Cassian Andor's 'Rogue One' Quotes Are So Memorable

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It's no secret that Rogue One was incredibly quotable, but you have to admit that some of the most poignant quotes were said by Cassian Andor, and that merits a discussion. As the leader of the Rogue One team, it fell to Cassian to make sure that they kept it together at various points, worked together in harmony, and always placed their focus on what they were fighting to save. While the Rogue One team was a band of misfits coming together and learning to trust one another, it was Cassian who was the most grounded and devoted to the cause at hand. Can you tell he was one of my favorites?

While he wasn't much of a comic relief (although he did have a few zingers, as you'll soon see), Cassian's most quotable moments prove that he is a born leader and the ultimate team player. When he wasn't busy trying to narrowly escape capture or destruction, he was able to connect on a deeper level with Jyn; each of these scenarios left plenty of room for Cassian to express his own feelings, his beliefs on his destiny, and why he cannot afford to go backwards.

And so, on that note, let's revisit some of Cassian's best and most beloved quotes, the ones the define this leader of few words and great strength.


"Make Ten Men Feel Like A Hundred."

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Ever the Rebel leader, Cassian uses his words wisely to invigorate Jyn when the final battle is imminent. Though they may be a small team, Rogue One was the mightiest in that moment.


"If You're Really Doing This, I Want To Help."

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Cassian may be a leader, but he was fundamentally a team player. Where he goes, so does a steadfast and loyal soldier.


"Rebellions Are Built On Hope."

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The most iconic line from Rogue One was also, first and foremost, Cassian's. It served as a reminder to Jyn and later, the Rebel Alliance, what they were fighting for.


"Your Father Would Have Been Proud Of You."

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As Jyn and Cassian face their imminent destruction on the beaches at Scarif, Cassian takes a tender moment to tell Jyn she fulfilled her purpose before hugging her. A true tear-jerker of a moment.


"He Means Well."

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K-2SO gives a master class in passive aggression in Rogue One and, as captain, Cassian is often apologizing for his behavior. It's tough being a leader, but someone's gotta do it.


"Rogue One, Punch It."

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This is not only a callback to Han Solo's line from the original trilogy, but a fun little Easter egg that can be found in many sci-fi and action films. Classic.


"I Couldn't Face Myself If I Gave Up Now."

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There's so much at stake in Rogue One and Cassian dutifully (and often) reminded viewers of those stakes as he nobly fought against the Empire.


"I've Been Recruiting For The Rebellion For A Long Time."

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Cassian tells Jyn, and the audience by extension, that the Empire has taken everything from him; his life as a Rebel leader is all he knows now.


"Light It Up."

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There's nothing more rousing or intense than when Cassian goes into full Rebel fighter mode.


"I'm Beginning To Think The Force & I Have Different Priorities."

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One of Cassian's few moments of levity in Rogue One pokes fun at the relationship between Chirrut's devout faith in the Force and his own ominous destiny as a Rebellion leader.


"All The Way."

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Cassian's reply to Jyn's question ("Are you with me?") recalls the heart-wrenching climax that reminds us why Cassian is the definition of "heroic."

I think I've fallen in love all over again.