This Skin Care Brand Donates A Bowl Of Dog Food With Each Beauty Purchase

If you have a passion for makeup and love doggos, you will be thrilled to hear there is one cosmetics company combining those two interests. 100% Pure is donating dog food to shelters with every product purchase on its site. Now you can buy your mascara and know that a pup is going to bed full that day.

100% Pure is a a natural and cruelty-free skin care company that puts a special emphasis on giving back to its global community. While it might be a relatively new company, it's not obscure. 100% Pure made it onto the Oscars red carpet, creating Melissa McCarthy's whole look.

The founder, Susie Wang, started the company because of an incident in her previous job as a scientist in a large beauty company. While formulating an eye cream, Wang accidentally knocked over one of the chemicals, spilling it onto the table. The spill began to instantly warp the industrial table, making Wang wonder how those harsh chemical affect the skin.

This led Wang to commit to creating a natural beauty company, void of any synthetic ingredients. Wang's passion for animals also kicked in while working at the big-brand beauty companies. As an insider, she learned that most companies who claimed "no animal testing" on their labels weren't being fully honest. The brands might not have tested final products on animals, but individual ingredients were.

In line with Wang's commitment to animals, 100% Pure launched its "Purchase with a Purpose" program. The program dictates that for every product purchased, the brand will donate one bowl of vegan dog food to shelter dogs in need.

In addition to 100% Pure's commitment to healthy products, the brand is on a mission to end animal cruelty and improve the lives of animals everywhere. Previously the brand would donate to animal welfare groups throughout the year, like the organizations that saved animals during the recent California fires. But 100% Pure wanted to create an ongoing program that would support puppers in need, long-term.

With the brand's charitable partnerships and contributions, 100% Pure has already donated more than 700 meals to shelter dogs. Specifically, the brand is donating to shelter dogs in China. "These animals often face abandonment, cruelty, and even death in the dog meat trade," the brand explains on its site.

"After careful evaluation, we chose to start our program with shelter dogs in China for a variety of reasons. First, it's important to understand that our mission is to help as many animals around the world as possible. In order to make progress towards this goal, we needed to understand where we could make the biggest impact with our limited resources," Ric Kostick, co-founder and CEO of 100% Pure, shares with Bustle. "China not only allows us to produce much more food than anywhere else in the world, but the population of cruelly mistreated and homeless animals there is also much larger comparatively. And with that also comes a greater opportunity to spread awareness about cruelty-free practices that we hope will inspire change."

Kostick says that China is only the beginning and, as the program grows, 100% Pure plans to expand its efforts into other countries.

The reason 100% Pure selected vegan food in particular is because it not only matches its all-natural branding, but it also has health benefits. Vegan dog food reduces inflammation, digestive issues, and the risk of certain cancers through a vitamin-rich vegan diet.

In addition, vegan food is far more sustainable for the environment than animal-based food. According to 100% Pure's press release, one bowl of vegan dog food can save 60 square feet of rain forest, 90 pounds of grain, 2,000 gallons of water, and the lives of at least two animals.

Clean makeup is always a good idea, it becomes all the better when you can help animals along the way.