100 Gifs Mocking Sean Spicer's First 100 Days

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency have undoubtedly been an especially rough ride for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. In the span of just 100 days, Spicer has held 42 press briefings, fielded more than 2,000 questions, and become one of the most mocked members of the Trump administration. Despite his having been in the position for only a few months, the internet is absolutely rife with gifs and memes mocking Spicer's performance as press secretary.

Between Melissa McCarthy's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live and the relentless teasing he receives from political commentators and late night talk show hosts, it seems as if Spicer can't escape being turned into a caricature. Whether they're focused on his angry scolding of the press after they accurately reported the crowd size at Trump's inauguration, his inaccurate claim that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons, his repeated misrepresentation of facts, or his penchant for mispronouncing words at press briefings, jokes about Spicer abound.

In honor of Spicer's first 100 days as Trump's White House press secretary, here are 100 gifs poking fun at the gaffes he makes from behind the podium and his confounding ability to tap dance his way through any press briefing:

1. About Trump's Inauguration Crowd Size

2. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

3. Harambe

4. From 1 To 100

5. Melissa McCarthy Brings Sean Spicer To Life

6. The Largest Hands, Period.

7. Super Jew-y

8. Sean Spicer's First 100 Days Summarized In Just One Gif

9. It's Not Cheeto Dust

10. Sean Spicer & The War Against Fake News

11. The Eggplant Emoji

12. Get These Kids Out Of Here Kellyanne

13. Consider This The Final Word On Nickelback

14. New Phone, Who Dis?

15. Alternative Facts

16. Sean Spicer Meltdown In 5, 4, 3...

17. They Were Not On A Break

18. You Got A Funny Way Of Saying Things

19. Job Security

20. More Alternative Facts

21. Now That's Commitment

22. SNL's Sean Spicer Explains Passover

23. The Best Star Wars Character Ever

24. SNL Mocks Spicer's Fancy Footwork

25. About That Hitler Comment

26. Chalk It Up To Another Spicer Mispronunciation

27. Thanks For Clearing That Up

28. Actual Footage Of Sean Spicer

29 Beware The Moose Lambs

30. We're All On This Rollercoaster Ride Together

31. Spicer Simply Tells It Like It Is

32. Actual Footage Of Spicer Preparing For A Press Briefing

33. And Spicer Recovering From Said Press Briefing

34. Or Does His Prep Look More Like This?

35. God Bless Betsy DeVos

36. Michael Flynn, Who Dat?

37. Taco Wednesday?

38. The Daily Chase

39. The Dippin' Dots Debacle

40. Everything Is Fine

41. Cool It Press Corps

42. The Greatest Debate Of The Modern Age

43. New Strategy

44. Setting The Record Straight

45. Like A Train Wreck You Can't Help But Watch

46. Putting His Spin On Disney Villains

47. SNL's Spicer Puts The Squeeze On The Press

48. Dogging Questions Like He's In The Matrix

49. Sure, Jan

50. Them's Fighting Words

51. How To Leave A Press Briefing In Style

52. We Are Laughing

53. Look, A Door Is Only So Big

54. Sorry, What Did You Say?

55. There Are No Words

56. All You Need To Know About Trump University

57. Hard To Watch Press Briefings

58. It's Certainly Not An Easy Job

59. No. Just No

60. When Spicer Speaks...

61. The Art Of The Spin

62. Oscar Worthy Alternative Facts

63. A Quick Drop In

64. The Most Famous Baldwin Brother

65. About Spicer's Stint As The Easter Bunny

66. The Shout House

67. Magic Mike Or Magic Mike XXL

68. Spicer's Assumed Internal Turmoil In Gif Form

69. How The Internet Prepares For Sean Spicer

70. Exactly Zero Boys Have Been Brought To The Yard

71. Nothing To See Here

72. The Only Britney Spears Album You Need

73. It's Circular Use Of The Words

74. Imagine Reading That On Your TV Screen

75. Back To The Debate On Ice Cream

76. SNL's Spicer Takes Back The Podium

77. Kindergarten Press Conference

78. Who Blew Up The Death Star?

79. Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

80. The Monkees, The Beatles. Same Thing

81. The Best Member Of NSYNC

82. That'll Be It For Questions

83. The Greatest Film Of All Time

84. Alternative ABCs

85. Toby Keith v. Beyoncé

86. SNL Gets Spicey

87. Alternative Modes Of Transportation

88. The Press Reacts To Spicer

89. I Meant What I Said, So I Said It

90. Spicer's War On Reporters

91. The Internet Paraphrases Sean Spicer

92. Cue The Music

93. 100 Days Of Spicer

94. Crickets

95. Whatever It Takes

96. Actual Footage Of Reporters Listening To Spicer

97. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

98. To Quote Melania Trump

99. Is This Where The Butter Comes In?

100. According To The Lie Detector App