Bookish Items You Need This Month — Made By Women

by Kerri Jarema

It's not like we usually need an excuse to buy anything book related, but we've got a good one this month anyway. While we're celebrating Women's History Month, we love to talk about different ways that we can support women creatives. Going to see a movie directed by and/or starring a cast primarily made up of women is one great way. Going to see a live show by a woman singer or band is another. Read some great books by women, make a point to discover more about the badass women you didn't learn about in history class, and definitely make sure to support women-run businesses.

Yes, we're always about sisters doing it for themselves, but there is something especially gratifying about taking a month out to really focus on boosting up the women around us, and even the ones we don't know personally, and helping them to succeed. There are so many stellar women artists and makers out there starting small businesses from the ground up, and luckily for us, many of them are just as bookish as we are. There is something for everyone down below, from those who want to wear their love for books on their tees to those who want to wear it on their eyelids. Yes, eyelids. Just trust us, it's good.


A Bookish T-Shirt

Bookshelf Tees is a new shop that boasts some of our favorite takes on bookish tees, from the above ode to Hermione Granger, to references from everyone's favorite cartoon aardvark Arthur, Anne of Green Gables, and Jane Austen, plus more. All of the tees are simple and sophisticated, so they're easy to dress up or down.


A Book Boyfriend Lip Balm

Everyone needs lip balm, so why not have ones from Behind The Pages that's inspired by your favorite book boyfriend? I mean, this is the closest these fictional characters are ever going to get to your lips, so why the heck not.


A Beautiful Book Quote Journal

Everyone needs a notebook, so why not make it pretty one? These from Icey Designs are all portable, practical and covered with watercolors and inspiring calligraphy book quotes.


A Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb

Yes, we've all had our houses chosen for years (and probably confirmed multiple times by Pottermore) but nothing is more fun than getting sorted. Now combine that with the relaxation of a good bath bomb bath? You're clicking over to buy this from La Fleur Bath and Body already, aren't you?


Magnetic Book Marks Of Your Favorite Characters

Magnetic book marks are the latest craze in bookish merch and that's because they are not only insanely adorable, but super functional. How many times have you lost a book mark in your purse or back pack and just could not remember your page? With these guys from Nerdy Grl Designs you never have to worry and you can collect all of your favorite characters from these The Wizard of Oz to The Lord of The Rings.


A Bookish Candle

We all love a good bookish candle but that's because these are the ideal book-related treat. Light them while you're reading, while you're in the bath, or just when you're having a little self-care session. We love these from Novelly Yours, which have scents that smell like everything from The Beast's Library to Celaena's Chocolate Cake. You can even buy yourself the Amortentia candle, which lets you choose your very own scents to create your ideal flame to fall in love with.


Literary Pencils

Losers Ink is a two woman operation with some serious literary style. They create sets of pop culture pencils that include Harry Potter (naturally) and also lots of our favorite TV shows and movies like Friends and Mean Girls. Trying to write the next great novel (or, you know, just grocery lists) has never been so lit-tastic.


A Bookish Enamel Pin

Literary Emporium is a one-stop shop for bookish enamel pins, t-shirts and socks. We are obsessed with the Readers Gonna Read pin above, but there are plenty more to choose from, including a Literary Heroines pin and a To Kill A Mockingbird kitten.


A Super Fancy Book Clutch

Yes, these purses from Book Clutch Store cost a pretty penny, but they're all so beautiful and intricately made that we can't really complain. If you've got some extra treat yo' self cash lying around this month, we can't imagine you'll want anything other than one of these awe-inspiring clutches, featuring books ranging from Pride & Prejudice to Beauty and the Beast.


Bookish Cosmetics

How book related makeup has not caused a frenzy the likes of Kylie Cosmetics, we'll never know. But we love these gorgeous, glittery confections from Geek Chic Cosmetics. They've paid homage to Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Supernatural and tons more, and have got everything from shadow to lipstick to highlighters. We dare you to buy just one.


Some Literary Jewelry

Any reader worth her weight in books has a piece of literary jewelry, but if you're looking for a new piece to fall in love with, we highly recommend checking out Jezebel Charms. All of their earrings, bracelets and necklaces are carefully curated and crafted beautifully. We especially love their innovative bar necklaces, with a bookish quote completed by turning to each of the sides. So cool, and so totally gorgeous.