11 Celebrity Memoirs That’ll Remind You To Follow Your Dreams

The celebrity memoir has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. I mean, look, I'm not saying that every Instagram influencer and Real Housewife is secretly a stunning memoirist, or that we should all give up novels to exclusively read cookbooks written by game show hosts. But I am a longtime fan of the well-written showbiz memoir. These books chronicle our favorite actors, comedians, and writers on their journey from life as a nobody to life as a star (or just life as a consistently employed member of the entertainment industry, which is equally impressive). So here are a few excellent memoirs that'll inspire you, too, to follow your dreams.

Even if you're not in show business yourself, you can find moments of connection in these stories of trials, tribulations, and triumph against all odds (admittedly, I don't personally know anyone who's not pursuing a career in show business, but I do understand that it's theoretically possible). These memoirs will take you behind the scenes on some of your favorite shows and movies, and remind you that just about every big name started out as a scrappy kid trying to break into the industry. Check them out for laughs, drama, and a genuine does of inspiration: