How To Get A 100% Pure Lipstick For Just The Cost Of Shipping

by Kali Borovic

Finding new beauty brands is hard. There are tons of companies out there that want your hard-earned money. Luckily, this cosmetics brand is making the decision a little easier by letting you try before you buy. The all-natural beauty brand 100% Pure is giving away free lipsticks for a good reason. Pinch yourself, because this isn't a dream.

Buying makeup is an investment, there's no doubt about it. So when a brand wants to give you a full-sized, all-natural product for free, you really can't pass that up. On May 4, 100% Pure is giving away thousands of their Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipsticks. While supplies last, you can snag one of eleven shades for just the cost of shipping. That takes the price down from $29 to around $5.95. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it's not.

This ultra-generous gift has a great reason behind as 100% Pure founder Susie Wang explains to Bustle via email. "I feel it's important for beauty lovers to know there are healthy, cruelty-free alternatives," Wang says. "Through the Lipstick Share initiative I hope to spread awareness by giving everyone the opportunity to experience 100% Pure lipstick, complimentary.”

While it's super generous of Wang to come up with the LipStick Share initiative, your health comes into play too. "I was alarmed when I found out most lipsticks contained heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc. from synthetic dyes and being an animal lover, I was even more disturbed that most lipsticks are colored from crushed bugs," Wang tells Bustle. "When you apply lipstick in the morning and it goes away by end of the day, it doesn't just evaporate, we're ingesting our lipsticks – which is why I developed healthy lipsticks colored from fruits."

Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipsticks, $29,

According to the website, the Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick is made of an all-natural formula containing vitamin E, fruit pigments, and cocoa butter. No color is off limits for the sale, either. There are eleven different shades, ranging from bright reds to deep purples. The only one currently sold out is Sandstone, but that still gives you ten other options to snag for just $5.95. That's drugstore prices, people!

Something tells me that you won't have much time to stock up on the freebee. So stop what you're doing and go get to shopping. Because a deal this good doesn't come around very often.