11 Books About Small Towns, Nature, And The Open Road To Read When You Need A Break From City Living

I am a New York City person. I don't know how to drive, I find slow walkers insufferable, and grass makes me sneeze. But, even for the most hard-line city slicker, there comes a time when you're trapped on a crowded F train at rush hour, pressed between a finance bro and a hipster who hasn't showered yet this month, when you start to fantasize about living somewhere quiet and green. Or, at least, visiting somewhere quiet and green, and then leaving as soon as you start to miss the smell of rancid trash and street hot dogs. If you're looking for a quick dose of nature, the open road, or just regular country life, here are a few books to read for a break from city living.

I mean, I love New York, but I have had a stranger spit at me full in the face while walking down the sidewalk. Sometimes, you just want to escape into the open plains of the American west. You want to stroll the charming English countryside. You want to hop on a motorcycle and drive to a coast, or be adopted by some kindly Canadians on their secluded farm. You don't do this, of course, because you have a job and friends and no proper hiking boots. But pick up one of these books, and you can have the next best thing: