10 Non-Alcoholic Drinks You Can Serve At Your Next Party
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If you're planning the menu for your Labor Day party, you've likely made a list of everything you need. Food for the carnivores and vegetarians, beer, and of course rosé. You're forgetting something — options for your non-drinking guests like these non-alcoholic drinks everyone at your party will love. Some of your guests probably aren't into day drinking and others might be sober. These people are all too often relegated to drinking water unless they've brought their own mocktails. Make sure your party is all inclusive by offering things like sparkling water, kombucha, ice coffee, and more.

Annelies de Bruijn told the Huffington Post that when attending parties she's often left with very few beverage options. "I ended up with tap water and a confused host," she said of one social gathering that neglected to offer non-alcoholic choices. It's important to remember that not everyone on your guest list wants to rosé all day. What's more, when non drinkers throw a party they usually still offer alcohol for their guests who want to partake. It's time to return the favor by providing some enjoyable and delicious options for everyone attending your backyard Labor Day bash. Not sure where to start? These non-alcoholic drinks will make everyone on your guest list happy.


Perrier & Juice Drink

Perrier is a tried and true sparkling water, and they've recently upped their game with the new Perrier & Juice Drink. A great alternative to soda, Perrier & Juice drinks are made with real fruit juice and come in flavors like peach and cherry, strawberry and kiwi, and pineapple and mango. I've tried these refreshing sparkling juice drinks, and they're absolutely delicious.


Kin Social Tonic

Dubbed the conscious un-cocktail, Kin Social Tonic touts itself as functional beverage meets craft cocktail. "We created it to inspire a modern evolution of the social ritual; designed to relax the body and nourish the mind without having to sacrifice a feel-good time with kindred spirits," Kin noted on its website. Order Kin on the company's website, and get this social tonic delivered right to your front door.


UGLY Drinks

This is another of my go-to favorites, and there's nothing ugly about UGLY Drinks, which recently made their debut in the U.S. These beautiful sparkling waters come in peach, lemon lime, and cherry and are far and away the best flavored sparkling water I've tried. The best part? You can sign up to get them delivered regularly, which you're absolutely going to want to do once you enjoy your first sip.


CORE Organic

For your health conscious guests, CORE Organic waters are vegan, gluten free, and non GMO. With eight flavors to choose from, these non-alcoholic flavored waters do double duty. Not only does they taste great, they contain free-radical-fighting antioxidants and the daily immunity support your body needs to be at its best. Guests enjoying this beverage will definitely wake up feeling better than anyone else post party.


Suja Probiotic Waters

This is another one that will leave your guests feeling like a million bucks after the party wraps. Suja Probiotic Waters come in refreshing berry flavors and contain 2 billion vegan probiotic CFUs to help your guests easily digest all of that Labor Day backyard-barbecue food. you can also grab some kombucha and wellness shots to add to the non-alcoholic mix. Hey, just because someone doesn't drink doesn't mean they'll forgo a wellness shot.


Honest Tea Organic Flavored Teas

Offer your non-drinking party guests a boost with a twist with Honest Tea's organic flavored teas. With flavors like honey green tea, peach, pomegranate, orange mango, raspberry, and lemon, these fruity teas will keep everyone happy, hydrated, and awake until the party wraps.


Non-Alcoholic Sangria

If you feel like being a bit of a mixologist, consider treating your guests to some non-alcoholic sangria. Instead of adding booze, substitute with ginger ale or sparkling water. You can get all the detes about how to make this crowd pleaser from this recipe on Tablespoon.


Alcohol-Free McNuggetini

Before she told you bedtime stories about murder, My Favorite Murder co-host Georgia Hardstark and her eventual Cooking Channel series co-host Allie Ward went viral for their McNuggetini cocktail. For your adventurous guests, whip up this drink — skip the vodka — and treat your friends to a dinner-dessert combo that comes in a glass. Combine a chocolate milkshake with your favorite vanilla-vodka substitute, rim the glass with barbecue sauce, and garnish with a chicken nugget. Seriously.


FORTO Coffee Shots

If you're hosting a Labor Day brunch, give your guests the fuel they need to make their end-of-summer party rounds like a boss. FORTO Coffee Shots are cute, come in everyone's favorite coffee flavors, and will supply you and your crew with the energy you need to socialize all day long.


Fever-Tree Tonic

Fever-Tree tonics are mixers that come in a variety of flavors. While you can mix them with liquor, they also taste great on their own. Your drinking guests can add their favorite booze and your non-drinking friends can enjoy these refreshing tonics right out of the bottle. From lemonade to elderflower to spiced orange ginger ale, there's a tonic for every guest on your invite list.