11 Baby Hair Tutorials On YouTube To Keep Your Edges Slayed & Laid

Regardless of if you're a permed princess or you stick to being a proud naturalista, it is always mothers who have no problem letting you know that your edges aren't up to par. Nowadays in the beauty industry, edge tutorials (also known as baby hairs) have created a space of its own, and daughters everywhere have been able to silence their moms for good on said topic.

Many can remember sitting on the floor between their mothers' legs, suffering from all of the pains of having kinks and curls pulled from getting their hair brushed. But in the age of Instagram, baby hairs specifically have become something of the hair contour for women of color.

No matter if you're rocking box braids and Senegalese twists or toss your curls up in a puffy bun, a sleek set of edges to frame your face is sometimes enough to complete any hair style. And for those of you who like to switch it up daily with a wig, you already know the drill.

Slicked and sleek baby hairs were once just a simple technique to keep children's hair in place. Today, it is a hair statement that says "I'm cute and I know it."

Here are some of the best YouTube picks that'll lay those babies down.

1. Swirly Edges

This tutorial focuses on the memorable swirls you see all over your Instagram explore page. If a curl pattern edge is what you're into, this is guide for you, girl.

2. Wavy Edges

For more curly-headed cuties, Amelia Monét is your go-to source. She used the classic Eco Styling gel to keep her hairs in control.

3. "No Edges" Edges Tutorial

Not every woman is blessed enough to keep their baby hairs into adulthood, and some never had baby hairs at all. Thankfully, Jasmine Brown creates her own in this tutorial for this flawlessly laid look.

4. Baby Hair Swoops

Shakira Jonay creates these cute little edge swoops with nothing but gel, a rat tail comb, and a toothbrush. She also demonstrates how to wrap them up to set them for long wearability.

5. Puff & Edge Tutorial

Tyra Mae gives you a two-for-one guide for creating the ultimate puff and swooped edges for natural girls who are swiftly out the door to grab their morning macchiato.

6. Edges For Type 4 Hair

It can be hard out here for ladies with type 4 hair, but trust and believe you're not alone as this tutorial targets babes with a whole lot of curly coils.

7. Connecting Edges

This swoopy baby hairs tutorial demonstrates a different technique that gives your edges a 1920s flapper-like style.

8. Sectioning Baby Hairs

Amazingly Ava brushes out her baby hairs into sections before adding gel to change the direction of the curl pattern on both sides of her face to add symmetry.

9. Widow's Peak Hairline

If your edges come to a point in the middle, it probably means you have a widow's peak. But fear not, because laying down a widow's peak is withArielle's specialty.

10. Baby Hairs & Braids

After the tightening of fresh braids begin to fade, your natural curls with sprout from your roots. To give your braids a bit of flare, this tutorial shows you how to work around the new growth.

11. Curled & Messy Baby Hair Tutorial

To complement your messy bun, you can manipulate your baby hairs to do the same. In this bun tutorial, Majikk Mone't creates a simple, but cute messy swoops with some curly sideburns to make this look extra adorable.

While it can be frustrating to set them just right, the payoff of some sleek edges is so worth the work. Now, time for a selfie!