100 Dope Gifts On Amazon Prime That Have A Cult-Following

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If you've ever needed to find a gift for someone, you probably also know what it's like to wait until the last minute to do it. If that sounds like you, there are a few options: you could spend hours scouring the mall. Or trying to take up knitting. Or try to determine whether or not your mere presence is a present (it is, but like — you can do better). Or you could take a look at these 100 dope gifts on Amazon Prime.

The products on this list have been selected from among thousands of other products because they have bonafide cult-followings. They're the types of products that are so clever, so fascinating, or so useful, that they've inspired leagues of devotees.

There's an ancestry DNA kit that helps you discover just where in the world your family came from. There's a set of stainless steel grilling tools for your favorite grill master. There's a fitness tracker that does everything a fitness tracker is supposed to do — and does it without breaking the bank.

And if you're a procrastinator, you're in luck — each one of these products can be found on Amazon Prime, so two-day shipping is guaranteed.

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