10 Warmest Women's Winter Coats Under $100

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Getting the best deal on a winter coat usually means hitting the sales after the coldest days have passed, but if you've missed the sales season or can't wait that long, the warmest women's winter coats under $100 on Amazon will keep you toasty in even sub-zero temperatures.

When looking for a coat online during the colder months, it may be tempting to grab the first puffer for a great price and hope for the best. Unfortunately, not all puffer jackets can guarantee warmth and they certainly can’t guarantee the quality matches the price tag. Getting a great deal can definitely make you love your coat more, but if it isn’t warm, it may feel like it’s betraying you every time you put it on. Honestly, the best way to find your next warm coat is to learn about the different types of insulations — which mainly boils down to whether you want to opt for the superior warmth of down or an animal-friendly alternative — and then go through an exhausting amount of reviews.

But don’t worry, you won’t need to put in substantial hours searching for warmth because I've already done the heavy lifting for you. Each of these eight coats is not only less than 100 bucks (and conveniently available on everyone's favorite e-retailer, Amazon), they're also keeping folks from Iceland to Alaska cozy even with relentless winds and oppressive temperatures.

1. An Extra-Long (And Super Affordable) Coat That'll Keep Your Legs Warm

One criticism puffer coat naysayers tend to have about this style is that all puffer coats look the same (and they’ll often use words like “shapeless” to describe them). But not this coat. With a chevron quilted design, faux-fur trim hood, and a smocked back that cinches your waist and gives this coat an elegant shape, this puffer is stylish, insulating, and warm enough for reviewers in Michigan to say it’s a top-notch choice. This parka is the perfect length for keeping the legs warm and has a snap front in addition to a zipper to keep the cold from slipping through the cracks.

  • Available Sizes: Small - X-Large
  • For sizes 1X-Large - 3X-Large check here.

2. A Fashion-Forward Coat That Doesn't Skimp On Functional Features

Not only does this puffer cloak have a unique silhouette that's style-forward but it also has a water-resistant shell and down-alternative fill to keep you warm and dry. The cloak design makes it an ideal option for layering over bulky sweaters or for transitioning weather when you aren’t sure if you’ll be too hot or too cold. The unique hem is lower in the back and higher in the front, creating a unique style that can be dressed up or down.

  • Available Sizes: Medium - XX-Large

3. A Fleece-Lined Ski Jacket For Winter Sports

There’s nothing worse than cutting a run short on the slopes because you’re freezing: this mountain jacket will keep you warm whether you’re heading down a black diamond or heading to work. Instead of puffy filling, this coat has a fleece-lining on the inside and a waterproof, windproof exterior to retain heat while fighting the outer elements. The adjustable cuffs come with a stretchable glove with a thumb hole to help seal in warmth and the inside drawstring offers a cozy fit that adds shape. This is a great coat for casual wear that comes with an internal secure media pocket to protect your phone and four other pockets that you can use to keep snacks, keys, and even a map for ski trails. Amazon globetrotters have taken this coat to Iceland where they were enveloped in soft warmth and others claim maximum protection in sub-zero temps.

  • Available Sizes: Small - XX-Large

4. A Fitted Parka With Ultra-Warm Duck-Down Filling

Designed with 90 percent duck down, this parka puffer jacket is warm and windproof, but also lightweight, durable, and chic as hell. The outer fabric is not only ultra soft but also windproof and splash-resistant. This coat is available in black, green, beige, and crème (pictured) offering sizes from extra small to triple extra large. Several reviewers say they invested in this coat before trips to cold places and that it did not disappoint. A recent redesign has resulted in several improvements in the design of this coat, including more accurate sizing. In other words: now is the perfect time to snag one of these beautiful parkas in your favorite color.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small - 3X-Large

5. A Hypoallergenic Coat For People With Sensitive Skin

Filled with synthetic, hypoallergenic filling this long quilted coat is ideal for folks with a sensitivity to feathers to stay warm and itch-free. The shell is made from imported poly taffeta fabric for maximum durability and offers stain and wind protection that normal shells don’t usually have. This coat will navigate through snowfall, rain, and harsh winds without giving you any discomfort from down feathers. The coat is over-sized to make layering underneath possible while still being able to move easily and the pockets are cleverly placed to add style and functionality to the puffer. Available in sizes 8 through 18 and offering four different color options, this coat is a dream come true for folks that love to layer for additional warmth.

  • Available Sizes: 8 - 18

6. A Casual Faux-Fur-Lined Parka With Down-Alternative Filling

With an interior faux-fur lining and polyester fill, it’s easy to be cozy in this hooded parka. The 100-percent polyester shell comes with deep pockets to conveniently fit a cell phone or wallet and the drawstring above the waist allows you to draw in even more warmth. Reviewers on Amazon rave that this parka is super warm, stylish, and worth every penny.

  • Available Sizes: Small - X-Large
  • For sizes 1X-Large - 3X-Large check here.

7. A Waterproof Parka With Duck-Down Filling And Unique Sleeves

Durable and waterproof, this mid-length parka is insulated by duck down and has a soft, comfortable shell fabric made of polyester and cotton. This coat even features knit storm-cuff sleeves with thumb openings to keep air from entering through your armhole. It features a fleece-lined neck, a detachable faux fur hood, plenty of pockets and an adjustable side belt all of which make it an excellent companion for the cold. Some loyal reviewers on Amazon even claim this to be the warmest coat they’ve ever owned.

  • Sizes Available: Medium - X-Large

8. A Chic Alternative-Down Parka With Elegant Princess Seeming

With its elegant princess seeming and faux-fur trim, this mid-length puffer coat proves that puffers can be polished. The tailored jacket features a tightly-woven nylon outer shell to keep the cold out while the 100-percent polyester filling — which, thanks to the channel-quilting, remains evenly distributed — keeps warmth in. Despite its high-end style, it's low-maintenance when it comes to care — just throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small - X-Large

9. A Water-Resistant Puffer Coat With Duck-Down Filling And Side Zippers

This puffer coat uses a polyester material with high-density to cut into harsh winds. It’s water-resistant and windproof, and with 90 percent duck down filling and 10 percent feathers, stepping into this coat will feel incredibly cozy on a cold day. It has plenty of features that make it work with any casual outfit, but one notably unique function is that the sides unzip which offers additional comfort when you’re seated in cars or squished on a hot subway train. The coat has channel quilting to keep the filling evenly distributed and six functional outside pockets, including two giant ones on the outside. Offering sizes extra, extra small to extra, extra large and four different colors, reviewers are finding this puffer fits true to size and truly keeps the wind out.

  • Available Sizes: XX-Small - XX-Large

10. A Super Puffy Puffer Coat With Alternative-Down Filling

Protect your body against wind, rain, and gloomy grey weather with this shiny quilted puffer coat, which falls below your thighs and boasts a warm, pillowy collar that can be buttoned up to protect your neck from the cold. This coat is definitely built for warmth with wide-channel quilting to keep the down-alternative fill evenly distributed and zipper pockets lined with micro-fleece to keep your hands or electronics warm. This jacket comes in two shades, black (pictured) and charcoal, and has a luster finish. One of the best things about this puffer coat that makes it stand out from similar models: it can be tossed in the washing machine and dries without losing its shape.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small - X-Large

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