11 Critical Hurricane Harvey GoFundMe Campaigns That Need Your Help


Over the weekend, Texas braced for a potentially historic hurricane, the first of its kind in nearly two decades. Hurricane Harvey was initially predicted to land in Texas as a Category 3 hurricane, but was upgraded to a Category 4, meaning a greater amount of destruction would likely be left in its path. As Texas residents are experiencing flooding and extreme rains, now is the time for the rest of the country to step up to help. Here are some Hurricane Harvey GoFundMe campaigns you can donate to in order to help give victims relief in the area.

Though Harvey settled on the Texas coast on Friday, rains could continue for several more days, with some areas experiencing 50 inches of rain from the hurricane. Texas and surrounding areas have been hit hard with the brunt of the storm. NPR reported that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has deployed more than 1,800 staff and has a million meals to distribute to affected individuals.

The New York Times reported Monday that due to the historic flooding, more than 450,000 people will likely ask for federal aid. At least five people died and a dozen were injured during the storm over the weekend. Although Harvey's winds are now down to tropical storm category — meaning they're below 73 mph — the lasting damage of Harvey will likely take years to recover from.

The need for relief among residents in Texas and affected areas is great, and one way you can help is by donating to GoFundMe campaigns. Here are a few worth noting.

1. Sisterhood Strong For Texas

This campaign is led by Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson who wrote on the campaign page:

2. Houston Flood Relief

This GoFundMe will be used to send water, food, and aid to those who are recovering in Houston. The poster, a resident of Katy, Texas, wrote:

3. Hurricane Harvey's HISD Students

This campaign is dedicated to helping the Houston Independent School District, which serves 215,000 students, by raising funds for children's school supplies and clothing for their first day, which was pushed back from Aug. 28 because of the flooding.

4. Harvey Disaster Animal Fund

Animals are also being affected by the dangerous flooding in Texas. The charity 4 Paws Farm partnered with I Love My Dog to start a campaign to provide relief for pets who are coming into the shelters north of Houston. The group provides vet care, food, bedding, and possible transportation for pets who are stranded by the storm. On the page, Paws Farm Executive Director Nancy Stoorza wrote:

5. Hurricane Harvey Relief

Chris Young on YouTube

Country singer Chris Young started a Hurricane Harvey relief GoFundMe, in which he explains:

6. Chinquapin School Harvey Relief

The campaign will benefit the Chinquapin Preparatory School in Highlands, Texas, outside of Houston, where he wrote:

7. Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund

This is a campaign for the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce in Rockport, Texas, to help those in the area rebuild their homes and businesses.

8. Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

This campaign will fund a trip for EMTs from California to provide aid for Texas residents affected by the flooding.

9. Mindtree's Fund-Hurricane Harvey

This campaign will benefit Feeding Texas, a network of food banks that will send out food to those affected by the hurricane.

10. Hurricane Harvey

A volunteer with Remote Area Medical based in Knoxville, Tennessee, created the campaign to travel to Texas to provide medical and dental care.

11. Help our KIPPsters- Hurricane Harvey

This campaign raises money for the students from KIPP Houston High School who have been affected by the hurricane.

While you should certainly do your research when deciding who to give to, campaigns like GoFundMe are a simple way to get your donations to those who may be struggling in the aftermath of a natural disaster.