10 Florence Pugh Hair Looks To Reference At Your Next Hairdressers Appointment

James Gourley/Shutterstock

Florence Pugh is surely a name you'll recognise, and she certainly has a face you'll know. The young actor starred in some of 2019's biggest movies, from horror Midsommar to Greta Gerwig's recent Little Women adaptation. As well as her undeniable acting talent, the star has been noticed for something else recently: her cool style and awesome beauty looks. Many have understandably been most impressed with her endless array of awesome updo hairstyles. Here are some of Florence Pugh's coolest hairstyles to try in 2020 at home, and information about the very clever stylist behind them.

Peter Lux is a celebrity hairstylist who's been known to do the hair of stars such as Millie Bobby Brown, Sienna Miller, and Hailee Steinfeld. He is also the go-to choice for rising star Florence, who seems happy to let the stylist play around with a number of different looks.

The pair appear to enjoy working together most on a good old fashioned up-do; a style Lux explains is suited to Pugh perfectly. "She looks good with her hair being up and off her face,” he told Into The Gloss recently.

There are no shortage of options for Pugh, who has been spotted with hair accessories, twisted 'dos, and plaited styles throughout the press tour for Little Women. I've chosen some of the very best styles, all of which shouldn't be too hard to recreate at home in 2020.

Now if I could just steal Florence's epic statement brows, all will be right in the world...


The twist-up

Tim P. Whitby/Getty

Add a little extra zest to a simple bun by giving it a twisted effect. This adds a slightly more grown-up, sleek feel to an otherwise simple style.


The chained bun

Move over hair accessories; hair jewellery is officially in, and Florence is a big fan. While this looks amazing, I can imagine it's a knotty mess if you don't do it properly, so grab a friend or a professional stylist for extra help.


The plaited bun

One of my fave looks, this has a youthful yet stylish vibe. Can't decide between a plait and an updo? Simple; combine the two. You'll need to learn how to do a French braid as a starting point, but the rest doesn't look toooo challenging.


The high half pony

Ariana Grande isn't the only one who can pull off a super voluminous high ponytail. If you've got long hair like Florence, you can rock this style with ease. Plus, it's pretty fuss-free and fool-proof!


The retro quiff

Take a step back in time and get retro with a quiff. This pulled back look allows for a super striking makeup look to take centre stage, so pull out your fave eyeshadow palette, brush up those brows, and go heavy on the highlight.


The simple, slick bun

Want to keep it extra simple? Go for a super high, super slick bun, and finish it off with a few flicked out pieces of hair for a slight edge. This is a stunning look that Pugh has rocked on a number of occasions.


The wash of silver

Florence wore this style for the Oscar Nominee’s luncheon. While the updo itself features some kind of silver metallic band or chain, the front of the hair is crisp and defined, and appears to have a wash of silver.


The super defined updo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For the Critics Choice Awards, Pugh debuted this slightly firmer, more crisp updo which had clearly been created with the use of a hair gel or pomade to give it the definition it required.


The high half-bun

Woah; who knew a casual knot at the top of the head could look so incredible? Florence lets her long hair tumble over her shoulders, but keeps it cool with the bun detailing.


The mini plaits

While this looks pretty from the front (the diddy little plait is particularly joyous), it's even more impressive from the back. Check out Peter's Instagram to see the full look and the main plait at the back, which is simply stunning.