10 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Bridesmaids That They'll Actually Use

by Erin Kelly

“Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Few questions are more loaded than the one requesting the presence of a good friend to stand beside you on your wedding day. While the title of ‘bridesmaid’ ranks pretty high on the list of friend honors, it’s also a position of great responsibility for those accepting it — both in terms of time and financial commitment. Not only are bridesmaids expected to be present at important pre-wedding festivities like the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, but they're also expected to plan a lot of it. (And did I mention the monetary obligation?)

So, how can you truly thank your closest pals who are willing to drop everything and devote themselves completely to making sure your big day fulfills your wildest dreams? By giving them each a genuinely thoughtful gift. Below, 10 women share the top wedding favors they ever received as bridesmaids. The best part? These tokens of appreciation come in handy long after the actual wedding day.

1. Makeup Palettes

“The best gift I ever received as a bridesmaid was a really nice makeup and lipstick palette. We were able to use them on the day of the wedding and take them home with us. Every time I wear the lipstick, I think of that fun day!” —Sarah, 31

2. Monogrammed Flannels

“I got a monogrammed, button-down flannel shirt to wear the morning of the wedding as we got our hair and makeup done. Having something comfortable to lounge around in as we got ready was a big perk, and now I have a cute, cozy, and personalized flannel to stay warm [in] during colder months. I even ordered the same flannels for the bridesmaids at my own wedding!” -Meredith, 25

3. Personalized Champagne Flutes

“I received a classic, stemless champagne flute with my name engraved on it as a token of appreciation from the bride. It was perfect for sipping mimosas on the morning of the wedding as we got ready, and it came in handy for champagne toasts later in the evening, too. I’ve put it to even better use as a staple on my bar cart at home for special occasions that require bubbly.” -Erica, 30

4. Shawl Coverups

“I got a pashmina scarf shawl that matched my bridesmaid dress as a gift from the bride for a fall wedding. It kept me warm that night, and now I wear it all the time at weddings and formal events as a cover-up.” -Lauren, 28

5. A Practical Clutch

“One of the most useful items I’ve ever received as a bridesmaid was an envelope clutch monogrammed with my initials to use on the day of the wedding. Not only was it perfect for stocking with tissues and mascara in case of tears (happy ones, of course!) during the ceremony, but it’s quickly become my go-to purse for all events that require me to wear heels and a dress.” - Erin, 28

6. Matching Jewelry

“Receiving jewelry — like a bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings — that matches the color scheme of my dress is always appreciated. Not only do I not have to worry about what I’ll wear on the wedding day, but I’ll have an elegant reminder of the special event I can wear in the future.” -Alyson, 29

7. A Signature Scent

“Getting perfume that fits in your purse is always nice, because you can wear it again for any and all occasions. Plus, you’re guaranteed to smell great at all times on the big day.” -Jessica, 24

8. Fancy (Yet Comfortable!) Underwear

“Finding the right undergarments to wear under your dress can be complicated, so it was a huge relief to be gifted silk lingerie that allowed the dress to fall in all the right places. And who couldn’t use a new pair of fancy underwear?” -Meghan, 33

9. Convenient Snacks

“This may seem silly, but the best thing a bride can provide for her bridesmaids on the wedding day is snacks. With all of the waiting around to get your hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding, snacks are a blessing in disguise. As a bonus, they come in clutch for the end of the night when you need to eat something but are too tired to order room service. Dancing all night takes up a lot of energy!” -Claire, 27

10. The Dress Itself

“For one wedding I was a bridesmaid in, the bride’s gift to us was actually the bridesmaid dress itself. It was a huge weight off my shoulders to not have to worry about the cost of an expensive dress, and crazily enough, I’ve actually been able to rewear it.” -Abbe, 31