - Two Pack (Sizes: S-L), $25-$30, Amazon

I won't pretend to understand the science behind underwear you can wear during your period without anything else. This is one of those inventions that I think I'd have to try out to really get it. But, users say that they are indeed leak-proof and probably best for your lighter days, as they have a thin absorption layer.


A Workout Style That Dries Quickly


Balanced Tech Invisible Laser Cut Thong Three Pack (Sizes: S-XL), $13, Amazon

There's nothing worse than working out, having to go run errands after, and feeling like you're still super sweaty an hour later. That's why finding a pair of quick-dry, moisture-wicking panties are the way to avoid feeling uncomfortable. They're breathable, tagless, seamless, and stretchy, so you'll feel good during your workout and after, in case you can't shower right away. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and designs, which never hurts.


The Stretchiest Underwear You've Ever Seen


MyGxR Briefs Plus Size Bamboo Panties (Sizes: Waist 35-41in, Waist 42-47 in), $20, Amazon

These bamboo panties are so comfortable because of how stretchy they are. One user said, "The fabric is very soft and stretchy. Would recommend." They're made from bamboo microfiber and spandex, making them breathable, yet stretchy enough to always feel comfortable. These would be the perfect panties to wear on those days when you have a huge family meal, or on a holiday when you're eating seven different courses (you know those times, when you have to unbutton your pants halfway through the meal).


Temperature Adapting Underwear Keeps You Comfortable


Hanes X-Temp Constant Comfort Hipster Panty Pack (Sizes: 5-9), $10-$18, Amazon

This underwear literally adapts to your temperature and activity level. If you're getting active, then the X-Temp technology wicks moisture away, so that it quickly evaporates and you stay dry. If you're hanging out, the panties keep your body warmer longer. It's so interesting, right? The panties are made out of super comfortable cotton and they're tag-free, so you'll feel good all day long. The colors and patters are also fun too!


The Comfiest And Prettiest Undies You'll Sleep In


Underella by Ella Moss Mia Lurex Tap Pant (Sizes: XS-L), $18- $48, Amazon

When you're sleeping, you want to be comfortable, and for me, that means sleeping in looser underwear. I don't like to feel as if the seams are digging into my sides as I sleep. So, I usually wear undies that also look like shorts. They're loose-fitting, and you don't feel like you're wearing anything. Plus, these ones are so pretty with the tiny little bow and the beautiful lace trimming. Wear them to bed or lounge in them for optimal comfort.


No-Show Underwear That Is Actually Cute


SPANX Retro Rise Lace Cheeky (Sizes: XS-XL), $25-$62, Amazon

These SPANX are great because they are really cute, but they're not as tight as the usual SPANX. Plus, the retro style is actually so pretty (and the colors are great too: pale mauve, mulberry shadow, and very black).


Breathable, Leak-Proof, Bamboo Underwear


Bamboo Menstrual Leakproof Panties - Multi Pack (Sizes: XXS-XXL), $9-$28, Amazon

If you have a heavy period and usually wear tampons or pads, these period panties are a great backup option for when you might not be able to change out tampons or pads right away. They have a leak-proof lining that is also waterproof. (Remember that these panties are not substitutes for tampons or pads, but they can serve as backup, in case you leak.)


A Pretty Scalloped Edge That's Comfy On Your Waist


Wacoal Halo Hi-Cut Brief (Sizes: S-XL), $9-$65, Amazon

Some days I don't want to wear a thong, but I also don't want to wear granny-panties. So, I look for cute lacy options that come in a brief style. These ones are great, and the fact that they are high waisted makes them even better. One user said, "Very comfortable fit! You forget you even have them on!" That's what I want in underwear.


Seamless Underwear That Feels Great


Blush Microfiber Thong 3-Pack (Sizes: S-L), $33, Amazon

Users agree that they absolutely love this thong. It has five stars for a reason, as one buyer said, "These are the best thongs I have ever purchased, and will keep purchasing them until they are the only panties in the drawer." The microfiber panties are super soft and feel great on. They're also seamless and have pretty scalloped lace trim on the edges.

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