10 Vegan Snacks To Keep In Your Gym Bag

by Carolyn de Lorenzo
The Gluten Free Bar/Go Macro

If you follow a vegan diet, then you know that the range of available snacking options has never been better. And for busy, plant-based eaters on the go, you can never have too many vegan snacks that you can throw in your gym bag to fuel up after your workouts — or whenever you need a boost of energy and nourishment during the day.

According to VegNews, pre-work0out snacks fuel your body, while snacking afterwards can help with recovery. Knowing the best snacks to choose when you're an active vegan can help amp up your exercise results and health goals, while also being dang tasty, too. The No Meat Athlete also suggests that while you've got lots of options when it comes to vegan snacks, they do need to be nutritionally on point to help you feel your best and most energized. You don't need to overthink it too much, but protein and complex carbs are great as a rule. While a banana or some carrot sticks and hummus make a tasty snack for vegans and omnivores alike, these snacks don't stay their freshest in a bag. These 10 snack options, though, will stay fresh until you're ready to snack.


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Truth be told, there's probably never been a better time to be a snack-seeking vegan. With so many healthy and delicious snacks to choose from, your gym bag will be loaded up and ready to go in no time flat.