10 Loving Day Memes & Tributes To Share Online Today

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Fifty years ago, on this exact day in the summer of 1967, a case in court led by a black woman and white man yielded a radical change in American history. These two people had a simple demand: to be able to love each other in the open without being penalized by Virginia. To think that loving someone of a different color was a crime not too long ago puts America's racial history into sobering perspective. In order to remember these lovers, the internet is sharing heartwarming memes and tributes on Loving Day — the day dedicated to celebrating interracial unions in the United States of America.

Back in 1967, the aforementioned black woman and white man — Mildred Loving and Richard Loving, respectively — were like any other lovers except that their marriage was a particularly vexing subject for the state of Virginia where the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 prohibited miscegenation or, in other words, interracial union. Virginia's then-hostility toward interracial love is particularly ironic if you consider the fact that the state's travel and tourism slogan is "Virginia is for lovers."

Since then, the Supreme Court's landmark decision to do away with anti-miscegenation laws in 16 states is brought up annually on June 12 as a reminder on race and love in America.

1. Just Love Everyone

This is timely and appropriate advice from the Walnut Grove Baptist church.

2. Remembering The Brave Couple

It was only 50 years ago.

3. A Beautiful Poem

This inspiring poem by Cynthia Miller was shared today to celebrate Loving Day.

4. A Sweet Little Gif(t) From Zelda Universe

Hey, who said gamers don't know how to love? This adorable gif from Zelda Universe's Twitter account was the perfect gift for Loving Day.

5. Love Always Wins

Cris Rhodes shared an incredibly important point about celebrating Loving Day, remembering the Pulse tragedy, and never succumbing to the self-destructive themes of hatred.

6. "I Would Never Exist"

This is a pretty compelling reason to celebrate Loving Day.

7. This Lovely Rendering Of The Lovings

Sometimes a sweet drawing will do all the talking for you.

8. The Lovings Were ACLU's Clients

In case you didn't know, the Lovings were actually clients of ACLU. Fun fact.

9. These Moving Words From Richard Loving

Mildred's husband had a simple message for the state of Virginia, "Tell the court that I love my wife and that it is just not fair that I cannot live with her in Virginia."

10. This Historic Marker In The Lovings' Memory

Courtney Cole shared a photo of a historic marker noting the triumph of the Lovings' case against the state of Virginia.

These aren't the only tributes shared online. If you go through the #LovingDay hashtag on Twitter, you'll find tons of kind and hopeful messages from people, memes, and - my favorite - photos of actual interracial couples celebrating their love. Perfect way to spend Monday.