10 Places To Shop Clothing That Benefits The ACLU

Much has been and will be written about the inauguration, and if all of it's depressing to you, here's a bright spot. While giving money straight up is always a good thing, shopping clothing that benefits the ACLU is also highly appealing — look good while you do good, especially with companies like Everlane taking up the cause. If you can't make it to a Women's March this weekend, this is your ticket to showing support the good ol' fashioned way, à la the dollar.

And as a plus, it's easier than ever. Everlane's new 100% Human collection donates $5 of every purchase to the ACLU as part of their stated message of equality and inclusiveness, with each product branded with the 100% Human slogan "as a reminder that no matter what we may believe, we all share the common thread of humanity." For fans of the brand's staples, the pricing is also an accessible switch, with the eight-piece collection of men and women's t-shirts and sweatshirts going for $50 and under. Each buy also comes with a pin — perfect for all pin-suckers out there (hello).

Everlane's not alone, with New York Magazine reporting that Zero + Maria Cornejo will also be donating a portion of her proceeds on Saturday, Jan. 21 to Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Human Rights Watch, and charitable options abundant at every price point. So if you're not marching, get to shopping. Or, better yet, do both.

1. Everlane

The Human Women’s Box Tee in Medium Print, $22,

Known for their quality goods and transparent ethos, Everlane love goes far and wide in the fashion world. This campaign matches the love they receive with an emphasis on inclusivity — the tagline reads that "after a long season of divisive rhetoric, we think two things matter most now — protecting those rights and remembering that we are more the same than we are different."

2. Zero + Maria Cornejo

If you're looking to make an investment in clothing that gives back, Zero + Maria Cornejo will be donating an as yet undisclosed percentage of proceeds to the ACLU on Saturday, as part of the Rachel Comey-led push for fashion activism.

3. Tictail

Demon Trump T-shirt, $25,

Two deeply stylish endeavors, but if you're feeling more rancorous while still also charitable, you're covered. Over at Tictail, all proceeds of artist Katie Kimmel's “Demon Trump” T-shirt go to the ACLU. It is excellent.

4. Don't Normalize Misogyny T-Shirt

Women's March Shirt 'Don't Normalize Misogyny' Anti-Trump Shirt, $24,

And on Etsy, a percentage of sales from this "Don't Normalize Misogyny" T-shirt go to the ACLU.

5. In Lieu of My Pantsuit

In Lieu Of My Pantsuit - Tri blend Unisex Tee, $28,

While this white "In Lieu of My Pantsuit" tee channels suffrage (and Hillary Clinton) in a wearable daily alternative, with $3 of each sale going to the ACLU.

6. Michelle Obama Elizabeth Warren 2020

Michelle Obama Elizabeth Warren 2020, $48,

Pay tribute to Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren with this political fantasy league dream team, with 25 percent of all profits going to the ACLU.

7. Keep Abortion Safe And Legal Patch

Coat Hanger Patch Keep Abortion Safe and Legal, $3,

One-hundred percent of proceeds from this $3 sew-on patch go to ACLU.

8. Red Red Wine Scarf

Red Red Wine Scarf, $25,

A scarf will keep you warm while protesting for some self-care on the go, while this scarf's included $20 ACLU donation will bring the heat where it's likewise needed.

9. I Know My Rights Long Sleeve Shirt

I Know My Rights Long Sleeve Shirt, $29.99,

Or go straight to the source through the ACLU's shop, stocked with the most cheerfully informed graphics everyone should know.

10. Civil Liberties Watch Dog Tee

Civil Liberties Watch Dog Tee, $19.99,

You know what this is? It's a watchdog.

All good alternatives to show your support in cash, words, or both. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Images: Courtesy of Brands