10 Products To Get You Excited About Working Out At Home

Hannah Chua/Bustle

A mere few months ago, I considered working out to be a hobby. Like cooking a good meal or diving into a new mystery novel, it was something I looked forward to. A couple times a week, I'd schlepp a tote bag with my sneakers and leggings on my commute into Manhattan, and spend the evening (or when I was feeling especially ambitious, the early morning), running, planking, or flowing to my heart's desire.

Fast forward to today: fitness studios are shuttered (albeit temporarily), the subway is something to be avoided, and crowded parks no longer seem like the most ideal spot for my after-work jog. After a few weeks of working from home — and not working out at all — it was clear that something had to change. Random aches and pains were popping up out of nowhere, and I started waking up feeling stiff instead of refreshed.

So I made the decision to start taking my at-home fitness routine seriously — or more accurately, actually start an at-home fitness routine. And like with any other hobby, the first step was scouring the internet for the supplies I needed. As I searched, it became clear to me that the right equipment — whether that means a zen candle or a set of neon hand weights — makes all the difference when it comes to my ability to stay motivated during this weird time.

Here are 10 products I found that can help turn exercising in your living room into something you'll actually look forward to.

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1. An All-In-One Yoga Kit

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or are still perfecting your downward dog, Y7 put together a one-and-done kit that includes everything you need to practice at home. With a Manduka eKO lite yoga mat, blocks, the studio's signature grapefruit and sage candle, and a CBD bath soak, this kit takes care of it all so the only thing left to do is flow.

2. Sneakers That Feel Like You're Walking On Air

A pair of sneaks can make or break your home workout experience. These HOKA OV Cliftons are known for their cloud-like cushioning — as one reviewer aptly put it, "Like walking on clouds...literally." They won't weigh you down, and bonus: They're cute enough that you won't want to change out of them even after you've finished that last burpee.

3. Deodorant That Makes You Feel Fancy

Even though it's not the most glamorous part of a workout, I've found that choosing high-quality personal hygiene products goes a long way when it comes to feeling like my best self when exercising. Secret's new line of antiperspirants features their signature formula with added essential oils so you can feel good no matter how much you sweat.

4 & 5. An Iconic Tracksuit That Still Holds Up

IDK about you, but nothing gets me hyped to work out more than a matching set. This retro jacket-and-pants combo is the definition of sporty-cool, delivering a look that works just as well for dance cardio as it does for pumping iron.

6. A Set Of Hand Weights That's Not An Eyesore

In the past, I've avoided buying home workout equipment because I didn't have a place to stash it away when I'm not using it. This cheerful set of hand weights stores neatly in its own rack, and the on-trend neon colors mean I'll feel good about giving them a permanent spot in my living room.

7. A Dress You Can Work Out And Attend Virtual Happy Hour In

This bestselling dress from Outdoor Voices works just as well for a pilates sesh in your living room as it does for a night on the town (or, uh... in your living room). It features a built-in shorts liner, which means you can move with the confidence of someone who is protected against wardrobe malfunctions.

8. A Mist Made For Refreshing

Spritz your space (and your face!) with this therapeutic-grade mist made from pure essential oils to add a touch of luxury pre- or post-workout when you need it most.

9. A Crop Top That's As Loud As It Is Proud

It's hard not to smile just from looking at this limited edition top from Athleta, even when you're stuck inside. High compression and coverage keep you supported no matter what virtual class you're doing, and the all-over rainbow print helps you celebrate Pride all year long.

10. A Scrunchie Made Out Of Recycled Materials

Don't call it a comeback: There's a reason why scrunchies have never really gone out of style. They're easier on hair than traditional elastics and they look way cuter stacked up on your wrist. These guys from Girlfriend Collective are made from — get this — recycled water bottles.