Little Things You Might Want To Avoid Doing This Mercury Retrograde

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Due to the lingering effects of the blood moon and total lunar eclipse, and four other retrograde planets, this Mercury retrograde cycle is going to be more intense than usual. This is why it's important to know what not to do during summer 2018 Mercury retrograde. If you've already been experiencing more tech and communication frustrations than usual since Mercury turned retrograde July 26, you're not alone (I just had to restart my computer after writing these first few sentences).

Because Mercury is retrograde in fire-sign Leo, if things go sideways, minor communication kerfuffles could erupt into full-blown fights. In general, Leo encourages passion, creativity, and confidence. However, there's a fine line between being passionate and confident and trying to forcefully push your ideas onto others. "Expressed negatively, Leo energy can also be egotistical, dramatic, and demanding of attention or respect," Carmen Di Luccio wrote for Collective Evolution.

Mercury retrograde during the summer of 2018 will affect more than just the usual suspects like communication, travel, and tech, Andrea Lawrence reported for Exemplore. "Normal Mercury retrogrades cause errors in communication, delays, and travel problems. But this time it’s going through Leo 100 percent with an intensity that’s going to directly have results on the big three: jobs, relationships, and health." If you want to increase your chances of surviving Mercury's bajiggity backspin, avoid doing the following things.


Picking Fights

During Mercury retrograde in Leo, you're more likely than usual to lose your cool. "It will wreak havoc by triggering people to be impatient, [develop] short-fused tempers, rage, impulsiveness, explosiveness, dissatisfaction, confusion, and overblown egos," Lawrence noted. You want what you want and you want it now. However, take a beat before picking a fight that could damage — or even end — a personal or professional relationship. If you don't think you can have a calm discussion about an issue that's bugging you, you might want to file it away until you can broach the subject without blowing up. The last thing you want is a Luke and Lorelai level fight that inspires you to make self-sabotaging, irreversible mistakes.


Skipping Self-Care

All of the cosmic chaos of summer 2018 likely has you feeling bajiggity AF. If you're stubborn, and you insist on pushing back against Mercury's energy, you're going to end up feeling exhausted, which makes you more likely to get sick. Mercury retrograde is frustrating for everyone, so instead of being in denial that it's happening, take some extra time for self-care. Meditate, get a massage, take more walks, or stay inside and marathon your favorite show.


Making Impulsive Decisions

Unless you can afford to lose your job, don't let an impulsive decision during Mercury retrograde leave you without a paycheck. Now more than ever, it's important to think through any life-changing choices. While it's usually best to follow your first instinct, Mercury retrograde in Leo could trick you into making a huge mistake.


Getting Engaged

While it's always a good idea to refrain from making big decisions during Mercury retrograde, a huge relationship change — like getting engaged — is a big no-no. Your emotions are heightened during this particular Mercury retrograde cycle, and if your relationship isn't on solid ground, suddenly deciding to get married certainly won't make things better. If your BAE is the love of your life, and you know you definitely want to get married, there's no harm in waiting until Mercury goes direct to make your engagement offish.



While Mercury is retrograde in Leo, don't say anything to others that you wouldn't put on a billboard. Engaging in harmful gossip will definitely come back to bite you later, and because you're more likely to say hurtful things you don't really mean during this time, vicious side conversations could have serious long-term consequences.


Rushing Through Your Work

Mercury retrograde is already a time when you're more likely to experience communication problems and overlook errors. However, Leo's energy could have you feeling overconfident, which means you might slack off and fail to properly check your work. According to the blog Astrogle, making a typo or sending an email or text to the wrong person could ruin your reputation or even cost you money. So, check your work, walk away from your desk, and check it again. There is no such thing as being too careful during Mercury retrograde.


Starting A New Job Or Relationship

If you can avoid starting a new job during Mercury retrograde, do it. Aside from the normal new-job anxieties, Mercury retrograde combined with Leo's ego-driven energy could have that new job going sideways fast. Additionally, Astrogle noted that any new relationships started during this Mercury retrograde cycle will most certainly be sparkle and fade situations. If you're looking for a summer fling, go for it. However, if you develop serious feeling for your Mercury-retro BAE, you could have your heart broken when Mercury goes direct.


Running Out Of Gas

Almost everyone runs out of gas at least once in their life, and Lawrence warned that it's especially important to make sure your tank is full during the summer 2018 Mercury retrograde. Don't let Leo's overconfidence convince you that you can make it another five miles. If you do run out of gas, be prepared for cellphone malfunctions when you try to summon help, and delays from roadside assistance companies coming to your rescue. The best way to avoid this fresh hell is by gassing up right now and checking your tank every time you get into the car.


Taking Things Personally

Everyone is feeling bananas during Mercury retrograde, and fueled by egotistical Leo, this trickster planet will fool you into thinking that everyone else's bad mood is about you. It's not. Try not to take things personally during Mercury retrograde because chances are that other people's outbursts are about them. Remember that while everyone is the center of their own universe, no one is the center of the universe. Try not to absorb the drama.


Overindulging In Sugar, Salt, Caffeine, & Alcohol

Overindulging in anything that puts you on edge or lowers your inhibitions is a bad idea while Mercury is retrograde in Leo. Getting spun out on too much sugar, caffeine, or salt could make you anxious and more likely to start an argument. Getting drunk lowers your defenses and could result in a blowup, misguided declaration of love, or regrettable wedding in Las Vegas. Don't deprive yourself, but enjoy your snacks and drinks in moderation.

Overall, the best recipe for surviving this Mercury retrograde cycle is remaining calm and exercising extra caution in everything you do. Keep track of your phone, back up your computer, and don't do anything permanent — like getting a new tattoo. If you fail to acknowledge Mercury's influence, you could find yourself starring in what's akin to the most dramatic reality show you can imagine. If you don't want to live in your own version of The Real World, respect this little red devil of a planet and it will respect you back. Good luck my friendlies, and may the odds be ever in your favor.